Turkish Boz Shepherd Dog Price & Qualities


Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings; the more you will know people, the more you will love your dog; that’s why I will tell you about the Turkish Boz shepherd dog, who is loyal, Muscular, tall, and stronger.


boz shepherd

About the breed

Height 34 to 26 Inches
Weight 190 pounds (86 Kilograms)
Lifespan 12 years (Depends on grooming)
Price 3000 to 5000 dollars
Colour  Fawn


What is Boz Shepherd?

The Turkish Boz Shepherd is a dog breed that belongs to the northern Urfa mountain of southern turkey.

They can easily survive in cold places as they belong to the mountain region. However, they’re tall, muscular, and guardian dog livestock.

They wouldn’t attack others animals unless they noticed some threats. In ancient Turkey, a Boz shepherd was used to protect and sheep from wolves.

They are incredibly tolerant; therefore, Boz can be a good family member, they love children.

They will guard your family, and their size & weight is enough to scare any foolish intruder if someone enters your house without any permission, so he will have to pay for that.

Currently, some Turkish forces use Boz Shepard for guardian purposes as a security dog.

They have been gentle with cows and sheep from ancient times. Their appearance is mind-blowing.


Why should you own Boz Shepherd?

Nowadays, people have dogs, but they are not very attractive; often, people own dogs like German Shepherd, Pitbull, or Doberman.

If you want to have a new dog breed that is attractive, loyal, protective in appearance, and at the same time wants to protect your family, then you can have a boz dog.


Why should you not own Boz Shepherd?

If you live in a small apartment, then Turkish Boz Shepard Dogs are not for you as they are huge in size and require personal space.

Suppose if you live in a small apartment, then it’s essential to exercise your dog daily so that your dog’s energy can be utilized and it does not become aggressive.


Turkish Boz shepherd vs Kangal

Although Turkish Kangal, Anatolian Shepard, and boz dog all look similar, they all are tall and more muscular, but Kangal is better than boz dog.

It’s a question of many people that “Is the kangal stronger than”? The answer is yes, Kangal is the strongest dog breed globally, having 743 PSI bite force, and even the lion has 660 bite force.

A fully grown Turkish Kangal can easily beat a wolf in one on one fight.


Are boz shepherds fighting dogs?

Yes, this is a fighting dog breed, but they don’t attack anyone unless they feel threatened by that human or animal.

However, they can also be trained for hunting because they are powerful and intelligent.


What to feed a Turkish boz shepherd?

You have to feed your boz dog any food provided to German Shepherd, Doberman, or any other dog breed such as Pedigree. However, if you want your dog to be healthy then you should feed your dog as much raw meat as possible.


How much does a boz shepherd cost?

Suppose you want to buy boz shepherd puppies in the United States. In that case, they might cost you about 3000 to 5000 dollars, depending on the breeder and location.

Yes, they are expensive; it’s because mostly people don’t own this dog breed like German Shepherd or Pitbull, so they are rare to find; that’s why boz shepherd puppies are unique. You can buy them within 500 dollars in turkey because they are not uncommon there.



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