Elon MuskElon Musk become the "Texan of the year" for Neighborliness & Generosity

Elon Musk become the “Texan of the year” for Neighborliness & Generosity

Elon Musk become the “Texan of the year” for Neighborliness & Generosity

The Texas has become the new home for the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and founder of PayPal, Elon Musk. Currently musk is running a few Important buisness operation for his companies in texas and helping with money, thus Musk has been named the texan of the year finalist.


Elon Musk become the Texan of the year for Neighborliness & Generosity

Although musk was born to South African father Errol Musk and Canadian mother Maye Musk on 28 june 1978. Musk didn’t want to serve in the south african military that’s why he moved to Canada and enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania.

However, he spends many years in California but that doesn’t mean taxes won’t considered him an honorary texan while he’s helping with Money.

According to Dallas morning news reports, Texan of the year title has been given to Musk because has done a lot and still doing Important things for the state and the country and the mankind.

He has invested over a billion dollars for Tesla’s new plant in southeastern Travis County, near Austin. Musk made taxes the hub of aerospace and rocket company SpaceX and it has many facilities throughout the state and a flagship launch pad in the south of the state, near Boca Chica.

Musk has moved Tesla’s headquarters from California to Texas along with the Musk foundation and the boring company. Musk’s company tesla energy has received license to supply power in Texas. Now he’s planning to build the first solar quarter in Austin.

Musk is also planning to support the power grid which help to reduce the likelihood which residents faced earlier this year in February because of a winter strom.

Musk has created jobes in texas and has invested a lot which made him the perfact candidate for the title of “Texan of the year.”

His efforts and donations to Important organizations of Texas as well as to some of the most underserved local areas earned him the title of “Texan of the year” for 2021.

About two months ago in September 2021, SpaceX flight rised more than two hundred billion dollars for children’s cancer research.

He personally donated $50 million to the Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee.

In the beginning of 2021 he donated 10 million dollars to the City of Brownsville to rebuild the city center and 20 million dollars to the Cameron County schools. Adding over a million donation to feeding Texas, and more than 20 food banks. His money jas helped to feed more than five million texan every year.


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