Informational9 Best DTH in Tamilnadu in 2021

9 Best DTH in Tamilnadu in 2021


Everyone likes to have high-quality content on their TV to enjoy their favorite music, movie, serial, and other entertainment stuff. For this purpose, they buy and use DTH (Direct to Home) services, which can be the best choice to meet people’s needs.

DTH service subscribers receive high-quality channel signals in their homes. To have information about some of the best brands of DTH connection in India, Tamil Nadu, read the article below.

We provided you the best and beneficial details about DTH services, hope you can choose the most suitable one for your taste and pocket.

Best DTH in Tamilnadu

Best DTH in Tamilnadu

Tata Sky is the best and cheapest DTH in Tamil Nadu. In this, you will get to watch both HD and SD channels. However, suppose your budget is relatively high. There are many other types of DTH services available in Tamil Nadu, which are a bit expensive compared to Tata Sky. Still, they will provide you more channels and quality.

Read the complete article to know about the top DTH in Tamil Nadu. 

1. Tata Sky

Tata Sky provides cheap and good DTH service in Tamil Nadu. Tata Sky allows its customers to choose channels of their choice so that customers can subscribe to the channels they love to watch the most
You might be surprised to know that Tata Sky is the first DTH provider in India that first launched the Pause, Play, Recording, and Rewinding feature.

Apart from this, Tata Sky DTH provides you a total of 601 channels, out of which 495 are SD channels, and 99 are HD channels, so it can be said that Tata Sky is the best DTH provider in Tamil Nadu. However, it provides you 14 languages.

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2. Dish TV

Dish TV is very famous in Tamil Nadu and all over India because it provides you excellent services. At present, Dish TV has more than 32 million subscribers all over the world.

You will get to see many types of features on Dish TV. Apart from this, it will also provide you many other packages at an affordable price.

There are different types of channels in each of its packages, so whichever channel you like to watch the most, you should choose the plan accordingly.

In Dish TV, you will get channels or packages related to Hindi Movies, Regional, Entertainment, Kids, News, and Lifestyle,

Note: Tata Sky provides you 95 HD channels, while Dish TV gives you only 50 HD channels.


3. Airtel Digital TV

Airtel is one of the most famous companies in mobile data and networks in India. However, many people do not know that Airtel also provides a good DTH facility. The owner of this company is Bharti Enterprise. Airtel DTH has about 16 million users. Airtel provides good DTH service in Tamil Nadu.

Till a few years ago, if you were watching your favorite show and if you used to get some work, In that case, you had to leave, But now Airtel provides a play and pause button, so you will not miss your favorite show. Apart from this, you will also get the option of recording. However, it’s a bit expensive, and you can talk to the customer care of Airtel Digital TV to know more.

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4. Videocon D2H

Videocon D2H it’s one of the most impressive DTHs in customer support and cares. It provides you best available service in DTH, which involves high picture quality. Videocon D2H was a part of Dish TV and used to boost pictures.

This DTH has been one of the most known and the most used DTH connection in India. Now it has almost 31 million users due to present reports. Furthermore, it is one of the early DTH services in India that works in Tamil Nadu.

Fortunately, Videocon D2H comes up with a variety of channel packages. You can select them according to your pocket and taste.


5. Sun Direct

Sun Direct is among the most prominent DTH services around India. Also, it was started to provide d2h connection in Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

It has experienced rapid growth since 2007 just because of its low-cost channel packages, near to Rs 75 per month in the beginning.

Now it has more than 3.2 million users in India. The most practical reason for this widespread growth has suitable economic plans. If you are a user from a metropolitan city, Sun Direct will be a better choice than others.


6. Reliance Jio DTH

Today, JIO manages several Internet and mobile investments in India. It has expanded in many fields, including JIO mobile, JIO cinema, JIO music, etc. In addition, JIO is working on JIO Fiber and JIO DTH connection.

JIO DTH connection can be a good choice because of the benefits provided for their customers. It is good to know that JIO DTH has a free subscription for three months. Due to some unofficial sources and rumors can also increase from 3 to 6 months free subscription.

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7. DD Direct Plus

DD Direct Plus or DD Free Dish started its services in 2004. As you can recognize from its name, it is a free satellite television provider, unlike others.

Users of DD Free Dish have reached 30 million households in India. That is the fact that the range of channels is more petite, and most of them are DD channels, but because of its free DTH services, people use it a lot.

It doesn’t mean that you have to limit your choices; even with DD Free Dish channels, you can still watch sports, movies, serials, and music as well. Moreover, it has some private channels too. B4U movies, Zing, BU Music, and 9XM are some of them.

If you are interested in classical music and Indian art and culture, there are some national channels with such content.


8. Zing Digital

Zing Digital is one of the DTH services that is a subsidiary of Dish TV. Zing Digital operates in the state of Kerela, West Bengal, and Odisha. It is mainly used for providing regional languages channels.


9. Independence Dish TV

Independence Dish TV is generally known as Reliance Big TV. It is one of the subsidiaries of Reliance Communication. Because of limited competition from other DTHs, Reliance Big TV was reached more than 1 million subscribers within three months of launch.

After a while, it has renamed Reliance Digital TV. In 2018, this DTH service had been collected pre-booking payments from customers, but there was no connection.

After all this, by the DTH offer, Pantej Technologies & Veecon group rebranded it to Independence Dish TV. Now it is used widely in India, especially Tamil Nadu.



Using DTH connection has many more features like receiving digital picture quality, sound, freedoms, and various channels on your TV.

While this article covered DTH service options and work history, we hope you can analyze them carefully and find the best DTH.

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