AstronomyEarth and Mars likely formed from collisions of moon-sized rocks

Earth and Mars likely formed from collisions of moon-sized rocks

Earth and Mars likely formed from collisions of moon-sized rocks

Meteorites provided Important answers to a mysterious questions about the origin of inner solar system planets.


Earth and Mars formed from collisions of moon-sized rocks

A new study has found that the blue and red planets originated from collisions between giant moon-sized rocks, rather than smaller pebbles colliding with each other over time.

According to previous researchers there might be two ways in which rockey planets such as Earth, Mars, Mercury and Venus were formed.

The classic model tells us that moon-to-mars-sized rocks dubbed planetary embryos after smashing together in the inner solar system and assembled into the full size world.

A more recent alternative hypothesis suggests that small pebbles from the outer Solar System gradually began to accumulate to form rocky planets as they moved toward the Sun, and this process formed the cores of giant planets such as Saturn and Jupiter. 

To find out which model better proves how the rocky planets of our solar system formed, scientists analyzed 22 grams of material from 17 different meteorites originating from the red planet. These rocks were destroyed by the impact of ancient asteroids from Mars, which found their way to the Blue planet.

Scientists discovered how these samples differ in their isotopic composition. Isotopes are forms of the same chemical element that vary only in the number of neutrons in their nucleus. For example, uranium-238 has146 neutrons in its core while uranium-234 has 142 neutrons in its core.

Our scientists compared zirconium, molybdenum isotopes and titanium’s level from the blue planet and from the red planet with those of different groups of meteorites from the inner and outer solar system. However, our scientists discovered that Martian and Earth’s rockes were more closely resembled meteorites from the inner solar system, with about four percent of their compositions resembling outer solar system material. Mostly Martian meteorites that our experts analyzed helped overcome conflicting results seen in prior work that analyzed smaller numbers of these rocks.

The lead author of this study, Mr. Christoph Burkhardt, who’s a planetary scientist at the University of Münster in Germany, stated that “We resolve previous study’s conflicting interpretations and show that blue and the red planet both were formed from the similar material that largely originated in the inner solar system,” he also stated that “Only a few percent of the building blocks of Earth and Mars originated beyond Jupiter’s orbit. we’ve answered the fundamental question, like,(what the Earth is made of), and it allows our scientists to answer many more fundamental question like how the Earth was form.”

Pebble accumulation might have played the most Important role in the formation of rockey planets around many other stars. A major reason is that Jupiter played a minor role in the formation of rocky planets in our solar system, because the giant Jupiter could have devoured most of the dust and pebbles from the outer solar system. 

Mr. Christoph Burkhardt stated that “Undoubtedly the Jupiter is the king of all planets present in our solar system, Jupiter had an influence on what was going on in the solar system” if there was no Jupiter so we may sit today on a mini Neptune or on a super earth” 

The new study suggests that red and the blue planet likely incorporated material from a group of space’s rocks which is still a mystery for our scientists. Mr. Burkhardt stated that “Hunting is on, finding a few samples with predicted characteristics between the ungrouped meteorites in our collections is going to be amazing.”


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