Disadvantages of bonnisan, Know Everything

Disadvantages of Bonnisan


Bonnisan liquid mainly deals with colic, gas or digestion related problems in newborn babies. Babies are most likely to have gas problems.

The best way to deal with gas is to make the infant burp after every feeding. How will you do it?

Well, it’s simple, start rubbing the baby back while holding him in the upright position because this will let the gas pass.

I have seen many mothers who don’t give it to their baby unless it’s required. Many babies love the taste of gripe water, so that you can give them that.

Many mothers prefer to give their baby gripe water if they feel that their baby has overeaten for today or if he has something heavy to digest for him. Because Gripe water helps them to digest, and it’s a bit tastier too.

Colic is a different scenario:

  • Babies stomach aches, and they cry a lot.
  • It becomes hard to soothe the baby.
  • Sometimes, they only want their mother’s warmth.
  • That’s the time when bonnisan liquid is preferred.
  • You can use both if your baby is really fussy and he’s crying a lot.

From my experience, You Should always have both (Bonnisan snd Gripe water) in your home; you never know what medicine will you need at what time.

Second Important way that can help Baby indigestion if they’re breastfed. In that case, Mother can take some Ajwain and Saunf after every meal because it’s considered good for baby and mom.


What is Bonnisan?

Bonnisan is a liquid that is created by an Ayurvedic company, Himalaya, for newborn children. It’s used for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders.

Simply, it’s a supply that allows the baby to digest foods (Milk) so that he can grow properly.


Advantages of Bonnisan

It’s considered good for promoting the overall health of infants and children. You would also say that good digestion promotes health and prevents various types of diseases in children and fully grown people.

That’s why doctors also recommend Bonnisan as using it as a digestive supplement for babies.


Disadvantages of bonnisan

There are no serious disadvantages of bonnisan because it’s just an ayurvedic medicine that helps babies digest food (Milk).


Is Bonnisan good for digestion?

Yes, Bonnisan offers relief from common digestive complaints in newborn babies. It also reduces colic and improves appetite, Which promotes healthy growth.



I would prefer you to go natural, don’t take medicine until they’re needed, or visit the doctor if your baby is crying a lot because every time, the baby will not cry because of gas or any other digestive related system.



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