HistoryBahlul Lodi | History, Biography, UPSC

Bahlul Lodi | History, Biography, UPSC

Bahlul Lodi


Who was bahlul Lodi

Bahlul Lodi was the 27th ruler of the Delhi Sultanate and the first ruler of the Lodi Dynasty.


Bahlul Lodi Biography

Born 1401
Government  Sultanate
Capital Delhi
Religion Islam
Historical era  Medieval
Reign 1451 to 1489
Currency Bahloli
Successor Sikandar Lodi
Died 1489 in Delhi
Tomb Chirag Dilli, in Delhi India


Early life

Bahlul Lodi’s grandfather Malik Bahram Khan was the Chief of the Pashtun Tribe of Afghanistan and he also used to be the Governor of Multan during the Tughlaq dynasty.

Malik Bahram Khan had five sons, among them his eldest son was Malik Sultan and he once helped the founder of the Sayyid Dynasty, Khizar Khan, so in 1419 Khizr Khan appointed Malik Sultan as the new governor of Sirhind and Multan.

The younger son of Malik Bahram Khan was named Malik Kalu and the son of Malik kalu was Bahlul Lodi


Bahlul Lodi history

Before becoming the ruler, he used to supply horses to Muhammad Shah, therefore being pleased with this, Muhammad Shah also gave land to the bahlul Lodi.

He had built a strong army during the reign of Muhammad Shah. Once the ruler of Malwa invaded Muhammad Shah, so Bahlul Lodi brought with him more than 20,000 soldiers to help Muhammad Shah and helped him.

Then he gave the title of (khan e khana) to Bahlul lodi.

After the death of his uncle Malik Sultan, Muhammad Shah appointed Bahlul as the new governor of Sirhind and also gave him some parts of Lahore, Punjab, and Northern West.

After taking all these parts under his control, he strengthened his army and attacked Delhi twice in the year 1443 and 1447 but failed both times.

He made the third attack on Delhi during the reign of Alam Shah in 1451 and was successful in it because at that time Sayyid Dynasty had become completely weak and after that Alam Shah had moved on to Badaun and he remained in Badaun till his death.

After conquering Delhi, Bahlul gave himself the title of Bahlul Shah Ghazi and established the Lodi Dynasty, the last dynasty of the Delhi sultanate.


Religious point of view

He was a very religious person and he used to pray as well as follow the teaching of Ulamas.



The Afghan kingship was completely different from the Turk kingship; in Turks, the ruler was the most powerful, but in the Afghan kingship, the Afghan nobles were also powerful along with the ruler.


Bahlul lodi Administration

He was a brave soldier and ruler, he made decision to keep his people in view.

Bahlul Lodi used to kill those who went against him

He used to take the advice of his nobles in all decisions that he made, and he also loved the nobles very much, whenever a nobleman fell ill, he used to go to meet him Personally. This habit of bahlul had win the heart of Afgan nobels.

He used to sit on the carpet while addressing his people.


Bahlul lodi

Empire Expansion

After becoming the ruler of Delhi, he won parts of Bihar and Rajasthan and at the same time, he also won the areas around Delhi, including Panipat of Haryana.

In the year 1479, Bahlul defeated Sharki Dynasty and conquered Jonpur and along with it he also won parts of Uttar Pradesh.



Bahlul Lodi died in 1489 and after his death, his son Nizam Khan became the second ruler of the Lodi Dynasty by the name of Sikandar Lodi.


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