ScienceWhat is FDM prepared? | Know everything about it

What is FDM prepared? | Know everything about it

FDM prepared

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What is FDM

FDM stands for “Frequency-Division Multiplexing.” FDM is a technique used in telecommunications. By this technique, the total bandwidth in communication can be divided into non-overlapping frequencies; each of these frequencies carries different signals.

In other words, when the data carrier is frequency, FDM is used. FDM is an analog technology that divides the frequency spectrum or carrier bandwidth into series of data channels. Each user can use the channel frequency independently and has exclusive access to it. Top 20 Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL

All the data channels are divided in a way that they do not overlap. Bands separate the channels, and each band is a frequency that is not used by any data channel.

FDM allows users to share a signal physical communication medium; this technology is called frequency-division multiple access (FDMA). In a cable or optical fiber, FDM provides the possibility of sharing by multiple independent signals.

There are some applications of FDM to help you to get a better comprehension of FDM function:

  • Radio→ By the grace of the FDM technique, multiple radio signals that have special frequencies can pass through the air simultaneously without overlap. This allows us to receive and listen to different radio waves separately.
  • Television→ FDM causes the transmission of TV channels simultaneously on a single cable.
  • Telephone→ High-capacity trunklines are transmitted in multiple telephone calls by the FDM.
  • DSL modems→ FDM is used in DSL modems to transmit computer data throughout the telephone lines.

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What is FDM prepared

FDM stands for “Franchise Delivery Manifest” or “Franchise Distribution Manifest.” FDM prepared means that consignment or product is prepared, and now it’s ready to deliver in the next few hours. In other words, it means that your courier is scheduled to be sent in the next few hours.

It confirms that the consignment is received at the city franchise distribution center and will be delivered in the next step.

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FDM vs FDM prepared

FDM, which stands for Frequency-Division Multiplexing, is about networking and telecommunications. It is used in technology-related and communication-related fields.

FDM prepared is different from FDM (Frequency-Division Multiplexing). It stands for Franchise Delivery Manifest or Franchise Distribution Manifest. It is used for couriers.

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What is FDM prepared in DTDC/courier

DTDC (Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo) is an Indian courier delivery service company. FDM prepared (Franchise Delivery Manifest or Franchise Distribution Manifest) is used in DTDC, sometimes FDM prepared shows in tracking status. It means the consignment is ready to deliver in the next few hours.

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