HealthWhat is cardiac arrest | Symptoms, Cause, Prevention

What is cardiac arrest | Symptoms, Cause, Prevention

what is cardiac arrest

What is cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest is a disease that occurs suddenly without any indication As soon as this disease happen to someone so his blood stops reaching all parts of the body and brain and this is the reason why a person suffocates and dies Cardiac arrest is completely different from a heart attack the main reason for cardiac arrest is yet to be found Due to some disturbances in the heart, the beat does not work properly In such a situation the pumping of the heart is affected due to the absence of a pump the blood does not reach the brain and the rest of the body And as a result of this a patient dies.


Why do cardiac arrests happen in the bathroom

In the recent past there have been many cases in which a person has lost his life after a cardiac arrest or heart attack in the bathroom including some celebrities as well But do you know what is the reason behind these sudden heart problems in the bathroom? If not, then let us know

Toilet pressure
While sitting on a toilet seat or using an Indian style toilet applying more pressure or sitting for a longer period of time affects blood circulation this increases the pressure on the arteries of the heart which becomes the cause of heart attack or cardiac arrest

Cold water on the head
Often doctor recommends first That you should pour water on your feet before bathing and then pour water on your head after that this is because if there is cold water directly on the head, it also directly affects the blood supply In many cases, it becomes so bad that it becomes difficult to beat the heart which can prove to be fatal


How many cardiac arrests can you survive

Well, No one knows how many times you can survive but whenever it happens to you so you must take a sudden CPR otherwise it can be double or triple around 90% of people who experience and out of hospital died


Symptoms of cardiac arrest are same as heart attack and stroke the exact symptoms of this disease

  • Ragged breathing:  It can visible for other but the patient should explain it while feel it
  • A lack of air: This symptom will be observable by skin tone
  • Pain in chest: It suddenly happen and it feels in left side of chest mostly
  • Heart palpitation: Increasing the heart beats from normal quantity
  • Darkened vision: Eyes aren’t able to make clear and light vision

Fainting: The last symptom is fainting and it’s the most prominent alarm to help

All these symptoms occur several minutes before cardiac arrest, it means that we should support someone who get this signs as fast as we can.


Can you survive cardiac arrest

The first and maybe only way of surviving someone from cardiac arrest until now is CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) CPR is an emergency action that you can do it after calling ambulance. This is a combine of heart massage and mouth to mouth breathing, it should done with especial patterns with determined time distances and certainly in careful way CPR is a real lifesaving if it be successful. You should complete it until heart beating and breathing restore in who is in cardiac arrest. The patient should be able to say something and talk with you


Is heart attack and cardiac arrest are same thing

The most easy way to distinguish and understand the differences between heart attack and cardiac arrest is that to know details about signs of this two completely different illness. At first the reason of happening is also not same. When blood doesn’t reach the cardiac muscles so heart attack going to be appear. Symptoms are important too. Heart attack signs are more visible and more painful than cardiac arrest Symptoms of heart attack involve digestive system (stomach upset and nausea) it involves respiratory system too(heaviness and pain in the chest and breathlessness and coughing) plus pain in upper half of body ( but in cardiac arrest pain will feel in chest just). The symptoms in heat attack might pass but then reappear, in cardiac arrest it’s not same

Prevention of cardiac arrest

Prevention of cardiac arrest

As you that this disease comes in sudden so you must checkup your heart, so you must follow everything for your health

  • Always stay away from stress or depression
  • Always take a balance diet
  • You must do daily exercise or you can join gym
  • Always balance your weight
  • Your BP must be balance
  • Keep cholesterol normal in blood
  • It is very important to keep diabetes under control
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