Current affairs 10 February 2021

Most important general knowledge / Current Affairs question and answers for today 10 February

1. Recently who became the first player to scored double century in his 100th test match



Recently which company has been announced by ICC as its global partner


3. The campaign called “Saanas” started from which state of India?


4. Recently Union Environment Ministry has approved the construction of Lakhwad power project on which river in India?


5. Recently, Akhtar Ali has passed away from which game he belongs to?


6. Recently who has been appointed the new chairman of BCCC (Broadcasting Content complaints council)


7. Which Indian state has announced Unicode for “land holding” identification


8. Recently which country has declared nationalist group as terrorist group named “Proud Boys”


9. In which district of Assam prime Narendra Modi has launched a program called as “Asom Mala”


10. Which country is going to establish the world’s largest Offshore wind farm


11. In which state Indian government has approved the Srivilliputhur-megamalai tiger reserve


12. Which country’s railway is going to be the world’s first pollution free railway


13. Recently which application has launched online bus booking service


14. Which space agency NASA has chosen to launch its “SPHERE” Mission launch?


15. Who is going to create the world’s largest Radio telescope


16. India is going to start its first “Medical education student insurance scheme” in which state ?


17. Which country has announced to set up a new platform to monitor emissions of polluting industries?


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