Catking Reviews, Know everything about it


In this article. I’ll tell do catking reviews review and advise you on every essential thing which you should know before joining the catking.

Catking Reviews

What is Catking?

CATking is a tech company that started in 2008 in Mumbai, India. Mumbai is considered to be one of the best destinations for each MBA/MS aspirant. They’re continually focusing on strategic, and engaging, and High-quality education.

They belives that education with strategy can change the way of teaching across the planet. Their primary purpose is to improve education quality.

CATking’s team comprises IIMs, SP Jain, NMIMS, JBIMS, NIT alumni, and many students.

They’re committed to putting all their expertise and research resources to bring innovative products to the consumers in terms of quality, efficacy, and simplicity.


Catking Reviews

I’ve collected many positive and a few negative catking Reviews, so firstly let me tell you positively, then I’ll tell Negative Reviews.

Prachodaya Das thanks Rahul sir on the Catking website because she has finally become part of the Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA). She said Rahul’s and Anisha mam’s support was propelled for her.
– Prachodaya Das, IIM Ahmedabad.


CATKing was really helpful in Jay Gosalia’s GDPI Preparations for IIMs. Tips and Strategies by Rahul helped him a lot to think through for the entire process, rather than just preparing from the WAT PI point of view.
-Jay Gosalia – IIM Bangalore


GDPI is always a big challenge as the competition gets steeper. Still, Jay Satra was lucky to have the CATKing team mentor him on this crucial step. He thanked Rahul sir for his end-to-end guidance on all the aspects of GDPI.Jay

 –Satra – IIM A | S | L | I | K & SPJain


Raj Doshi thanked the entire CATKing team because they have played an essential role in his success in making it to IIM Ahmedabad. I especially thanked Rahul Sir for his continuous support and motivation till the D-Day.

-Raj Doshi – IIM Ahmedabad


Negative Catking Reviews

An ex-student writes this

He said they’d promise you that once you get fail, they’ll teach you for free, but once you get forget, Catking will miss your calls and ignore you.

Their mocks have the same question as Catking questions. They don’t even change questions numbers. They copy the exact CAT question with the detailed options which appeared in Catking.

Except for RAHUL sir, other faculties were not that good. Ekagra and Atul Mittal have left Catking.

He prepared that, follow Rahul Catking on Facebook but don’t join his classes or buy mocks. They say they will complete the portion thrice in classes, but in reality, they don’t.


Are CATKing classes worth joining?

According to the majority of people, Yes, it’s suitable for students who want to get a quality education. Still, there are a few people who aren’t happy with that.

How good are the CATKing mock tests for the NMAT?

It’s the same as Cat questions; I mean, they’ll ask you exact questions when in the mock test, which they usually ask in cat exam.



I’ve shared some of the essential Catking Reviews; if you have any excellent ot bad experience with Catking so please comment below so that other people can also know your review and take the right decision, whether they should join it or not.



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