Make Money14 Best Places to Sell Pokemon Cards for Cash

14 Best Places to Sell Pokemon Cards for Cash


Selling Pokemon cards can help you make money, especially new edition pokemon cards, so if you’re looking for best the places to sell Pokemon cards for cash, read this article thoroughly. I’ve mentioned the 14 best places to sell Pokemon cards near me.

Pokemon has always been an excellent multiplayer card game and show for kids born in the 90s. If you’re one of them, you must have had Pokémon cards till now and probably thinking, does anyone buy Pokemon cards?

Not only in America but worldwide, there are various types of Pokemon cards that kids of the 2000s and 90s used to play. Some Pokemon cards can’t be sold, while some rare Pokémon cards can be valuable to you.

If you’ve got a perfectly rated Charizard Pokémon card, it can be sold for $30k and some for $100k, but how? Before knowing this, let’s know some most important things related to Pokémon cards.


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Buyers Of Pokemon Cards


How do I know If my Pokemon cards are worth money or which Pokémon cards are most valuable?

If you want to sell Pokemon cards online, the world is full of Pokemon fans, but you will need more rare cards that can be sold because regular cards will not fetch a reasonable price.

Moreover, you’ve to be realistic and see the condition of your cards because most people set higher prices for their cards even if they are not valuable enough. 


Here are some best Pokemon cards to sell.

  • Charizard (Star), original set name, Ex delta species, can be sold for $6000.
  • Rayquaza (Star) of Ex deoxy can be sold for $700
  • Blastoise (Shadowless Holographic) of 1999 base set can be sold for 420
  • Charizard (Shadowless Holographic) of 1999 base set can be sold for $$485
  • Charizard (Normal) of Plasma Storm can be sold for $475

If you’ve a complete deck of 1999s addition, it can fetch a higher price nowadays, and after that, ex-delta will be more expensive.


Worth money and Valuable Pokemon cards set:

  • Pikachu Trainer Trophy Cards
  • Full Art EX and GX cards
  • Tropical Mega Battle Cards
  • Base cards from the premiere 1999 United States
  • Neo Destiny Cards

Rare Pokemon cards will be more valuable if you are the seller of Pokemon cards; here is the sign of rarity:

Description Symbol Rarity 
Stars Rare 
Diamond ◆  Semi-Rare
Circle ●  common 
  • Full arts Cards: These cards have illustrations on the front side.
  • Holographic Cards: They’re reflective and shimmering, which increases their value and rarity.
  • First Edition Cards: Cards printed in the 90s or 2000s that have an “Edition 1” icon on the Pokémon illustration
  • Reflective cards: As the name suggests, they’re shiny and reflective

Pokemon cards with a star symbol on the back are worth money and most valuable because they’re rare. Here are a few other rare and most expensive Pokemon cards:

  • Pokemon Legends
  • Pokemon star
  • Pokemon EX
  • Pokemon GX
  • Pokemon LV.X


Pokémon cards selling instructions

Whether you are so is selling cards online or offline, there are certain things and guidelines that you have to remember:

  • You should pay the shipping cost if you’re selling online
  • You can add a shipping code to the card’s final cost
  • Cards must be organized
  • The cards should be in good condition
  • Final sales value can depend on an inspection
  • Shipment must reach the store as soon as possible, at most 6-7 days.
  • If you have got an invoice (optional), you send it to the Pokemon cards buyer.


14 best places to sell Pokemon cards near me, Online and Offline 

The best place to sell Pokemon cards is online websites where you can fetch a higher price if you have a rare or older card because online websites have a large audience that allows finding the best buyer of Pokemon cards.


1. eBay 

This question would have come to your mind “how to sell pokemon cards on ebay” well, This question is bound to come to mind as it is one of the largest marketplaces in the world.

eBay online marketplace allows you to sell old appliances and many other things, including Pokemon cards. The best thing about eBay is that you can sell Pokemon cards at a fixed price or do bidding. Once you get the Pokemon card buyer, who’s buying at a higher price, you can sell the card to them.

If you don’t know how much your Pokemon card costs, you should check with other Pokemon card sellers how much money they’re asking for the same card as you, then see the condition and rareness of your card and determine the price.   

If you have a rare card with a diamond, or it’s from the 90s or 2000s, either you can call the buyers for an inspection or visit their place.

You have to find the best Buyers of Pokemon cards. You can quickly sell your cards at a higher price on eBay. Initially, you have 200 listings monthly, meaning you can sell 200 cards or appliances. eBay will keep a 10% commission as its fee.

Usually, the seller pays for the shipping, and sometimes buyers also pay for that. In my opinion, you can add the shipping cost to the card’s final price. For example, if the card costs $500 and the shipping cost is $25, your card should cost $525. 


2. Mercari 

If you want to know a good place to sell your Pokemon card collection online, Mercari is another best place to sell them for cash.

Mercari has a unique promotional tool that helps you to sell your appliances and cards at higher prices. All you have to do is select the price of your card according to its condition and rareness. After that, Mercari will do everything. It may drop the price automatically to get the attention of buyers of Pokemon cards.

The promotional setup gives your listing an algorithmic boost each time the price is dropped to bring fresh new eyes.

Therefore upload a clear image of your card, add details about it, and list. The only problem that you may face if you have an extremely rare Pokemon card is that you can sell it for less than $2000 because there’s a $2,000 upper-end limit on transactions. 

Suppose you have uploaded pictures of your card and mentioned details about you, but your card couldn’t fetch any Pokémon cards buyer. In that case, you can delete this list and create a new one. Keep repeating this process until you sell a Pokemon card.


3. Facebook Marketplace

In my list, the Facebook marketplace is the second best place to sell Pokémon cards. It has a wider audience because most people have Instagram or Facebook accounts. Therefore, if you’ve got a Facebook account, you also sell there. 

Facebook won’t charge you for listing Pokemon cards or any other used appliances, while you’ve to pay a few percent on eBay, but on Facebook marketplace, everything is free.

Pokemon card buyers may send you a message in your inbox where you can discuss the price and the shipment process, pick-up time, and you can also go there and meet. However, to Sell your card at a reasonable price, you can also compare your card with other sellers.

The Pokemon card buyer can pay you with a cash or debit card or send you money to your PayPal account. 


4. TCGPlayer

TCGPLAYER marketplace is another best place to sell game cards like Pokemon, as they already sell jewelry, clothes, and many more appliances. In TCGplayer, some things are similar to eBay. For example, it allows you to robust seller tools, but earning is higher than eBay.

TCGplayer has a free shipping service if your card costs over $35, but I’ll take around 10% of your sale, along with a 3% PayPal fee. However, it is free to create an account there. Plus, if you are a regular seller, you can upgrade to a pro plan where the shipping fee will be reduced by a few percent and attract more customers.

Another best feature of TCGplayer is that it allows you to sell your Pokemon card nearby, domestically, or Internationally. Although if you get an international buyer of a Pokemon card, then you’ll have to pay more for shipments, so you can target International buyers when the card is extremely rare.


5. Comic Shop 

Are you wondering about the best Places to Sell Pokemon Cards Near Me? Local comic shops will be the best option because here you don’t have to mail Pokémon cards to the buyer, plus comic shops pay more than pawn shops because comic shops are specifically designed for comics and game cards.

The cons of selling Pokemon Cards nearby comic shops is that you can’t expect your card to be sold at a high cost because there will be one buyer. On the other hand, thousands of Pokemon card buyers will bid for your card, or they may buy your card at your set price.

If you sell Pokemon cards at local comic shops, they will give you cash, while you can earn more cash if you sell them online.

However, if you have now decided to sell your cards to a local comic shop, and you have found the Shop by searching it on Google, then before visiting, please call them and ask if they’re buying Pokemon cards or not and what’s the price they will pay. Although most comic Shops claim that “we buy Pokemon cards.”


6. Troll and Toad

Troll and Toad is another online marketplace that buys Pokemon cards single and lots, depending on their conditions and at a high cost. The payments will be received within a week if you sell Pokemon cards through troll and Toad.

The best way to sell a card is to add your card to the buylist. To do so, you must find a Pokemon series, add your card accordingly, and check others’ prices. If your card’s price is less than others, it’ll be sold quickly.

Your selling price should be over $30 if you want a 25% bonus. After that, you can receive a check or cash in your PayPal account, but that is if you sell for more than $30.  

The disadvantage of Troll and Toad is that you must pay for the shipments, no matter how expensive your cards are.

The advantages of Troll and Toad are you don’t have to photograph, write details about the card, list each card individually, or much more things.

You can create a “Buylist,” and then Troll and Toad will specify the quantity of a particular card they’re looking for.

When do you get a 25% Bonus? You’ll receive 25% when you receive payment in the form of store credit which you can use for purchasing other cards from Troll and Toad.


7. Pawn Shop

Suppose you’re still wondering about the Best Places to Sell Pokemon Cards Near Me. In that case, You can visit pawn shops any time because they buy Pokemon cards and many other things, from used appliances, no matter electronics, collectibles, or antique products.

If you don’t want to sell Pokemon cards, but you need money because of an emergency you’re selling them, then Pawn shops are recommended. They’ll sell your card to someone else if you don’t return their money. You can keep money while keeping your cards as a montage.

Pawn Shop may not pay a higher price, therefore, I’d suggest you use another best place to sell Pokemon cards, as I’ve mentioned above.


8. Cape Fear Game

If you want to sell Pokemon cards to Cape Fear Games, then you should open their website and check their buylist first because they buy cards that are more in demand.

Check their seller page to get an idea of how much your cards can be sold for, although rareness, grade, and conditions will determine the price value of your card.

If you have found the buyers of Pokemon cards, you can mail them to Cape Fear Game. After that, they’ll ship your cards and pay you within a week.

Their payment methods are PayPal, Check, and store credit, and if you use store credit, you’ll get 30% extra cash, which you can use to buy something else from this website.

If you use PayPal, it’ll take 3 to 5 percent, and if you ask Cape Fear Game to send you a check, they’ll charge $10. In that case, if you’re selling Pokemon cards for 100 dollars or more, then use the check as a payment method.


9. Local Card Store 

A local card store will not pay you enough money for a single card compared to an online platform that buys Pokemon cards. You should use the local Card Store only if you don’t like the online process, mentioning details about the card, checking the website simultaneously to see if you’ve got the buyer or not, and much more. 

Local card sellers do not pay enough because they resell your card at a higher price after buying from people like you. Therefore, if you’re willing to sell your cards to a local card store, you can expect 50 to 70% of the market value because they’ll also make money from your cards. Use a local Card store when you don’t like the process; otherwise, I suggest using a website for higher cash.


10. Safari Zone

Where can I sell my Pokémon cards for cash near me? Safari Zone is another best place to sell Pokemon cards for cash, at the best rate, and it’s safe too. If your Pokemon card collection or single card is rare, semi-rare, or common but is in good condition, it can easily fetch the buyer’s attention.

If you want to sell Pokémon card collections on the safari zone, then create an account, and mention the details about your cards. If everything goes well, they’ll approve your request. After that, you’ll have to shift the card to the safari zone, and they will send you money.

Safari zone also buys Pokemon cards for store credits. Using that credit, you can buy more cards or collectibles.


11. Card Market 

As the name suggests, it’s a marketplace for card selling and buying. Therefore you can sell Pokemon cards for cash at the best price, and that platform is 100% genuine as it’s the biggest Pokemon card buyer. 

So if you want to sell Pokemon cards online, create an account on the Card market, which is 100% free. The card market has an algorithm that will automatically determine the correct price of your card which will help you in selling cards.


12. Reddit

Are you thinking about how to sell Pokemon cards on Reddit? Although Reddit is not a selling platform, it’s a community. Red people with the same interest come together and discuss any topic. Therefore you can easily find many Pokemon fans, and then you’ve to talk with them or do a collaboration. 


13. Dave & Adam’s

Dave & Adam’s has been another best places to sell Pokemon cards online for more than 3 decades, but Dave & Adam’s prefers to buy holographic, Rare, and special-edition cards. Therefore, if you own a card like Charizard, which is rare. Then Dave & Adam’s is your cup of tea. 

Secondly, your card’s condition should be well maintained; otherwise, it can’t fetch a reasonable price. If your card is over $500, you will get $525, and $25 will be the bonus. This platform also allows you to sell booster boxes, other Pokemon-themed goodies, etc.


14. Full Grip Games

On full Grip games, you can sell a single rare card at the best price, but if you sell in bulk, it catches more attention from the buyers. Whether your cards are semi-rare or common, you can sell them on full-grips games.

However, you cannot sell cards for cash you can only do trading with this platform. It will prove to be beneficial for you if you are a Pokemon card collector.

After approving your selling order, you will be given a booster box in the next three days.


Do Pawn Shops Buy Pokemon Cards?

Yes, Pawn shops buy Pokemon cards, but Pawn shops don’t pay enough money. As compared to online places, even comic book shops or hobby shops pay more than pawn shops. They’ll pay you 30-40% less than online places. That’s why I don’t recommend you.

You can keep your cards as a montage, only use a pawn shop in a few conditions, when you’re in a hurry, don’t want to sell Pokemon cards online, or don’t want to sell but need money for an emergency.


Is there an app to check Pokémon card value?

If you’re thinking about How do I check the value of my Pokémon cards? Well, there are at least 5 best apps to check Pokémon card value: TCGplayer, Pokecardex, Pokemon TCG Online, PokeTCG Scanner-Dragon Shield, and PocketPrices-PockerMonsters. 

Using these apps mentioned above, you can get real-time value and price. All these apps are available on Google Play Store, while TCGplayer, PokeTCG Scanner – Dragon Shield are also available on iOS and iPadOS.


Can I sell Pokemon cards at gamestop? 

Are you thinking about can you sell Pokemon cards at gamestop? Well, you can sell Pokemon card collections at gamestop, as they allow you to sell all TCG products at a reasonable price, including Pokemon cards. Not only locally but Internationally too, plus gamestop allows you to trade Pokemon cards, then whoever pays more will get the card.


Where can I sell Pokémon cards for cash? 

Pawn Shop, local comic shops, allow you to sell cards for cash, plus they’re available in your area. Unfortunately, Pawn Shop and local comic shops will not pay enough for your cards. Therefore, I recommend you use the online websites which I’ve mentioned above because you can trade your card and get the best price for Pokemon cards.


Are there any Card collectors near me? 

Pawn Shop, local comic shops are the best option to sell Pokémon cards nearby, as they are card collectors. They claim that “we buy Pokemon cards” at a low price and resell them at a high. However, I don’t recommend you use these shops, so Online websites are the best option to get the best price, especially by trading your card, which you can do on GameStop, and get the payment in a PayPal account.


What is the Most Valuable Pokemon Card?

The Pikachu Illustrator card is the most valuable. A few years back, Pikachu Illustrator cards were sold for $100,000 and $375,000. Only a few Pikachu Illustrator cards are available in the market, less than 40. 

First edition holographic Charizards from 1999 are the second most valuable Pokemon Cards. In recent year’s auctions, these cards are sold for $369,000 and $270,600, as per a report of the PSA.


How to take care of Pokemon cards?

Even if you have two cards that are similar, no matter whether they’re rare, Semi-Rare, or common. Suppose you have two Semi-Rare cards, one in bad condition and another in good condition. In that case, the card in good condition will switch prices. Therefore you should always take care of your cards. Some tips are as follows:

  • Don’t draw or write anything on your card. It will decrease the price and value. 
  • Don’t tear your card’s sticker, painting, or banner, so don’t make any additional changes.
  • Keep your cards in a safe and clean place.
  • Keep your card away from the sunlight. UV Rays can damage the card.
  • Don’t fold your cards and scratch them.
  • If you have young siblings, then keep your card away from them.


How to sell Pokemon cards online without getting scammed?

I have mentioned many websites and platforms where you can sell Pokemon cards. For example, Reddit is a community platform; if you find someone from there, there are a few chances that he can scam you. Therefore follow the mentioned-below tips to avoid getting scams: 

Meeting: suppose you have found someone from the Reddit or Facebook group who wants to buy a Pokemon card, and now the person wants to meet you. In that case, you should choose a safe place for a meeting. It can be a police station or any other public place. 

Avoid Bank checks: if you are meeting someone in person, then avoid checking. It’s because he may give you a fake check. Therefore you should ask the buyer to give you cash. 

Document: Take pictures of your selling Pokemon card and keep shipping details with you. Because later, if the buyer says you sold me the fake card, and he threatens you that he’ll make a police complaint, or try to scam you. In that case, you can show him proof.

Payment Methods: When you are selling the card, always use the safest payment method. Avoid check because you may get a fake check from a random buyer whom you’d have found from a community platform like credit or Facebook group. You can ask for cash or take money in a PayPal Account if you’re using an online platform. 



I have mentioned all the websites and platforms that say we buy Pokemon

cards online for cash. All the above-mentioned selling platforms are reliable, but there is no guarantee that you can sell Pokemon cards for a lot of money because the card’s rareness and condition will determine the price. 

On one condition, You should not run after money, especially when you get an offer from a Facebook group or community platform like Reddit. Someone from there says that we buy Pokemon cards at a higher price because he’ll be lying in most cases; therefore, first, take money from them and then ship your cards. 

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