HistoryBahram Shah history | Throne | Death

Bahram Shah history | Throne | Death

Bahram Shah


Full Name Muizud din Bahram Shah
Born 1212
Birth place Delhi
Parents Iltutmish, Shah Turkan
Siblings Ruknuddin Firoz, Nasiruddin Mahmud, Razia Sultan
Death 1242
Successor Alauddin Masud shah
Reign 1240 to 1242


Who was Bahram Shah

Bahram Shah was the sixth ruler of the Slave dynasty. And ruled for only 2 months from the year 1240 AD to 1242 AD.


How did Bahram Shah become a Sultan

In the year 1240 AD Razia was the ruler of Delhi. And in the month of March or April of the same year, Bahram Shah’s sister Razia Sultan had a battle with Malik Altunia. He was the king of Bathinda, in which Razia was defeated by Malik Altunia and he imprisoned her.

When 40 Turkish nobles from a group known as (Amir-i-chahalgani) came to know of Razia’s defeat, they made Iltutmish’s third son a ruler in place of Razia. Although Turkish nobles also hated Razia because she was a female ruler. The coronation of Bahram was done at Lal Mahal in 1240 AD on 20 or 21 April by Nobels.


Bahram shah history

After Bahram becoming the Sultan, a post was created by him, he named that post (Naib) or (Naib-e-Mumlikat), on this post he first appointed Malik Ikhtiaruddin Aitigin, He was the son of a Delhi’s Turkish Nobel, and Aitigin’s father played a very important role in Bahram shah journey to became a Sultan.

The Post Nayib-e-Mumlikat was the most powerful post after the Sultan because Atigin was the son of a Turkish Nobles of Delhi, so due to this, he started considering himself more powerful than the Sultan.

Aitigin was also married to a sister of Bahram and after that, he provided himself every facility that was available to the Sultan, after getting upset with all these activities of Aitigin, Bahram got his assassination done and again made a new post. Named (Amir-i-hajib), and on this post, he appointed Badruddin Shankar Khan.



Because Aitigin was the son of a Turkish nobleman and was killed by Bahram, so to take revenge, Turkish nobles conspired with Bahram’s wazir (Minister) to kill Bahram, and his wazir’s name was Mahjuddin.

Lahore was attacked by the Mongols in the year 1241 and the Mongols captured Lahore, when Bahram came to know about this attack, he sent his minister Mahujuddin and some Turkish nobles with him to Lahore, but on the way, Bahram’s minister killed his exclusive companion Turkish nobles as he did not like Bahram as ruler.

When the exclusive Turkish nobles living in Delhi came to know that the Turkish nobles who had gone with Mahuzuddin had been murdered, so Turkish nobles were suspicious of Bahram, for that reason, they felt that this murder was done at the behest of Bahram. Therefore, the rest of the Nobles captured Bahram on 15 May 1242 and then killed him.

Howevere, no one knew that the Turkish nobles were not killed by Bahram but Bahram’s minister did not like Bahram himself so that he killed them. However, after his death, the Turkish nobles declared Alauddin Masood Shah, as the new Sultan of Delhi.

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