ScienceDP full form: Types, Uses, Advantages & Disadvantages

DP full form: Types, Uses, Advantages & Disadvantages


Often our friends tell us that their girlfriend is looking Gorgeous on new Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp Dp. It sometimes happens when one thinks about the full form of DP or What is DP means. So in today’s article, we all clear all your doubts about DP, but before that, read a short paragraph for your knowledge. ‏

However, have you ever noticed that why most of your friends use short forms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp or Snapchat, like (BTW- By the way), (RN- Right Now), (LOL- Laugh out loud), (ILY- I love you) and (FB- Facebook). That’s because it saves time and helps them to convey fast.

You must have noticed some naughty friends in every girl’s comment section saying Nice DP or Awesome DP. So if you are confused thinking that, is Facebook DP meaning, WhatsApp DP meaning, or Instagram DP meaning is the same? So let’s start the article without wasting your more time.

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DP full form

What is the meaning of DP?

First of all, we would like to tell you that many full forms of the same short form can be made, but it depends on which field you are from. For example, suppose you are a computer science or engineering student. In that case, the full form of DP will be Data Processing for you. On the other hand, if you are a student of mathematics, then the full form of DP will be Dirichlet Process. So it depends on your field also.

If you have already asked any person what the full form of DP is and he has replied that “Desktop pitcher,” then we would like to inform you that this short form is wrong for modern times. A photo used on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, and Twitter is called a display picture in the Internet world. So DP’s full form is a display picture.

What is the full form of DP?

Although DP is a very old short form as it was used on Facebook for a long time, since the launch of WhatsApp, this short form has become more popular, especially in India.

Because in the era of modern technology, most smartphones are cheap, and their cameras are also good. People often take their new photos and upload them on their profiles on social media.

Until now, display picture was used only on WhatsApp and Facebook, but now it is becoming famous on Instagram.

So now you know that DP stands for Display Picture. But it would be best if you read the article; further, this will give you more information.

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Differences between Display picture and Desktop Picture

Some people think that the full form of DP is “the desktop picture,” which is entirely wrong. However, it’s not completely wrong because we have already told you at the beginning of the article that many different full forms of the same short form can be made. But it depends on your field. We have told you that DP full form is a Display picture because it is most in vogue.

Desktop Picture:

Until a few years ago, Most people did not have smartphones because their price was very high. So often people used to use computer or laptop (the screen of computer or laptop is called desktop). At that time, people primarily used to change the computer screen photo, due to which “Desktop Picture” was more in vogue.


Display Picture:

In this era, both the internet and smartphone have become very cheap. Apart from this, many such apps have become famous in the internet world. We upload profile pictures, especially on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and Snapchat. Apart from this, there are many other social media platforms as well.

So often, people no longer use computers or laptops but use smartphones and social media. The full form DP is a display picture.


What should you use DP?

There are three main factors for using social media; these three factors are considered very important for using messaging Apps on social media. The short form of these factors is NIP. Let us know in detail that what is NIP and why it is necessary.

N→ (Name)
ID→ (Email, Phone number, and Username)
P→ (Profile Picture or Display Picture)

These three factors are significant in social media; if you do not use these factors, your profile will not become unique, and no one who knows you will recognize you easily.

Although entering the first two factors, i.e. (email, phone number, and username) and (name), you can create a profile on the social media platform. Still, the display picture is essential from the point of view of security and privacy.

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DP Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantage of the display picture is that anyone who knows you can quickly identify you. And its disadvantage is that if you want to hide your profile from someone but you are also using DP, then in this case, you cannot hide yourself from anyone you know; you have to block them to hide yourself.


What are the types of DP?

  1. The profile picture you use on the WhatsApp chatting app is called DP in short form. It’s often referred to as WhatsApp DP.
  2. A photo used on Facebook is called a Facebook DP. However, a photo shared on Facebook usually cannot be called a DP.
  3. Similarly, a photo used on an Instagram profile is called an Instagram DP but sharing a photo on Instagram is called a post or story


WhatsApp DP Full form

We can are hundred percent sure that you must have heard from your relatives or friends that your WhatsApp DP is good or bad, and they must have asked you to change your WhatsApp DP.

So you must have also thought at some point in time, what is the meaning of WhatsApp DP, but you may not have been able to ask the meaning of WhatsApp DP out of shame from your relatives.

Dear, you do not need to be too shy if anyone asks you about WhatsApp DP, then understand that he is talking about your “WhatsApp Display Picture.”

Who can see your WhatsApp DP?

Usually, your DP on WhatsApp can be seen by anyone who has your number and uses WhatsApp. This setting is set by default on WhatsApp. If you want to secure or edit your WhatsApp profile photo, then for that, you have to follow the steps given below:

WhatsApp Settings > Privacy > Profile Photo (Here you can select any options) like, Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody. By doing so, you can protect your WhatsApp profile picture.

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Can’t see any contact’s DP on WhatsApp?

Friends, many times it happens that you are talking to your friend. Then you ask him why you did not upload a profile picture, and the friend answers you that he has uploaded the image. So there is nothing to worry about. In that case, you just have to delete your friend’s number and save it with some other name. If you still do not see his DP, ask your partner to do the same process.

By the way, it’s infrequent that you do not see your partner’s photo even though they have uploaded the picture in their profile.

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