Evolution Never Stops: That’s How Human Will Look In Future

How will humans look in future?

According to reports our researchers have successfully created the image of a futuristic human’s appearance. If this is true, we have evidence of how humans will look in future. Let’s know how much our face has changed since the first human emerged in Africa.

How human will look in future

It’s been more than two million years since the first human emerged in Africa and scientists believe that our face is still transforming and it will continue to transform.

According to researchers most of our functions will remain the same while others will adopt different functions by the time due to futuristic conditions.

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However, since the first human emerged till now our facial expression has changed to become more harmonious and to be able to live with others.

And most importantly, In facial terms our face evolved into the most expressive species on the blue planet as compared to other species.

The biggest change we have seen is associated with our brain’s (Skull) size and its evolution, because of which we have expressive possibilities and we are social and cooperative beings.

There’s an old dilemma of what came first, the egg or the chicken. It’s yet to be known if we’re really expressive because our mind allows us to be, or if we become better equipped because of our expressiveness.

Apart from this, our face is too similar to other humans as whenever we see a face, we know it’s a human’s face. But it doesn’t mean that it’s a characteristic prevalent in nature.

Human’s eyes are too close to each other and look forward, our dental arches are smaller in relation to our body.  That’s the physical characteristics of our face, which is unusual in nature. Penny Spikins.

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What will they eat to shape their face?

A researcher named David Perrett, from the University of Saint Andrews explained in his book (In Your Face, The New Science of Human Attraction) about diet which is responsible for face transformation.

Human face has changed completely, because our ancestors were like chimpanzees about seven to eight million years ago.

Now, the common changes we can see in us and our ancestors’ bodies are less pronounced muzzle, chin, flattened forehead, and brow crest. Our ancestors had powerful chin, pronounced forehead and prominent muzzle.

For the last two million years since the first human emerged, our basic form is still changing. Says Erik Trinkaus, a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington.

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Young forever?

According to scientists our skull is still evolving and if it doesn’t stop, it’ll reach juvenilization in terms of cranial proportions. Because of that, we’ll have a smaller face, large eyes, small chin, more globular and developed cranial vault.

Future Human face

There are high possibilities that future generations will reach the “Neoteny” process, in this process, we will reach juvenile appearance before getting old or even reaching adult age.

According to researchers, for this evolution, a change is needed for females, their birth canal is already extremely narro, because of which kids are born premature.



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