ASUS vs DELL, Which is better and Why?


I will compare Asus vs dell according to their features, Price, Build Quality, and Durability and include a few more factors. But if you’re here to know which is better, dell or Asus, I would say Asus is Better. To understand why Asus is better, read the article Completely.

Asus vs Dell


I personally like ASUS because I love playing High Graphics video games such as Call Of Duty, Play Unknown Battleground) GTA 5 and many more.

Remember a point: if a laptop can perform well while playing games, it can also perform well in your business. ASUS is reliable for me. Because I’m also using an Asus gaming phone (ROG 5), I’m delighted with it. But gaming laptops aren’t too attractive, unlike dell.



Are you a gamer? Who loves to play High Graphics games such as PUBG, GTA. I would say there’s no comparison between Asus and Dell when it’s come to gaming.

ASUS offers Power, Speed, and a much different future, which are extremely good for a gamer, such as a detachable keyboard, Unmatched portability.

You can easily adjust its angle and make it comfortable for the eyes. It has a 144Hz display, so you’re not going to miss any headshots while playing PUBG or COD.



Dell isn’t powerful like ASUS, but it’s affordable, and you can use it for Normal gaming.

But if you’re not a gamer but business, you can go for a Dell laptop because they are too attractive. Not only beautiful, but they also perform well if you do typing, Editing, etc. On the other hand, Dell laptops are more affordable.



I shared my personal opinion about this laptop; I compared Asus vs Dell; now it depends on you which one you would prefer; however, comments your opinion I’ll be glad to hear from you.



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