InformationalBhubaneswar NSH, All You Need To Know

Bhubaneswar NSH, All You Need To Know


Before talking about Bhubaneswar nsh, I would like to tell you that India is the only country globally that has the highest number of post offices. Even today, people deliver parcels by speed post in India.

Many people don’t even know about the meaning of NSH, how it works; that’s why I will tell you about Bhubaneswar NSH.


Bhubaneswar NSH

What is Bhubaneswar NSH

NSH stands for National Sorting hub and is used in the context of the Post Office. It’s a kind of Speed post sending process; let me tell you more things you should remember regarding speed post.

What is Speed Post

Speed ​​post is the fastest postal service; Anyone can send his goods from anywhere to India. This is the best way to send your goods at a very low price.

However, In India, Speed post was started in 1986, and there have been many changes in the last 30 years.

As per the “Ek Bharat, Ek Darr” scheme, anyone can send his Parcel at a very love cost of 25 rupees.

It connects over 1200 small and large cities together in India. Out of those, 290 posts center is in National Network, and about 1000 centers are in States.


How to send Parcel through Speed post?

I don’t know whether you know or not that how to send goods through Speed, well I will explain because many of you would have no knowledge about it.

Pack your goods well which you want to send; they should be packed in a standard government envelope size.

I would suggest buying an envelope from Indian post stationary so it will be easy to write the address.

Don’t forget to provide your phone number; otherwise, the postman may face some difficulties finding your address.

It’s essential to write “SPEED POST” on the envelope.

After that, Visit the post office and there your Parcel will chack, and according to its weight, the post office will charge you. They will also give you a receipt in which Post’s consignment number will be mentioned.

You can check your parcel status through the Consignment number. Done!.


How much time will it take to receive a speed post after bagging from NSH?

“NSH,” Which stands for National sorting hub, is located in all capital cities of the states and all essential cities present in the state.

All metro metropolitan cities like Mumbai & Delhi exchange the speed post at night and deliver the next day.

Suppose the Post is going to deliver outdoor through NSH. It shall be dispatched by bus, train, or any other vehicles that are owned by Indian speed-post and reach all districts headquarters in the next day from NSH.

If you’re sending Parcel to a small town or village from district headquarters, it will take more days.

If you belong to a metropolitan city like Delhi, you will receive it on the same day after bagging in the concerned post office and can reach your home/office in the morning before 1300 hours.



I hope you like this article about Bhubaneswar nsh. Because once I had sent a laptop, and its display was broke. I would say, if you’re going to send a smartphone or something like that so, please pack it very well.


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