Ashtama Shani, Mithun Rashi, Bad Effects & Remedies

What is Ashtama Shani period?

Asthama Shani starts working when the Saturn planet transits over the eighth house, Makara Rashi.

Saturn is a yoga karaka planet for you; therefore, it will reduce your negative effects. Dhaiya/ Kantaka/ Ashtama shani (Transit of Saturn over Eighth House): 24/01/2020 – 17/01/2023.

Saturn always transits over Makara Rashi in this two and half year period. ashtama shani for mithuna rasi 2020 to 2023


Ashtama Shani

What are the bad effects of Shani?

Shani is considered to be a planet of obstruction, distress, depression, sorrow, sickness. Apart from this, the Shani planet is capable of bringing adversaries into your life.

Overall bad effects of Shani can be strangled, depression, or restlessness.


Ashtama Shani Effects

My friend has recently done a lot of research about how the human brain functions, and he also tried to know what role Saturn plays in brain function.

If somebody throws stones or pebbles at you, in that case, your brain will command your body to save itself for protection.

That’s the reason you’re not able to do work in extra hours in your office.

As per layman terms, the human body follows a particular based of your past habits, that how you reacted in the same situation when you were encountered last time.

Saturn or Shani is considered to be bad in astrology. Its job is to ensure that you’re currently forcing your body to do things you don’t like.

So chill, man!! Because Saturn comes into your life just to ensure that you’re putting some extra effort or facing situations that you commonly ignore.

These forces in your brain come up with new ways of dealing with your unique situations. Those living peacefully till sade sati or ashtama Shani find it challenging to deal with this kind of thing changes.

Whereas those people face difficulties, their brains already have the necessary information to deal with bad situations.


When will Ashtama Shani end for Mithuna Rasi?

Ashtama Shani, for who has Mithun Rashi, shall end in April month of 2022.

Its effects have already started reducing so now you consider that things in present days will Improve.


Remedies for Saturn during Ashtama Shani?

Here are some of the best Ashtama Shani remedies that everyone should follow.

It would be best to start chanting “Om Sham Shanescharaye Namah” at least 108 times every day.

Feed the street dogs every Saturday (Although it’s good if you feed all animals)
On Saturday, you should donate black items such as black clothes, shoes, til, oil, etc.

Worship Lord Rama. It’s said Shani is a devote of Lord Ram; Shani doesn’t do any harm to Rama’s devotees.

You should wear an energized Blue Sapphire gemstone along with a gold or panch dhatu ring (wear it on your right hand’s middle finger).



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