Current Affairs 9 February 2021

Current affairs today

1. Recently which Indian state government has decided to establish 500 electric vehicle charging point?


2. Who became the first cricket player to earn Rs 150 crores from the Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament?


3. Recently which state of India has focused on improving its electricity sector?


4. In which state India’s first Thunderstrom Research Center will be built?


5. The famous singer ‘Pandit Bhimsen Gururaj Joshi’ Belongs from which Indian state?


6. Which country recently ranked first in the Bloomberg Innovation Index 2021?


7. Who was appointed as the Chief Executive of Ayushman Bharat?



8. In which region of Assam will the first haliport of Assam be inaugurated?


9. Recently which state government of India has approved a scholarship scheme known as “Vigyan Pratibha pariksha”?


10. Recently which state government of India has approved a scholarship scheme known as “Vigyan Pratibha pariksha”?


11. Who has recently written the book named “Beautiful Things” ?


12. Which Asian country has approved China’s cyanoback vaccine recently?


13. Recently in which state of India is the glacier brust?


14. Recently wich country’s former cricketing Allrouder Bruce Taylor has passed away?


15. Which protest of india is among the most discussed in the world in these days ?



16. Which country has successfully tested the “Gajnavi” missile equipped with nuclear capability?


17. Which American singer has given her support to the ongoing farmers movement in India?


18. The Government of India has promised to implement the “Vehicle Scrappage Policy” for the closure of old vehicles on which date?



19. ISRO will launch which country’s Amazonia-I satellite on 22 February?



20. Which country has won the World Handball Championship 2021


21. What is the new name of India’s Akashvani Music festival?


22. VP Joy has been appointed as the new Chief Secretary in which state


23. Who has the United States again deputed a “Climate Ambassador”?


24. Which bank of India has tied up with Japan’s largest bank MUFG?


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