InformationalArmy Eye Test, Important Tips to Pass This Exam

Army Eye Test, Important Tips to Pass This Exam


Guys!! Before talking about the Indian army eye test, I would like to tell you some most important things which might help you to pass the test.


Army Eye Test

Things you should remember before the Indian Army Medical Test

Before going to attend a medical test, please maintain your body; it should look good.

You can have a nice and short haircut; I prefer “Buzzcut Hairstyle.”

Clean your beard, mustaches, and underarms hair. 

Suppose your medical test is tomorrow, so before that, sleep properly at night so that you can feel fresh and look energetic tomorrow.

On a medical day, you should wear clean Underwear and a vest.

Use a little perfume and can eat mouth freshener, for that you can take Cardamom/Ilaychi.

These were some most essential things which you should also follow in daily life.


Indian Army eye test

There are four types of eye test in the Indian Army.

First: An army officer will check your eyes through a torch so that he can check redness or rash near your eyelids.

He will also check cornea position, Redness, Watery eyes, any spot. If the officer finds everything okay, so he will call you for the next step.


Squint Eyes: During this test, an army officer will check whether you can move your eyes properly or not. Apart from this, he will also make sure that there is no difference in your eyes, like one eye is small and another big. 

If there is no problem, you will get plus points, which means you will now have a minimum point.

In this test, an officer will put a pen in front of you, and during this, he will move the pen in different directions, although you will also have to move your eyes in the direction of that pen. 

You can only move your easy; not your head should be still.

Third: It’s a vision test; in this test, an officer will check your near and far vision then he will ensure that your vision is 6/6 or not.

In order to check your close vision, the officer will hold a book 25 centimeters away from you and ask you to read it.

You will have read it from both eyes, firstly from left, then from the right. When you will see from the left side, you will have to cover the right eye, and while reading from the right eye, you will cover the left one.

After that, the officer will make you sit 25 feet away from a chart that you will have to read, like a book (Left eye/cover right – Right eye/cover left)

The chart can be in English, Hindi Alphabet, or figures. There will be seven lines in that chart.

Remember an essential thing while covering one eye through your hand, don’t close it. You will not face any problem by doing so, and if close, it might be harder to see for a few seconds.


The size will be different for that letters.

First-line six by 60.

Second, six by 36.

Third, six by 24.

Fourth, six by 18.

Fifth, six by 12.

Sixth six by 6.

You will have to read it. Otherwise, you will get a minus point.


Four Test: In this test, an army officer will take your color blindness test to ensure whether you can identify different colors or not. 

During the color blindness test, there will be different numbers in different colors. If you cannot read them or you make any mistake so you will get a minus point.

If you wear glasses or have problems while seeing so, you can get laser surgery. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for color blindness.


Indian army eye test chart

Indian army eye test chart


India Army eyesight criteria are:

Males- Your Myopia shouldn’t be upto -3.5 D, and hypermetropia Shouldn’t be more than +3.5D; it includes astigmatism.

Womens: Your Myopia shouldn’t be upto -5.5D includes astigmatism.

Mainly for general entries, also known as “Sepoy Sipahi” and Non-Commissioned offices (JCO). Your vision should be about 6/6; if not, you can go for Lasik eye surgery if you want to join the Army.


Is LASIK allowed in the Indian Army?

Of course, Yes, LASIK is allowed in the Indian Army, but as mentioned in many others, a few conditions are applied to it. Conditions are as follows.

For example, your LASIK surgery should have been done when you would have turned 20.

It would be best if you got the surgery done about six months before the medical exam of the Indian Army.

The Residual corneal thick should be at least 450 microns; along with it, the axial length should also be within permissible limits.

If you had simple LASIK surgery, it might be challenging to fulfill all the required criteria. Im my opinion, a simple LASIK surgery might not be enough to clear the Indian Army medical exam today, especially eye tests.


Then what’s the solution?

The solution too lies in the two highly advanced blade-free laser surgeries that are available in India.

These two laser surgeries are preferred for Medical Exams and are commonly known as Contoura Vision and Epi-Contoura.

Contoura Vision is feasible for those who are facing adequate corneal thickness. If you have a thinner cornea, then Epi-Contoura surgery would be the best option for you to pass the Indian Army eyes test.

That’s how you can meet all the requirements of the army medical standard.

If you get these surgeries done six months before the Indian army medical exam, so maybe you can clear the medical as it’s hard to determine when exactly when you got the surgery done.



I hope it was helpful for you; if you have any suggestions or queries regarding this article so, please comment. I will be glad to help you.


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