Delhi offsite hub, All you need to know


In this article, I will talk about the Delhi offsite hub and cover some of the most important questions that people ask about it.


Delhi offsite hub

What is Delhi offsite hub?

Delhi offsite hub, you can also call it Blue Dart; it’s a courier company through which you can send a parcel to anywhere in India.


How many days does it take Offsite hub or Blue Dart to deliver a parcel?

If you’ve chosen Blue Dart for your parcel’s delivery to anywhere in India, then believe me because you have chosen a perfect logistic company. Blue Dart is the best option for domestic delivery.

The delivery of your parcel depends on the vehicle availability or movement timing.

Like, My friend is working for DHL, which is a leader at the international level and have a merger with Blue Dart for domestic.

He observed that Blue Dart service is quite closely because it doesn’t compromise with the transit time of the parcel.

Your parcel might take upto two or three days in normal circumstances if the situation is not good, like weather problem so it might take more than three days.


Does blue dart (Delhi offsite hub) deliver on Sunday?

Bluedart or Delhi offsite hub doesn’t deliver at many occasions like festivals, etc. Sometimes they deliver on Sunday and sometimes not.

Whenever they don’t deliver, they make hundreds of excuses for not delivering; sometimes, they will say your Pin is incorrect, or your address is not serviceable.

They will not call the recipient of the courier if they’re really facing problems in finding the delivery location.

They will just return the courier to you or the sender. That’s why you can also use DTDC because they also provide good service.


Can I pick my courier from Blue Dart Office?

Yes, You can pick it up from the blue dart office; you’re allowed to do so. But you have to call the customer care services center in advance.

Like if someone is sending you something, so he and you both have to tell this to the Bluedart customer care or Delhi offsite hub.

After that, your message will be given to the branch from where you will receive the parcel.

Before giving you the parcel, you will be asked for ID and authorization and a few more information.


I hope I have given you all the details about the Delhi offsite hub or the Bluedart. If you have more questions or queries regarding this article, please ask me in the comments section.



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