Chapri Nibba Meaning: How to recognize them?


Friends, In today’s article, we will tell you the Chapri Meaning, types and their starter pack. Apart from this, we will also tell you that how you can recognize a chapri Nibba. And what you have to do when you see somebody like that.

Chapri Meaning

Chapri Meaning

Chapri meaning or Definition is (A natural young boy who have all the qualities of boys but he uses them unnaturally and strangely, and generally act in a very unexpected way in front of the camera by wearing strange clothes) let us know with an example, and tell you how to recognize a chapri Nibba or Chapri nibbi.

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How to recognize a Chapri boy

Chapri Nibbai Starter pack

  • KTM
  • DSLR
  • Adidas shoes (they can be the first copy)
  • Strange Hairstyle
  • Wearing Bracelet
  • In a group


Friends KTM bike is a great bike made in South Korea. Its price is more than 200,000, but due to Chhapri people, this bike has not much respect in Indian. However, you can often see Chhapri on Honda bikes as well.

Perhaps the question is coming to your mind that many people use KTM, so how do we recognize Chapri? Look, Chhapri will not be alone on the bike; there is a high chance a young girl will be with him, and he himself will also be of a young age.



The full form of DSLR is Digital Single Lens Reflex. This is an expensive camera; often, ordinary people have to think a lot to buy it. But Chapri Nibba always carries it with him.

Chapri Boy keeps a DSLR camera so that he can upload 3 to 4 photos of Instagram reels a day.

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Adidas shoes

Often you must have seen athletes or people wearing Adidas shoes whose lifestyle is very active. But now, when you look closely at Chapri Boy’s feet, you will find that he is wearing Nike or Adidas company’s shoes, but they will be 1st copy.

Strange Hairstyle

There are few types of hairstyles like Regular haircut, Crew cut, Ducktail, Buzzcut, Quiff, Undercut and fauxhawk.

But Chapri Nibba will have long hair, and their hair colour will be green, golden, or orange. Their hair can also be cut entirely from the sides, and when they straighten hair, it will look like a broom.


Wearing Bracelet

You must have often seen Salman Khan wearing a bracelet in his hand. But now, it is also common for Chapri Boys to wear cross locket around neck and earring.


In a group

Lions come in pride, pigs come in flocks, dogs come in clans, and chhapri come in groups.

Most of the time, Chapri comes in a group of up to 3 people, and the number can be increased to 7 to 10. They come to record their daily content (10 videos and Photos) to upload on Instagram.

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Should you be scared of chapri Nibba?

Not at all, my friend, But keep in mind, you must have seen that sometimes a clan of Haynes surrounds a lion. So, in that case, the lion can be hardly defeated. Therefore if you are alone and they are in a group, so it’s good if you stay away from them; otherwise, they will surround you as Haynes surrounds a lion.


Where can you find a chapri Nibba?

They are often founded infamous public places such as Delhi’s Connaught Place, Lodhi Garden, central park etc. Perhaps even Ibrahim Lodi would never have thought that one day the Lodi Garden would be helpful to Nibbi and Nibba.


Is Chapri only found in Delhi?

Nope! They are found everywhere, but in metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai they get more benefits and lovely places for photoshoots and record their daily content.


Why is the number of Chapri Nibba decreasing?

Well! Since Prime minister of India mister, Narendra Modi has sent Tiktok to china. From that time, Nibba nibbi or chapri have not found any other reliable platform to upload their short videos. However, their number is not entirely wiped out because Instagram has introduced reels options, YouTube has introduced “Short”, and there are many other apps too, such as the Moj app.