14 Cheapest Place To Get Flowers Near Me (You)

Cheapest Place To Get Flowers near me

Giving flowers is a tradition of the majority of cultures, and many times, I wondered about the cheapest place to get flowers near me.

I also buy flowers to decorate my home and always buy flowers to give to my girlfriend. Like me, many people buy flowers for themselves, the workplace, events, marriage, and many more occasions.

Most people love gifting flowers to make the moments memorable, and because of that, there is a high demand for flowers. Therefore, they’ve become more expensive than in the past. 

On the other hand, people don’t have much space in their homes to build beautiful flower gardens and then give them to someone. That’s why I have provided the list of the cheapest places to get flowers that will save you money and time. 

Whether you’re a man or woman, younger or older, a student or a working professional, you might be trying to find places to get cheap flowers near you. If yes, read this article completely if you want to buy cheap flowers.

This article covers the 14 best and cheapest places to buy flowers near you, most of which are online platforms that provide flowers nationwide. Here, you can find any kind of flower and stop wondering where to buy flowers.


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Cheapest Place To Get Flowers


Which types of flowers suit which occasions?

If you’re trying to buy cheap flowers but don’t know what types of flowers you should buy on which occasion, then here’s my recommendation:

Birthdays: If you are going to a birthday party, you may want to buy Colourful and vibrant flowers such as Gerbera Daisies or mixed bouquets. It’ll bring some joy to the birthday party.

Anniversaries: For anniversaries, I recommend beautiful red roses because I love them as they suit the romantic occasion perfectly, and they also symbolize love.

Weddings: As I have said, Roses are perfect for an anniversary or marriage, but besides roses, you can also choose Orchids, Lilies, or any other types of flowers, but it’s better if you choose flowers per the wedding theme. 

Funerals: Regarding sympathy, I recommend Chrysanthemums and White lilies to provide comfort.

Valentine’s Day: Almost everywhere, most flowers are sold on 14th February, and the most demanded flowers are roses. There is a social day called “Rose Day,” so without any doubt, you should buy Roses and show your love and passion for your loved one. You can also mix roses with White lilies.

Mother’s Day is the most special because our mother brought this word after keeping us nine months in her womb. You can buy soft and graceful flowers like Irises, Tulips, or mixed spring bouquets to show your love to your beloved mother. 

America is a country where people live from different cultures, and you might be one of them so you can choose flowers according to your preferences.

I only recommend those that are common in those occasions that I have covered above. I hope you have decided which flowers you should purchase now. Let’s find out the cheapest places to buy flowers.


14 Cheapest Places to Get Flowers Near You

If you want to get cheap flowers near you or look for long-stem roses nearby, first, you have to ensure which shop owner provides free flower delivery. Because I have mentioned many online places to buy cheap flowers, they’ll become cheaper when delivery is free or has a very low cost. 

Another benefit of using an online platform to get cheap flowers is sending flowers to your mother on Mother’s Day, to the office, friends, or a girlfriend, even when you are far away and can’t join the event. If you can join, order it for your home and give it to yourself.

However, most places I have mentioned to get cheap flowers offer free delivery across the country. Even if you’re from Australia, Canada, or England, you can still use a few platforms to order flowers.

On the other hand, some shop owners may ask you to pay the shipping charges as per the value of your order. However, you can also get free foods and clothes.


1. Amazon

Amazon marketplace is the biggest marketplace when it comes to shopping. It is famous worldwide.

You can find anything from “A” to “Z.” Millions of retailers are selling their products via Amazon; therefore, it is one of the cheapest places to buy flowers; not only cheap, but you can also buy expensive fresh flowers if you want because Amazon has many retailers and many types of flowers.

Besides flowers, Amazon has different bouquets that will make your moment memorable. You can choose any flower bouquet to send someone as a gift. When you buy cheap fresh flowers from Amazon, it’ll provide you with many more recommendations that will help you to choose better bouquets.


2. Sam Club

Another best cheapest place to get flowers is Sam’s Club, especially if you want to buy them for a wedding. Sam Club sells flowers in bulk; most people buy them to decorate homes, beds, etc. You must buy at least 80 stems at $0.81 per rose. It’s very cheap.


3. Facebook Marketplace

Almost everyone has a Facebook account, whether active or not, so if you want to get cheap flowers, you can open your Facebook app and then go to the Facebook marketplace. Many small business owners are running their businesses from Facebook. It includes flower sellers, too.

Mostly, serious sellers advertise what they’re selling, whether they’re selling used appliances, shoes, or followers. You can buy anything from the Facebook marketplace, including Pokemon cards, shirts, flowers, electronic items, or anything else. 

You can easily find a florist on the Facebook marketplace and then ask him to customize a bouquet and deliver it to your home. And don’t forget to ask the price in the beginning.


4. Think Flowers

If you are living in Colorado, Think Flowers is the perfect choice for you because it is based there, this company is also known as Lehrer’s. You might have heard about it. It’s been over a century since Think Flowers operated in the United States. It was started in 1920. 

However, you can still use Think Flowers I, which is not from Colorado, as they have the best and cheapest local flowers for their customers.

However, there is no instant delivery; therefore, it can take around 24 hours to receive flowers, whether you live in Colorado or any other state. This is possible because Think Flowers company is associated with many local florists.


5. Hallmark

Hallmark is one of the most famous brands that sells gifts across the United States, but many people do not know that it also sells flowers cheaply. Hallmark; therefore, it is very easy to buy flowers at a low cost. You only have to visit their website and then order flowers.

There are very low prices on Hallmark, but sometimes you can find a little bit of a hike in price because of the season and variety. Second, it also depends on whether you have chosen imported or seasonal flowers. However, there are many types of flowers. You can easily choose budget-friendly flowers.


6. Florists.com

As the name suggests, Florists is especially famous for selling flowers. You can visit their stores or their website, Florists.com. They have very cheap rates for flowers. 

As mentioned, this website is especially famous for selling flowers and offers special season deals. So, if you are lucky enough, you might get a deal right now. However, remember to check the option whether they have a free home delivery option available at your location or not.


7. 1-800-Flowers

One of the most popular stores for buying flowers for a wedding or your girlfriend is 1-800-Flowers. You might be surprised to know that 1-800-Flowers is listed on the NASDAQ. So this is enough to give an idea of how big a company 1-800-Flowers is. 

Therefore, if you want to buy a flower cheaply or instantly as soon as possible, you can visit their website as they are associated with the local florist in your area. Within a few times, the flowers will reach your home cheaply.


8. Whole Foods

It might be a little costlier, but they also have a fast delivery system. If you can invest a little more, you can buy a dozen flowers at $14.99, which means $1.35 per flower. 

However, you can also go with Costco, TJ’s, Amazon, Flowers Think, or florist. That is all up to you. If you are getting a better deal than Whole Foods somewhere else, you can go with that. 

Cheapest Place To Get Flowers


9. From You Flowers 

If you are a University student, you may want to buy flowers from FROMYOUFLOWERS, because it is mostly famous among students. They are selling a bouquet at the cost of $30. I know it is more expensive than others, but here you are, getting a bouquet you can customize with your favorite flowers. 

Although $30 is not very much, especially if you give flowers to your new girlfriend for the first time on Mother’s Day or a wedding. However, If you still want to buy cheap flowers, you can choose another website or store I mentioned.


10. Walmart

If you want to buy roses at a cheap price, then you may want to visit Walmart. Walmart is one of the biggest grocery marketplaces across the United States. At Walmart stores, a dozen Rose flowers will cost $9.97. All the prices also depend on the store, and the location might fluctuate slightly. 

And there is a negative thing about it: if there is no Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, you may sometimes not find flowers at the Walmart Store. Because Walmart is only a store chain for buying groceries, they keep it on special days.

Besides this, Walmart also sells mini flower bouquets (Including five flowers), and I recommend you buy this because it is much cheaper than buying a dozen roses. It will cost $9.97, while the mini flower bouquet costs $0.96.


11. FTD

FTD has same-day delivery available. It is a small organization based in Illinois that sells flowers cheaply to customers. FTD is operating across the United States in collaboration with local florist franchises, and they have many partners.

You can also buy imported flavors from FTD, but they will cost because the starting price is $49.99, and it’s a bit expensive. However, they also offer you the same quality as they charge you because you buy fresh and imported flowers in the United States.

Also, they are operating all over the world. However, the delivery is free in the United States of America but not in other countries. 


12. Costco 

You might be surprised that Costco is the cheapest place to get flowers. You will only have to pay $18.99 for two dozen rose flowers, which means $0.79 per rose. It’s similar to bulk price. Interestingly, you don’t have to buy in bulk; you can buy one or two dozen. 

However, if you order online, you need to check the price because they fluctuate over time. After all. When there is a high demand, the charges are slightly higher than on regular days.


13. Roses Only

Roses Only is another platform for buying flowers. Even if you are outside of the United States, you can send flowers to your loved one.

Because Roses only offer 24-hour delivery, you will get fresh flowers at your doorstep. You can visit their website to order flowers, bouquets, or other floral arrangements.

However, prices are a bit higher, starting from $49 for a wreath or bouquet while you’re getting two dozen for $18.99. However, besides buying flowers, you can add chocolate or cake to your list and gift them to someone alone with flowers. 


14. Trade Joe

Trade Joe is another best place to buy cheap flowers, just like Costco, or it can be an alternative to it. A dozen flowers cost only $9.99 at Trade Joe, which means around $0.83 per rose.

They will provide you with good shape and fresh roses to make your moment memorable. You can buy one dozen roses from Trade Joe.


Why Flowers as a Gift?

Have you ever thought about why people are given flowers? People love gifting flowers to people on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, weddings, or anniversaries.

Well! Gifting flowers is one of our ancient practices. Everywhere in the world, people have loved gifting flowers from ancient times to celebrate weddings, fix matters, and make other movements memorable. You will even see people keep flowers at the graves of their loved ones.

That means flowers make our moment memorable; they look and smell good. Therefore, people like gifting flowers. If there is a grave with many flowers around it, it looks beautiful, and people love sitting there and spending time with a body that is no longer.

And besides this, everyone loves getting flowers because people do not care about prices. People do not judge; suppose someone is gifting an iPhone, so people will also judge. Many people will think that we should also gift a very expensive iPhone.

On the other hand, nobody will judge when you are gifting flowers because everyone, whether rich or poor, has received flowers from ancient times, which is a very good practice. 

Besides this, flowers also have some significance that can help show your emotions. For example, if you are giving someone white flowers, that means you want to give sympathy or comfort. On the other hand, if you are gifting a red color Roses, it will look romantic.



I have shared 14 of the best places to get cheap flowers near you in this article. You can use any website to give flowers; if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, I recommend you buy flowers from Amazon. 

And when you want to buy cheap flowers, I recommend you buy from Costco, Florist, etc. Costco is especially the cheapest place to buy flowers on the list that I have provided.

A bonus point is that when you are gifting flowers to someone, you can also add chocolate, candies, or cake. But it depends on the occasion, you can’t give a chocolate or cake at a funeral.  

Another benefit of using a website is that if you cannot attend the event, you can send flowers anywhere worldwide. 


Frequently asked questions about where to get Cheap flowers

These are some of the most important questions people want to know before buying flowers.


Why are Trader Joe’s flowers so cheap?

Because the brand purchases flowers in bulk directly from growers, the prices are much lower than what you would find in boutique flower shops and other major grocery stores. You can find bunches of flowers for as low as $3.99.


What is the best supermarket to buy flowers from?

I recommend buying flowers from supermarkets like Trader Joe’s or Costco. Because they provide long-lasting fresh flowers and the price is low.

On the other hand, other stores like FTD Roses Only charge higher prices, so there is a huge difference between them. In other stores, prices are two or three times higher than Trader Joe’s or Costco. So my recommended supermarket would be Trader Joe’s.


Where do most florists get their flowers?

Florists want to sell flowers to others, so they buy them from wholesalers like BFS, which offers varieties of flowers at a very low cost. Besides this, Florists are associated with flower growers; they buy from them cheaply and sell flowers to individuals.

Some Florists also prefer to buy from local markets and get discounts when buying too many flowers. 


Why are grocery store flowers cheaper?

There are multiple reasons grocery store flowers are cheaper… grocery stores buy flowers in bulk, and they don’t want to make money from them as they want to attract you to buy other things from their grocery stores, such as chocolates, cakes, etc.

However, the main reason is they’re buying in bulk, and secondly, when you visit their stores, there’s no delivery cost, and no third person is involved between you and the store, so all the cost is cut off now.


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