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Aram Shah


  Aram shah Information
Born Unknown
Father Qutubuddin Aibak
Reign 1210 to 1211
Religion Islam
Dynasty Slave Dynasty

Who was Aaram Shah?

Aram Shah was the second Sultan of the Slave Dynasty. He ruled the Delhi sultanate for an extremely short time from 1210 to 1211, only for 8 months.


Aram Shah father

The apparent birth date of Aramshah is not recorded in any history book and is considered to be the disputed son of Aibak. According to Indian historian Satish Chandra, Aram Shah was not the son of Qutbuddin Aibak. Satish Chandra believes that Qutuddin had three daughters but had no sun, From 1246 to 1265 there was a king named Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah, He used to have a writer named Minhajuddin Siraj, he wrote a book named Tabkate Nasiri, He has also written that Aibak had no son, he had only three daughters.

A book was written by Farishta and Al Badoni clearly states that Aramshah was the son of Aibak and he ascended the throne soon after the sudden death of his father Aibak and proclaimed himself Sultan.


Aram Shah History

At that time Delhi was the most important place due to a political point of view, there used to be Turkish nobles from the very beginning, but some Turkish nobles also lived in Lahore and Lahore nobles had placed Aramshah on the throne because he ascended the throne in Lahore. Due to this, the general public of Delhi and Delhi’s Turkish Nobels had refused to accept him as their king and started protesting against him.

At the time when the people of Delhi and the Turkish nobles of Delhi were protesting against Aram Shah, Iltutmish was the ruler of Badaun and Iltutmish was also the son-in-law of Aibak, so the people of Delhi and the Turkish Nobles sent an invitation to Iltutmish to become the ruler of Delhi, which he accepted and was eligible to govern.


Aram Shah  death

Both Lahore and Delhi were part of the Delhi Sultanate, Aram Shah was ruling Lahore with the help of Turkish Nobles of Lahore, And Iltutmish was ruling Delhi with the help of Turkish Nobles of Delhi, due to which the conflict between the two rulers grew.

In 1211 AD, there was a war between Aramshah and Iltutmish near Delhi in which Iltutmish won, and after the victory, Iltutmish took Aramshah and imprisoned him, he died in 1211, just months after being imprisoned.



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