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If you want to write an article for a college magazine, it depends on what your college students like to read. Are they interested in grabbing knowledge, or do they want to read something funny?

However, If I were at your place and had to write an article for a college magazine in English, I would prefer to write “Top 10 way.”

For example, top 10 jobs you can do after pursuing a degree from a college or ten ways to get early retirement, etc. You can also write inspirational articles for college magazine.


Article for college magazine


Best articles for college magazine

Here are a few best articles/topics that you could write for a college magazine.

Importance of Time:

You could explain why time is essential and what’s value it. For example, you could write like,

Time is a precious diamond for us, but most of us don’t care about it even though it never comes again once it passes. Our whole life revolves around time.


Article on childhood:

You can write an article on your childhood. You can compare your childhood with a busy life and make people realize how good childhood was. Neither was there any concern about earning money, nor was there any concern about studies. Just play games, Normal study, and wait for the summer holidays to visit Nani’s home.

Article on Social Issue:

You can write an article on the social issue. You can tell what is happening in society that we need to change; for example, no Indian politician or citizen talks on climate change even though we know that climate change is a matter of concern for us. Global warming is increasing day by day.

Women Empowerment:

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru once said that women are needed to wake up men. Suppose women also walk shoulder to shoulder with men. In that case, their family will move forward, the village will move forward, due to which the nation will also move forward. You can also make other people aware by writing an article on women’s empowerment.

Inspirational articles:

You can write an inspirational article for a college magazine. Through this article, you can tell about the life of any person whose life was complicated in the beginning, but he worked hard and did such work that now he will be remembered for centuries,

For example, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. You can tell how the son of a sailor became a missile man and the President of India.

Top 10 ways:

It is easiest to write on Top 10 ways. In this, you can quickly write any topic; for example, you can explain through this article that what are the 10 to become successful, ten ways to become self-independent, ten ways for a happier life.


Future of Humanity

Currently, people like Elon Musk are working to establish a human colony on Mars by 2050; on the other hand, we have also invented Electrical cars which can run without petrol or diesel so you can write how will be the experience living on mars or how will be the earth after 100 to 1000 years.


Forgotten Hero:

Through your article, you can make any person famous in college who has done some excellent work in history but not got the credit for his work like Nikola Tesla; Tesla was one of the most outstanding scientists, he Contributed to the creation of Alternating current, X-ray machine, Remote Control, Induction Motor, Teleforce, Neon Lamp, Wireless Telegraphy and many more.



You can explain to the students studying in the college from your article how the leaders of India fool the people by making false promises and what steps they take to stay in power and why the illiterate and ignorant people often become leaders while not educated.


Article for college magazine Conclusion

Through this article, I taught you that how to write an article for a college magazine. I hope you like this:)



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