InformationalBinamo: Can we earn lakhs with it?

Binamo: Can we earn lakhs with it?


In this article, we will tell you about the Binamo trading platform, where you can invest the money as much as you can and earn decent money faster than a mutual fund or any other method.

Although thousands of people are looking for a trustable platform to invest in, we would suggest that if you are one of them, you can also check out the Binany application, which is considered suitable for earning.



What is Binamo

Binamo is an online cryptocurrency trading platform where you can invest in cryptocurrency and become rich or poor.

If you are confused about cryptocurrency, we can say it is just a digital currency where there is no government revolve, or we can say it’s a Digital asset through which you buy or sell anything.

Now a question would be or occurring in your mind that if I have earn cryptocurrency from Binamo, so can I convert it in cash. So its answer is simple yes, you can convert cryptocurrency to currency after earning from Binamo?.


Can you trust Binamo?

Yes, you can trust it, I am personally not using Binamo, However, it does not mean that I do not trust it.

But for the past two months, I am using Olymp trade and along with Binany. If you are an Indian so you can also check Aimrax trade money at your own risk.

Although a few experts believe that Binamo could be fake. Because they do not share enough information about them.


Is Binamo trading risky?

Yes, unlike many other online trading platforms, Binamo is also risky because it allows you to earn so much money within minutes. It also says that 79% of its users lose money.

But the fact is that most users are beginners who do not know how to do trading. To earn money from binamo, you have to learn trading strategies develop reading skills if you do not want to lose money.


How to create Binamo Account

When you create a Binamo account, it will transfer you to IQ Option, a reliable application available on the Play Store. It’s not illegal, according to Google.

To create an account you will need an Email ID and Password.


Frequently asked question

Does binamo works?

Yes, it does work; as we have already mentioned, when you create an account on Binamo, it transfers you to IQ Option. And on that demo app, you will get a demo account with money that you can use for trading practice.


Are binamo advertisements really true?

Everything that Binamo shows in its advertisement is not hundred percent true. Although their advertisement looks fake, still, for a time, you can try it.

Can we earn lakhs with binamo?

Yes, you can earn lakhs with binamo, but there is also a risk because that is an online trading platform where you can become rich or poor. So if you do not want to become poor first of all, learn trading strategies.

Can we make real money with binamo?

Yes, Binamo cryptocurrency trading platform, and you can convert that cryptocurrency into real money. And use that money wherever you want.



In this article, you have learned about Binamo; I hope this article was informative for you. We tried to cover every query that people are looking for.


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