Double Bone Labrador Price & Single bone Labrador


I swear I found my double bone labrador doggy more loyal and caring than my snake girlfriend, who was in human form. However, if you’re also looking for a beautiful, friendly puppy, so labrador is for you. 

There’s confusion between double bone labrador/Heavy bone labrador and Single bone labrador. 


Double bone Labrador

Differences between single bond vs double bone labrador 

In my opinion, there are not too many differences between single bone vs double bon labrador. 

A few breeds create hype about labrador double bone so that they can make more money.

If you try to differentiate between two puppies of the same age and same breed, you’ll not be able to do it quickly. If you could, it will happen due to the quality of their pedigree or their mother’s health.

Therefore, take a look at the mother’s health because then you’ll come to know if the breeder is taking care of her or not. Just like a human mother’s health will determine the appearance of s puppy.

Some Labradors are born heavy, so they’re called Double bone, and those born little skinny are called single bone. According to me, the temperament of a dog matters more than its size.


How can you differentiate between an original Labrador and a mixed Labrador dog?

Cheeks: They Should fall free and hang below teeth.

Ears:  Ears must befall free. 

Straight Tail: The puppy tail should be straight because the original labrador’s puppy never curves. 

Head: labrador’s head should look like an apple shaped and not conical or thin bug also should be more expansive.

Mouth: Your puppy’s mouth shouldn’t be conical, but it must be more comprehensive from eyes to nose. 

If you don’t see any of these qualities so you can consider that puppy isn’t pure.


Why are labrador dogs most popular of all?

They are highly intelligent, Energetic, and friendly dogs, depending on how you treat them because they’re an all-rounder. 

A dog named Zanjeer was a Labrador who worked as a detection dog with the Mumbai Police.

He helped police find many explosives and other weapons, and he was honored with a full state funeral.



In this article, I’ve shared information related to double bone labrador. If you have more questions related to labrador so please comment below. I will respond as soon as possible.



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