HistoryCivil Disobedience Movement | History, Dandi march

Civil Disobedience Movement | History, Dandi march

Civil Disobedience Movement

Civil Disobedience Movement History

The British government had prohibited the production of salt, due to which Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of the freedom struggle, broke this law on March 12 in 1930, and also organized a march in protest against it, which is called the Dandi March.

It’s also called the Civil Disobedience Movement, this march against the British was a very big thing.


How Civil Disobedience Movement was started

The British government had enacted certain laws for its benefit under which Britishers banned Indian farmers from producing or selling salt.

And they had imposed the law on salt because they wanted the common citizens of India to buy important ingredients or food items only from the British.

Although Indians needed salt to cook their food, and in addition to this, the citizens of India. There was also a lot of loss due to tax.

To break the law on salt, Mahatma Gandhi had told the people that, how the law can be broken in a non-violent way, which he himself led.

Although very few people were associated with this campaign in the beginning but later thousands of people joined it.

Quit India Movement

Dandi March

Dandi is the name of a place which is a coastal city of Arabian Sea, this area is about 390 kilometers away from the place called Sabarmati in Gujarat,

Gandhi started the Dandi March with his 78 followers on March 12 in the year 1930, Mahatma Gandhi went to break the law of the British Government at a place called Dandi,

And while this journey many people encouraged him and got attracted to him

Mahatma Gandhi had a total of 78 followers at the beginning of the Dandi march, but the number of people was increasing day by day.

When the march ended in Dandi on 5 April, there were thousands of followers of Gandhi, thereafter he made salt on 6 April.

By doing so he broke the British law, he took about 25 days to reach Sabarmati to Dandi.

Champaran Movement

End of Civil Disobedience Movement

Mahatma Gandhi wanted to make salt on the flat land of the beach because at that time edges of the sea were surrounded by salt, but the police had dropped the frozen salt in the water before Gandhi made salt. However, after this, Gandhi took some salt from the water and violated the law of the British Government.

The Civil Disobedience Movement was started in full swing. This involved millions of people from Mumbai, Karachi, and Dandi, after this movement more than 60,000 Indian people were arrested.

Although Gandhi had to go to jail on 5 May, but this movement was continued by his followers, after which Sarojini Naidu also broke the law of salt, and about 2500 people were involved with Sarojini Naidu but all of them People were later beaten by the British police

And against this incident, Webb Miller had voiced at the international level, Miller was a journalist by profession

Mahatma Gandhi came out of jail in 1931 and then met Lord Irwin

After this, at the London conference, he had announced the closure of this movement, keeping in view the future of India, and Gandhi made the agreement based on certain conditions.


How Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated

In the month of August, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu militant, the militant was named Nathuram Godse, Gandhi was the only representative of the Indian National Congress at the time of the assassination, although the British accepted him as a force


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