InformationalBinany Review: Should you invest in it?

Binany Review: Should you invest in it?


This article is about the Binany application. For the past few months, people are asking many questions related to this application, such as whether Binany is a fake, I should use it or not, etc.

To know the complete important information related to the Binany trading App, read this article until the end.



What is the Binany app?

Binany is an online trading platform where you can do trading and earn a decent amount of money. 

It ranks among the top trading applications globally like Binamo, Binomo and it is easy to use.

You only need to predict whether the certain asset will rise or fall, if your prediction will be accurate so you will earn money.

The certain asset on Binany can be the currency of any specific country or Raw material. Whether the price is rising or falling, that you will see on the graph.

This application is not available on Google Play Store, so to download this application, you have to visit its website (, or you can download binany apk from anywhere else.

Binany app download (from Google Chrome)


Is Binany app good

Yes, this is one of the best and reliable trading applications. You can use it to earn money without any hesitation. 

You will need a minimum of 30 rupees to start trading. Suppose you spend 30 rupees, so you will get +66% more money, which is 49 rupees.


How to create an account on Binany

  • Download its app
  • Open the app
  • Click on Register (on the right corner)
  • Fill up your Email ID
  • Set a strong password
  • Confirm password
  • Select your country
  • Confirm your age if you are above 18
  • Now Click on Register to create your account.

On the next page, you will see a popup; you can click on the top-up option. If you are new to click on start training. 

After that, you will see another popup where they will give you basic training through a chart. After seeing that you will learn it.

Note: In the demo account, you get 5000 rupees; they are only for training; you cannot withdraw them. 

After learning how to trade, you can switch your demo account to a live account. Now, to do trading, you will have to deposit money.

You can add a minimum deposit of 300 and a maximum of 30,000 rupees through Google Pay, UPI, Paytm, Phone Pay, and LocalCrypto, (if you are an Indian).


How to withdraw from Binany

There is the same option for withdrawal. Suppose you are from India, so in that case, you will have the option of Google Pay, UPI, Paytm, Phone Pay, and LocalCrypto.

In simple words, you can withdraw money as you deposit it.


Frequently asked Questions

Is Binany legal?

Binary is illegal in India and other countries too. In India, the Reserve Bank of India does not allow its users to do online foreign exchange trading.

However, thousands of people are using this application smartly and earning decent money. Therefore you can also use your brain and become rich.


Is Binany risky

Yes, Unlike many other trading applications, Binany is also risky. In online trading, you can become rich within a day or become poor in a day.

Always remember that every trading platform is a risky platform. If trading can lift you off from the road and make you a king, so it can take you off from the throne and make you a beggar.


Is the Binany app fake?

Not at all; many experience people are using it and earning decent money. This application is 100% genuine like many other. However, a few trading companies will help you earn money, for example, Aimrax Trade money

Osmose technology also claimed that they could double your money. But we will not recommend it. You should check out Binany because it is not fake; it is truly genuine and reliable.


Should you invest in Binany?

It depends on you if you are already earning decent money and want to invest somewhere, so you can definitely use it. But always remember that it is a risky option.

Suppose you want to make money without any risk so you can go for the mutual fund. However, the mutual fund will take your time; on the other hand, this trading app will only take few minutes.



This was Binany review. But apart from reviewing, we also shared important information that you have must know before you start reading.

Before publishing, I checked this application for at least seven days. But I did not create my live account. I had 5000 rupees, and when I opened a new account, I currently have 70,000 rupees.

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