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Before talking about custom auction India, let’s know some of the most important this about music, which is a website through which you will participate in the auction.


Custom auction india


MSTC (Metal Scrap Trade Corporation Limited) is a Government-owned e-commerce website that involves diversified e-commerce services.

Currently, Mstc’s headquarter is in Kolkata and working under the Ministry of Steel and the government of India.


E-Auction at MSTC

In current times, MSTC is selling scrap/ obsolete stores / spares / capital equipments at Rs 2,000 crore per annum.

Mstc also sells coal from various coal subsidiaries. Coal India Limited is to the tune of around 1 million tonnes yearly.

The modus is an operation conducted by MSTC for the purpose. It sells diamonds. NMDC has confiscated diamonds from the Customs Department.

Source: MSTC Customs Auction list 2021


Custom auction India

Custom auction India is much different from a normal auction. If you want to participate in a custom auction, so you’ve to register at a portal.

India Custom auction is associated with MSTC, which is a Government Company linked in domestic and international trading activity.

Mstc has created a particular Central Portal for e-auctions/ tenders for all Custom Houses living in India.

Through this facility, you can access all Customs auctions; you just have to register. You don’t need to register separately with individual Custom Houses to participate in e-auctions.

To register in custom auction India, you will have to pay 5,000 one non-refundable registration fees.

If you have already registered at MSTC, you don’t need to register again; you can just fill up your username name and password.

New users, who want to register at mstc, have to pay 10000 rupees, which is a non-refundable amount, plus service tax.

Once you register, you can see schedules of auctions and a list of goods. On that website,

After registration, you will be informed about forthcoming e-auctions via email. So keep your email account active. There are a few guidelines which you have to follow.

Mstc allows its users to participate in e-auctions along with the Auto Bid facility. You can also submit an e-tender which can be submitted only once for any one lot. The notice period for e e-auctions will be 15 days.

If you can place a bid successfully so will receive an email once the Customs accept your bid.

After that, you will have to pay the Security Deposit within 3 days after the declaration of the results. Balance payment will be paid within the next 5 working days.



I hope you like this article about mstc custom auction India. There is still much unclaimed baggage auction India 2020 and custom seized goods for sale.



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