Elon Musk Gave 5 Pieces Of Advice For The Young Generation

Elon Musk gave 5 Pieces of advice for the young generation

The wealthiest individual on the planet & time person of past year, Elon Musk on Tuesday listed various pieces of advice for new generation who desire to succeed in life.

Musk was asked various questions in a wide-ranging episode of the “Lex Fridman Podcast” Most Important question was “what advice Musk would give to the new generation studying in high school or college who want to have a positive impact on the world.

Here are five main tips given by Elon Musk, which will help the young generation to become a successful person.


Elon Musk advice Young Generation

Be useful

The first and most important tips given by Elon Musk was that “people should try to be useful”

Musk told Fridman “It’s hard to be Useful – very hard, but keep doing things that are useful to your fellow human beings, to the world.

Musk said ” if an individual is living a useful life, so it’s a “life worth having lived.”


Contribute to society

The second piece of advice Elon Musk mentioned in the Lex Fridman Podcast was that an Individual should contribute more than he consume.

Musk told Fridman “Try to have a positive net contribution to society,” “That’s something to aim for.”

He also stated on the podcast that “”a lot of respect for an individual who puts in an honest day’s work.”

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Don’t try to be a leader

Elon Musk also advised new generation that “you shouldn’t try to be a leader for the sake of it.

Musk stated “Most of the time, the people you want as leaders are the people who don’t want to be leaders,” 

He told Friedman, Read books as much as you can and ingest information, musk used to read through the encyclopedia when he was a kid.


Read a lot & gather information

Read alot of books and try to gather information as much as you can and development a good General Knowledge, by doing so you’ll have a rough lay of the land of the knowledge landscape.”


Talk to people

His fifth and final piece of advice was for young generation was “talk to others”.

“Talk to people from different walks of life and different industries and professions and skills,” he told Fridman. “Learn as much as you can.”

When I came to US i had no money, worked two jobes and graduated in over $100k debt – said Elon Musk.



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