HealthBlepharitis | Types, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Blepharitis | Types, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment


Blepharitis Introduction

As we all know that many kinds of diseases occur in our eyes, one of them is swelling and irritation in the eyelids, which is known as Blepharitis. This disease can happen to anyone at any age, so let’s read about it.


What is Blepharitis

Although blepharitis is a common eye disease, yet we should not ignore it. In this disease, our eyelids turn red, become puffy or swollen, and because of this, little pain is also felt.

People of any age can be affected by blepharitis disease. But if this disease is treated at the right time, then it can be easily cured and it does not cause any harm to the eyes.


Blepharitis types

There are two types of eyelid inflammation:

  • Posterior eye inflammation
  • Anterior eye inflammation


Posterior eyelid inflammation

This inflammation affects the inner edge of the eyelids, and behind our eyelash follicles, there is a malfunctioning oil gland in your eyelid that causes inflammation.

Night Blindness

Anterior eye inflammation

This inflammation occurs outside of our eyes on the eyelids, and the reason for this type of inflammation is dandruff on the eyelids or allergic reaction in the eyes.


Blepharitis Symptoms

  • Swollen in eyelids
  • Watery eyes
  • Eye irritation
  • Eyelid itching
  • Sensitivity towards light
  • Feeling pricking in the eyes
  • Flapping of eyelids or crusting around eyelids
  • Oily eyelids or feeling as if something has gone in the eyes

When you are suffering from blepharitis, you may see any or all of the above symptoms, and remember that these symptoms are seen continuously.

Many times it happens that when you are suffering from swelling of the eyelids so your Eyelids will be fall off, Therefore you feel uncomfortable wearing contact lenses, and you might stop wearing contact lenses.


What causes blepharitis

  • Infection or bacteria in your Eyelid
  • Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)
  • Dryness in your Eyes
  • Parasitic (Demodex eyelash mites)
  • Fungal infection around the eyelids

Usually, blepharitis and dryness in the eyes occur at the same time, but people still get confused thinking that dry eyes only cause blepharitis, whereas blepharitis causes our eyes to be dry.

Researchers and Eye Specialists believe that both these conditions can also be part of a chronic disease in our eyes which is known as Dry Eye Blepharitis Syndrome (DEBS).


How to cure blepharitis fast

First of all, wash your eyes with lukewarm water, which will reduce the swelling of your eyes. According to the swelling and severity of your eyelids, the doctor will give you good advice, so do not forget to visit the doctor.


Treatment for blepharitis

Steroid treatment

When you will visit the doctor and if he will not found any infection in your eyelids, in that case, he will recommend you to use steroids, eye drops, or ointment to reduce inflammation. If your eyes are dry, so the doctor may recommend a lubricating eye drop to reduce the itching of the eyes.



For early treatment of eyelid infection, the doctor will give you some antibiotics such as ointment or a liquid drop. And if this disease gets out of control, so the doctor can give you some advice.


Protection of eyes

  1. First of all, clean your hands thoroughly
  2. Then take a clean cloth and soak it in warm water and squeeze it and put that cloth on the eyelids and leave it for a while.
  3. After this remove the wet cloth from the eyes and gently rub your eyes before opening them.

You should consult the doctor about how often you should wash your eyes with warm water, however, oftentimes the doctor recommends washing more than once a day for 5-5 minutes and when you start getting rid of this disease. Then he will recommend you only one time


Clean the eyelids

The doctor may advise you to clean the eyelids and may also provide a cleaning agent. Many times the doctor can advise you to clean the eyelids by mixing baby shampoo in water or with any other eyelid cleanser: so let us know how to clean the eyelids

  1. First, clean your hands thoroughly
  2. Take a clean cotton cloth and soak it in a cleaning solution and moisten it a bit and clean the eyelids.
  3. After this wash the eyes with water.
  4. After this, take another cotton cloth and clean the other eye as well.

Keep in mind that when you are infected with this disease, do not use makeup at all, because in that case makeup can be left a bad impact on your eyes.

If the doctor has given you some kind of anti-dandruff shampoo for the scalp and eyebrows, then make sure that it does not go into the eyes.


Blepharitis complications

Due to the swelling of the eyelids, you may get rid of your eyelid completely and the reason behind it will be scarring in the hair follicles, and due to this, your eyelids may grow incorrectly, due to excessive scarring, the growth of the eyelids also stops.

Short term complications of eyelid inflammation include dry and pinkish eyes and long term complications include as follows:

  • Scarring in eyelid
  • Infected lumps that can be easily seen under the eyelids
  • Chronic pink eye
  • The oil glands of the eyelids can also become infected and blocked. This can cause an eyelid infection. If the infection of the eye is not treated, so your eyelids might be damaged permanently.
  • Scarring of the eyes can cause scratches on the sensitive surface of the eyes. This can lead to ulcers in the cornea.



Blepharitis is a type of chronic condition. This means this is a common recurrent disease so it’s important to keep the eyelids clean.

  1. If you use make-up, wash the face thoroughly before sleeping.
  2. And even if you do not use make-up, wash your face before sleeping.
  3. Any kind of infection can be spread by doing touching the eyelids repeatedly.
  • If you have dandruff on your eyelids, then go to the doctor once, because dandruff can also cause blepharitis.


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