InformationalAudumbar tree, Significance in Hindu Religion

Audumbar tree, Significance in Hindu Religion


Whenever we talk about divine trees, please only think about Neem, Peepal, and Banyan, that’s why I’ll tell about the audumbar tree, which is also a divine tree, but people aren’t aware of it.

Audumbar tree

Overview of Audumbar Tree

When it comes to divine trees, I can guarantee you that you would have heard about the Triveni of Neem, Peepal, and Banyan.

These tall trees have been considered highly revered in Hinduism till date. Apart from these, another divine tree is the audumbar tree, also known as the sycamore tree.

Although there is no fixed day to worship the audumbar tree or perform Puja of it, but it’s considered a significant tree among the Navagrahas.

According to Hinduism audumbar tree is considered to be ruled by Venus, and it’s the representative tree of the Taurus and Libra zodiac sign. There are many hundreds of benefits of this tree, which the general public is unaware of, but we will tell you about that too.

The fruits, leaves, roots, etc., of this audumbar are not only used to cure some deadliest diseases but many doshas caused by the planets can be pacified.


Audumbar tree Astrology

When it comes to astrology, so the audumbar tree is the representative tree of Venus, if you regularly provide water to it, the compatibility of Venus or Shani is obtained.

Venus is considered the representative planet of material comforts, love, elegance, beauty, attractiveness, love, marriage, etc.

Therefore, If you want to make Venus favorable to you, so it’s essential to provide water to it regularly would be the best option.

If Venus is in an inauspicious position in the horoscope, then the pain of Venus can be soothed by the use of Audumbar.


Audumbar tree significance

If you have a girlfriend and dream of getting married, take out the root of the audumbar tree the following Friday in the Shukla Paksha of any month and purify that root with Gangajal. Wearing it filled with a silver amulet can give you success in love marriage.

It’s capable of curing your private weaknesses (If you’re mature so you would have understood what I mean to say). However, if you regularly eat Audumbar fruit and provide water so it shall be beneficial to you.

The amulet of the Audumbar Tree is considered preventive for all deadliest diseases and protects you from the evil eye.

If you want to have financial prosperity, decent money, and want to buy land or a building, but you’re not getting success so then fill the root of Audumbar in a silver amulet and wear it.


Why is the Audumbar tree Worshipped in Hinduism?

The Audumbar tree is also known as Ficus racemosa, and it’s connected to Guru Dattatreya, and in astrology, it’s connected with Venus.

According to religious perspectives, audumbar tree cutting is considered a sin, although many people cut it.



Only the Audumbar tree cannot help you if you don’t try to do something because god or any unnatural power will not come to you just because you’re giving respect or worshipping that tree. However, that’s my personal opinion, and what are your thoughts about that tree? You can tell them in the comments section.


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