HistoryDaniel Alexander: Why he troll Indian Cricketers?

Daniel Alexander: Why he troll Indian Cricketers?


In today’s article, we will tell you about Daniel Alexander, who is famously known because of his anti-Indian Tweets.

Now, a question would be occurring in your mind that does he troll all Indians? So the answer is no, he only trolls the Indian cricket team, not the Indian government or anything related to India.

But why denial alexander troll Indian cricket. Let’s understand it.

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Daniel Alexander

Daniel Alexander Wikipedia

There is not a single page written on Wikipedia about Daniel Alexander; he is not famous. And on the other hand, Wikipedia only wrote about those who are famous.

But he is getting a bit famous because he is continuously trolling the Indian cricket team; therefore, many Indian cricket fans reply and argue with him.

Let’s know a bit of information about him.

First Name Denial
Last Name Alexander
Nationality Sri Lanka
Date of birth 14 February 1986
Work Administrator at Island Cricket

Who is Daniel Alexander

Daniel Alexander belongs to Sri Lanka; he was born on 14 February 1989. He is currently an administrator at Island cricket in Sri Lanka.

Although he was a travel agent but returned from Saudi Arabia, he tried to start a career in cricket analytics like Aakash Chopra, but he could not do it. Apart from this criticism from the Island cricket website.

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Why does Daniel Alexander make fun of Indian Cricket?

He wanted to become a cricketer expert but could not become; therefore, he had only one way to earn money: trolling Indian cricket players and earning from Pakistan.

Although it’s not clear yet, that he is doing this stuff because of Pakistan. But primarily Indian audience believes that he trolls the Indian cricket team to earn Pakistan’s fans hearts.

The more he defames the Indian cricketers, the more Pakistani people will like him. He is constantly engaged in trolling the Indian cricket team or cricketer.

No matter how God India performed, he will never praise it, but he will not stop trolling once India loses the match.


Daniel Alexander tweet

Trolling Indian cricketers on tweeters like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and including Mahendra Singh Dhoni has become his routine. However, no one cares too much about it.

Every day he wakes up and check the Indian cricket history of that particular day, then see whether he can disrespect the Indian cricket team or not. If he found something wrong on that specific day, so he tweets about it; otherwise, he doesn’t.

Let us tell you with few examples so you can understand better.

For example, Mahendra Singh Dhoni smashed a six against Sri Lanka on 2 April in 2011.

On 2 April of 2021, he will not tweet about India’s victory because he doesn’t like India too.

But on 18 June 2021, he will tweet about India. The reason behind it is said that, on that day, India has lost the champions trophy final match against Pakistan.

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Daniel Alexander cricket career

He never played in the international cricket team. But he was famous in Ireland cricket; therefore verified badge on his Twitter account.

He has a cricket career but only in domestic Cricket, not at the international level; therefore, if you search on Google, you cannot find anything related to his cricket career.

If he had played at the international level, such a famous website like cricbuzz or ESPNcricinfo would definitely mention his career. But they don’t.


Why does he always support Pakistan’s cricket team?

Because Daniel Alexander is earning money from Pakistan, let us tell you in detail.

Suppose he will disgrace Indian cricket players, so his fan following will increase in Pakistan. And if he made fun of Pakistan so his fan following will decrease.

And the more fans he has on social media, the more he will get sponsorship and will be able to earn more money. However, most brands don’t like a person who has no respect. He might have respect in Pakistan, but he doesn’t have any respect in India.

Therefore he has to praise Pakistan and disgrace India to gain fans from Pakistan and earn more money.



In this article, we have to share everything related to Daniel Alexander Sri Lanka. We want to suggest that if you are a true Indian cricket fan, you should not feel bad if he is making fun of the Indian cricket team.

Because if you give him attention, he will troll more to get more attention and gain more followers. So don’t share his memes or retweet him. Let him do whatever he is doing.


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