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What is Space

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Space is also called Outer Space. It is a place where there is no air and the amount of light is very low, but still, planets, meteorite satellites, constellations can be seen there.

To hear any kind of sound, the air is medium, and there is no air in the space, so you cannot hear any kind of sound there, It is a vacuum.


What is Space

The place which is about 100 kilometers above the surface of the blue planet is called space, because there is no air there, so you cannot breathe, there is a need for an oxygen cylinder to be alive.

There is space between Celestial objects such as satellites, stars, and planets, these all are part of space.

Apart from this, a universe is formed by joining countless Celestial objects.

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There is space close to the Earth, it has been divided into the following categories

GEOSPACE – This part of the space is closest to the Earth, it includes the magnetosphere and the upper surface of the atmosphere.

INTERSTELLAR – The part which remains vacant after the region and orbit of its star and planets within any galaxy is called interstellar space.

INTERGALACTIC – The area between two galaxies is called the intergalactic space.

INTERPLANETARY – The part between the sun and the planets in our solar system is called interplanetary space.


Is space an empty place?

The answer is very simple. Space is not an empty place, because there are dust particles and gases in the empty place between planets and stars.

Apart from this, there are many types of radiation in space such as Gamma rays, Infrared, Cosmic rays, Ultraviolet Radiation, X-rays, etc.

The magnetic field is also in space.


How big is space?

No one has the answer to how big space is, it’s completely beyond our Imagination.

But you should remember that the distance of two celestial objects of space is measured in light-years.


Why does space look black?

The answer is simple and is that when the number of oxygen molecules starts decreasing after the atmosphere is over or it is completely exhausted, due to this, we start seeing space black.



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