Elica vs Faber, Which is Better and Why?

Elica vs Faber

Indians use many types of Masalas to make their recipes tasty. Therefore, their Pressure Cooker or stoves release many kinds of Gases for which they need chimney; That’s why I’ll tell you about Elica vs Faber chimney.

Elica vs Faber

Elica vs Faber Chimney

Although all brands have their plants outside of India but Elica and Faber have their brand plants in India too.

I would suggest you buy Elica because they’re more reliable, but it doesn’t mean Faber is bad.


It offers free and exceptional post-sales service. It lacks post-sales service.
It’s a bit silent operation chimneys, but not like Elica. It has a wide range of models with quiet operation.
Faber has an auto-clean feature in new models. Elica offers unique series of models which are less with auto-clean technology.
Faber chimneys are expensive because of their quality. Elica chimneys are affordable.
It has a suction power of 1500 cubic meters per hour. It has 1425 cubic meters per hour.
Five years on motor and one year overall. Five years on motor and one year overall.


Elica 60 Cm 1425 MP3/hr Firlterless Chimney Pros and Cons


  • High Suction Power
  • Brand Reliability
  • 3 Layer baffle filter
  • Highly Rated
  • Three-way suction scoops out the smoke quickly.
  • Silent Operation
  • 3+1 speed settings
  • Value for money
  • Power-efficient led lights


It is one of the most expensive models of Faber.


Faber Hood 60 Cm 1000³ Pros and Cons

  • Nice Performer
  • Good looking build and design
  • Easy to clean baffle filters
  • Maximizes airflow and removes smoke and gases.
  • Silent operation
  • Highly power-efficient led lights.


The plastic hose may need frequent replacement.


Advantages of an auto clean chimney?

The latest Elica and Faber model comes with a heating element that Cleans auto filters, which restricts Oily parts to stick to the filter. It’s also good for you that you don’t need to do any job.


In this article, I made a comparison between Elica vs Faber. I suggest you buy Elica’s top model if your budget is reasonable, but you can also go for Faber.



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