InformationalBoat vs Boult Which is Better and Why?

Boat vs Boult Which is Better and Why?


After Boat vs JBL, many people asked more to tell them about boat vs boult because of the ruling and famous company in the Audio segment.

A few of my friends and I have used both company’s Earphones, Headphones and earbuds, that’s why I can tell you details that boult vs boat which is better and why.


Boat vs boult

Boat Company

Nowadays, people started recognizing boat company because it has become one of the most famous brands in India. In 2019, It was the ruling company in the Audio segment with more than 27% shares in the market.

You would have hardly heard that boat company is selling more than 8,000 to 10,000 their products every day, on the other hand, there are many other Indian brands too who never has come close to this number.

The brand came into existence in 2016 with its audio Product such as Earphones, Headphones, Earbuds, Premium Charges, and speakers, etc.

It took just 3 to 4 years to become one of the ruling company in the market; one of the reasons that this brand became successful was their marketing strategy and their product quality, as they were confident about it.

The boat is an Imagine Marketing Service Pvt. Ltd. brand, Which two Indians started, Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta.

Is boat a trustable brand?

Of course, yes, you’re reading this article because somewhere you would have heard about Boat company maybe through advertisement in which few Cricketer such Shreyas Iyer promote Boat’s Product or through your friends.

But why is a boat a good brand? It’s because every Product of this company has become successful and touched the sky. Let’s know more about it.

The reason behind the boat’s success is their products, build quality, affordable product price, and a few more things. Because of its quality, people also compare Boat with JBL.

I would say the boat is the best brand in India, although there’s JBL, that one isn’t Indian; that’s why I told boat is the best brand.


Boult Company

Boult isn’t much famous as Boult. However, it’s an audio product company, and this company is continuously focusing on its product quality because they want to compete with the boat.

Just like Boat, Boult is also an Indian company based in New Delhi, India. Furthermore, their name is also similar, isn’t it?.

For the past few years, Boult has been providing the best Product and trying to Improve their Product, because of which their trust is also getting built amongst the audience.

But one thing is quite different than the boat, that Boult is continuously publishing a few expensive products which might not be suitable for a middle-class boy, but it’s okay because that guy will not buy Products every time.

I would say Boult is also a good company and the most famous company in India but not like a boat.


Is Boult a trustable brand?

Definitely Yes, it’s a reliable brand, but in my sights what I have experienced, Boult isn’t outstanding like a boat. Many of their products are excellent, but some are average, while most boat products are good.

Now it depends on you, what types of Product you choose, as I have said, some of their products are excellent, and some are average.


Boult vs boat, which is better and why?

Both companies are doing good in the audio segment, but honestly, I would say the boat is better than Boult.

But why I’m giving upper hands to the boat? Let’s talk about it.

The boat has more than 250 employees who are working and increasing the Quality of their Product, while Boult has about 10 to 15. That’s why the boat is a massive brand with an expansive vision.

Although Boult is not famous like the boat and does not make such impressive products, many of them are excellent.

However, I would choose Boult when it comes to battery life. The boat is also providing good battery life.

Another upper hand that the boat has is reliability. It’s because they’ve earned trust.


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