Favourite Singer, Know about People’s choice

Favourite Singer

Many people are asking each other that describe your favourite singer, so I found many users who described their favourite singer, so let’s know who’s the most famous and lovable singer in 2021.

Name Something Fans Collect From Their Favourite Singers


Favourite Singer

1: Lana Del Rey

Lana has a mesmerizing and unique voice; her songs are majestically poetic, relatable to reality, and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are a few songs that people say they are my favorite songs.

  1. Let Me Love You Like a Woman
  2. Brooklyn Baby
  3. Young and Beautiful
  4. California
  5. Happiness Is a Butterfly
  6. Venice Bitch
  7. Ride
  8. High By the Beach
  9. Video Games
  10. Lust For Life

2: Billie Eilish

When Billie Eilish was new and was getting famous, some people thought (Including me) that Billie was an Overrated Singer.

However, when they listen to her voice, they fall in love because, like Lana, Billie also has a mesmerizing voice; there, millions of people call her my Favourite Singer.

Here are a few famous songs sung by Billie Eilish.

  1. Party Favor
  2. Xanny
  3. Bitches Broken Hearts
  4. Therefore I am
  5. No Time To Die
  6. Six Feet Under
  7. My Boy
  8. Wish You Were Gay
  9. I Love You


3 Arijit Singh:

Arijit Singh is an Indian Bollywood singer. He’s non for his deep and heart-touching voice; according to his fans (Including Me), he’ll make you feel as you’re broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend even though you’re single.

Here are a few My favourite Songs.

  1. Khairiyat
  2. Hamari Adhuri Kahani
  3. Kalank – Title Track
  4. Thodi Jagah
  5. Pachtaoge
  6. Uska Hi Banana

4: Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer who worked in Bollywood Industry when Pakistani artists were not banned in India. He has sung many songs which are incredibly likable in India.

  1. Dekhte Dekhte
  2. Tajdar-e-Haram
  3. Dil Diyan Gallan
  4. Khair Mangda
  5. Aadat
  6. Tu Chahiye



I hope you like it was my favourite singer cue card; please comment below who your favourite singer is and why and mention some of his famous songs.



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