35 Best Apps And Websites To Sell Feet Pics To Passive Income

Apps to sell feet pics

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Suppose you have got enough followers on social media accounts especially on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. In that case, you should upload some of your feet’s pictures and videos and then see comments on that post. 

You will notice that many of your followers praise your feet because they are beautiful, but do you know you can sell your feet pics and make money from them? Therefore, I have mentioned the best websites and apps to sell feet pics in this article.

Depending on the quality of your pictures, you can make enough money even though I have seen many foot pics sellers who are making more than $100 per pics while they do not have beautiful feet. It is because the way they represent their feet pics is excellent, and you can do that too.

Even though there are many websites and apps, if you accurately use them, you can make more than 8k monthly, meaning more than $100k annually. It is sufficient income from a side business which you can do by selling your feet pics online for cash.

However, there are not only the best places to sell feet pics. Many apps and websites also scam sellers, so you have to be careful. It would be best if you used the websites I’m mentioning below because they are legit places to sell feet pictures and videos.

Before we talk about the best place to sell foot pictures, we have to remember some most important things related to foot pics Selling apps and websites so that you can generate more money.


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Apps to sell feet pics


Who buys feet pics? 

These are the most common and genuine questions for an individual who sells feet pics for cash, “who buys feet pics,” and what do they do with them? Why do they pay the foot picture sellers even if millions of feet pics are available on Google, which they can download for free and use?

These questions are fair enough to come to your mind. Let’s understand the basics behind buying feet pics instead of downloading from Google and using them for free.

Publishers: They buy feet because of their books, magazines, new portals, newspapers, and ebooks. It also includes professional authors and writers who publish their content online, so they need foot pics to get engaged with their audience.

Artist: Tattoo artists claim that we buy feet pics because of the requirements of customers who want tattoos. Because many people love having feet tattoos, in that case, tattoo artists show them many pictures, and they use anyone perfect for them.

Agencies: We have different types of Agencies who buy foot pictures for various purposes, such as advertising agencies that buy feet pics to show jewelry, footwear ads, etc. On the other hand, some beauty brands also buy foot pictures to show nail polish and many other marketing purposes.

Foot Fetish: They are those customers who are into NSFW and adult-rated content. Most of them only prefer gorgeous foot pictures and more than that because their goal is not to do marketing or do business.

Image Website: they are the most common buyer of feet pictures. It is because they have a business where they buy and sell feet pics online; therefore, they should have millions of images available in stocks. They buy foot pics for $100 and sell them for $200 or $300, and although prices differ for everyone, they can increase or decrease. Some famous websites are Stocksy United, Shutterstock, Deposit Photos, iStock, and GettyImages.

Content Creator: mostly content creators who have YouTube channels or someone who film a video for commercial purposes. They prefer buying feet videos over feet pics. 

Apart from the buyers as mentioned above, many people who want to decorate their home buy foot pictures, and clothes, like printed t-shirts. 

But why don’t they use pictures from Google instead of paying to foot pics sellers? Well, it’s because they want to be secure. Let’s understand from an example. 

Once, an actress was traveling, and she was at the airport. Someone took her pictures and uploaded them. After that, when that actress uploaded her picture, she got fine. Because of copyrights, someone uploaded her pics before she could do it. Therefore nobody wants to be in trouble. In that case, they prefer to buy feet pictures over stealing from Google without permission.


Preparation Before You Start Selling Feet Pics Online

There are various ways to sell feet pics online for cash, but how much money you will make by selling your pictures depends on your style and the way you represent them.

Therefore, you need to know some of the most important factors to attract more audience and generate better revenue. Let’s understand the best way of selling pictures of your beautiful feet.

Light: Most buyers want to see your photo in light, not in the darkness, where feet are not clearly visible. If you’re at home, make sure enough light is available. If you are taking pictures outdoors, then take them in the sunlight.

Hair: Especially if you are a girl or woman, you should not have hair on your feet and legs because it will not attract buyers and fetch enough money. Even if you have hair, then shave them before the photoshoot.

Cleanliness: it is another essential thing that you have to look after. If your feet are not clean still, you can not attract buyers and make money from them; very few buyers will come to you. 

Quality: In the pics-selling industry, quality is everything. Therefore, do not focus on quantity; instead, focus on quality. No matter which places to sell your feet pics you use, but you should upload your pics in HD quality.

Maintenance: Cleanliness is part of maintenance, but you should also apply Cream and pedicures on a regular basis to keep your feet’ skin healthy.

Not only feet: you should not just focus on feet. Legs are also important Because the bottom part of your legs will be seen while uploading feet pics; therefore, you should maintain them too.

Look After: If you go out with your friends, you should always wear socks to keep your feet healthy. Even if it’s not possible, you should give them a Try.

No matter which best place to sell feet pics you choose, always see the payment method because every website and app has a different payment method, and along with it, they have additional monetization requirements. Some apps and websites prefer that your age should be above 18. 


How To Sell Feet Pics Online Without Getting Scammed?

Before mentioning the best places to sell feet pics online, you should remember thousands of websites and apps exist. These platforms claim that we buy feet pics, but many are scammers and frauds.

However, all these websites I am mentioning are not fraud, and most importantly, I’m giving you a few most important tips to Sell Feet Pics Online Without Getting Scammed. Therefore read them carefully and follow them whenever you sign up for a pics Selling app or website.

Feedback: You should always read the site review and feedback no matter which website or app you use for selling feet pics. For example, I’ve published Instafeet Review in my last blog, which you can read. 

Payment: The buyer may ask you for your bank details or approach you to give you a bank check, Which you should never expect. Sharing bank details may lead you to scam, and bank checks can be fake. Therefore always use online payment methods such as PayPal and Payoneer.

No Real ID: if you are selling feet pics through any app or website and the buyer wants to communicate with you. In that case, you should use email or any other social media account. But, the account should not be your original account; always use a second account for pics Selling.

Be Careful: If you see someone trying to ask you something which is not good or you feel something is unusual, in that case, you should report the buyer. Refrain from building a conversation with the buyer. It can lead you to scam.

Personal Details: Never share your personal details with any buyer, no matter how much money he pays or how good he is. Personal details include your physical address, bank details, original social media account, original email address, phone number, etc.

Never Hesitate: Don’t hesitate to block a user if he’s trying to manipulate you, or he is rude, forcing you to do something else, or even forcing you to a meeting. 

No Meeting: You will find a buyer who will appreciate your beauty, but after that, he will ask about your relationship or try to build a conversation, then approach you to meet him. Here you should report or block him. You can also ignore it if you want. But If you don’t do so, it can lead to a scam. 

Apart from this, you should not get closer to the buyer no matter how nicely he talks; I’m not saying he would intend to scam you, but there is a high chance that you may get scammed if you get closer to the buyer. So, avoid gifts from buyers and never reveal your identity. Follow these tips to avoid getting scammed by any foot pics selling apps.


35 Best apps and websites to sell feet pics

If you Google the best websites or apps to sell feet pics, you will get thousands of results, but all of them are not genuine, and only some of them allow you to sell feet pics for real cash.

Therefore I have found 38 best apps to sell feet pics which are hundreds percent legit, so you can use them without the fear of being scammed.    


1. Feetfinder (Recommended)

If you think that selling feet pics is dangerous because you are scared of being scammed. I Recommend you start with FeetFinder because this is the top choice for any feet pics buyer and seller; plus, this is the best platform to sell feet pics. You can read the Feetfinder reviews.

This is the most famous website when it comes to selling foot pics because it has a broader audience. You can sign up with this website and grab the opportunity to sell your pics at a high cost.

Feedfinder is doing millions of dollars in transactions every year. Through this platform, thousands of feet of pics sellers make thousands of dollars yearly. Another best thing about this website is that feetfinder is wider than one country. If you are in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, or anywhere around the world, you can easily access this platform and make money by selling your feet ‘ pictures.

All you have to do is create an account and upload your high-quality pictures. If you have no problem, you can also show your face. It will attract a larger audience. Feet finder will charge 20% of the total income that you will make by selling your pics.


2. A personal website

The most significant advantage of having a personal website or platform to sell feet pics is that you will keep 100% of your total income. Second, it will be impossible for everyone to scam you because you will be the owner.

In my opinion, Shopify is the best way to create your platform. But why? Most importantly, it’s a reliable and famous platform that we know. There you can start writing articles related to feet, and if your article appears in a search engine, you will make money because many feet lovers will read your article and try to interact with you.

Once you start getting views, you can approach many advertising agencies. They will approach you to be their feet model, and you can also give the solution about dry skin and how to take care of your feet, especially in winter. Because of that, you will also get a huge fan following on Instagram and other social media accounts. 

However, this platform will not work initially because you will have to develop many skills, especially when you start writing. After that, you will gradually begin getting traffic and making money, so you must be patient.

Suppose you are working on Shopify and have started getting enough traffic. In that case, you can do affiliate marketing or collaboration with different brands. Especially jewelry, footwear, and other beauty brands will approach you. If they don’t, then you should do that.


3. Instafeet

Instafeet is another best platform to sell feet pics and videos online for cash. It allows you to sell your feet pics and videos at the best price. Although the price also depends on the quality of your pictures. However, you can also check my latest post, where I did an instafeat review.

All you have to do is create an account and get verified by their professional team; you will need a government ID card to prove you are 18 or above. Once their professional team approves you, you will be eligible to sell your feet pics for cash. If you are a new user, you should not charge high; therefore, you can start with $10, and once you have enough subscribers, you can increase your price.

The best thing about this platform is that it will not charge 20% like FeetFinder. The have a fixed charge which is 10% commission, when you sell feet Pictures. Suppose you are selling a picture for $10, and a buyer wants more than one picture or video in a different pose, so you can also talk with them because Instafeet has a cheating feature available.


4. Dollar Feet

Dollar feet is a best place to sell feet pics and videos for cash, being a genuine platform. You must provide a sample video if you are the seller. It will not be easy for everyone to create a fake account and make a scam because you have to get verified by their team. 

This platform pays $1 for 1 minute. But they want the video’s length to be at least 10 minutes. Then you will receive $10 for that. You also need to fill out a model verification form where you will be asked for Height, weight, age, gender, etc. They will only select you if your body type is athletic. Therefore this platform is not suitable for everyone. 

Another disadvantage of this platform is that they will ask for your full-body videos, which is not suitable for everyone, especially for girls with dignity and respect. 

Although this platform is considered to be a genuine platform, I personally recommend you do not use this platform if you want to sell your feet pictures for side income (I will never allow you to use this website to my sister, friend, or girlfriend) your choice you can give it a try or not.


5. Feetify

You can consider feetify as the alternative to FeetFinder. In some cases, if you are not able to create an account on feetfinder, you should start with feetify. 

The advantage of using feetify is that you can make money without selling feed pics and also without selling them. Because they also pay for your time, the more time you spend there, the more money you make.

To sell feet pics on feetify, sign-up by filling in your username, email Id, password, country, and age. This platform allows you to sell unlimited pictures and videos of your feet at a high cost. 

The second advantage of this application is that it allows you to communicate with the buyer. If you find a genuine buyer, you sign a deal with them if the buyer is a content creator or belongs to an advertisement agency.

Feetify also offers a premium subscription for its seller and subscribers with additional benefits. If you purchased a five-month subscription, it would cost $57, while a one-year subscription is more beneficial because it will cost only $97. 

Being a Premium seller of feetify, you will be able to see all buyers and will be able to Chat with them or date/date them. It depends on what you want to do.


6. Feetpics

Feetpics is a platform. Feetpics allow you to sell feet pics and videos and do feet cam. If you search for feet pics on Google, you will see the result on 1st page. It is because feetpics is a legit website for buying and selling feet pictures online.

They have various payment options, such as PayPal, bank transfer, and credit card.

To do so, open their website and create an account. However, you must pay the money to create an account, which you have to pay at the account opening time. After that, the buyer can communicate with you directly through your email ID. However, I recommend you use a fake email id rather than an original one, which is used regularly; plus chat option is also available there.

A few mentioned websites charge 10% to 20% commission on your final sales. On the other hand, this website will not charge any commission because they are already taking money for subscriptions, which is good.


7. Foap

Are you thinking about How To Sell Feet Pics On Foap, or can you sell or not? You can sell your feet pics there, and the benefit of this platform is that you don’t have to be 18 or above. There are already millions of creators working on it and earning money by selling feet pictures.

You have to create an account on foap; you can also open their website or download an application from the Play Store. After creating an account successfully, you will see a marketplace where you can sell feet pictures. 

I don’t like this thing about Foap: they take 50% of your income. Suppose you make $500 monthly from side income by selling your feet pictures. In that case, you will be able to withdraw only $250.

Besides, If you participate in a contest, you can make 100 to 500 dollars extra, but there is no guarantee that you can hundred percent do it.


8. OnlyFans

When you hear of onlyFans, only one thing will come to mind: adult content. But is it true that onlyFans can only be used for adult content? Well, that’s not the truth; many artists and celebrities also use this platform to connect with their fans. 

It will be good to say that onlyFans is the best platform for selling your pictures and videos. It has over 1 million active creators and over a hundred million registered users. And more than 100 sellers of only fans are millionaires just because of onlyFans.

The best thing about this platform is that you can create your subscription plan. Monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on which is suitable for you. Whenever someone subscribes to your profile, he will have to pay. However, onlyFans will keep 20% of the total income that you will earn by selling your pictures. Therefore you can also grab this opportunity and create an account for free.


9. Only Feet Lovers

As the name suggests, “only feet lovers” is a platform for those who are feet lovers. This platform connects buyers and sellers where you can sell pictures, movies, and many other things.

However, you cannot create an account on feet lovers for free. You will have to pay about $15 for a premium membership. You can earn that registration or platform fee by selling feet pictures.


10. MeetMe

Meetme is the same as kik, where you can meet new people and sell feet pics. Therefore, we can consider it an excellent social media platform where you can meet the best feet pics buyers and communicate with them. To do so, create an account, which you can do with your Facebook account. 

No matter which country you belong to, you will get Instant approval because it’s a social media platform. It will not work like feetfinder or Instafeet, where you wait until their professional team verifies your profile. However, after that, you can upload your pictures, then whoever will like will come to you.

When you are creating your feet pics album, you can write the price tag. The picture should be beautiful so that it can fetch a reasonable price. However, you can chat with the buyers because they may demand feet videos or any unique pose.


11. Zazzle

Zazzle is a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. It is specially designed for Creators, Makers, and people with creative ideas. You have to be creative and upload gorgeous pictures of your feet. Then you will get a commission whenever someone wants to buy or create merchandise with your picture.

However, printing and shipping are not your headaches. Zazzle will do everything for you. They have various payment methods, but the best one is bank transfer or PayPal. You will receive the money at the end of the month.

In simple words, Zazzle is a platform that sells printed clothes, such as shirts, t-shirts, socks, cups, and many other things. They print and sell the product and give you a commission. You find a picture that is worthy of printing.


12. Instagram

Is there any single person who is using social media and doesn’t know about Instagram? In my opinion, everyone knows it because it is the most famous application in the world, where people share pictures on a daily basis. Even the most famous person on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo, has the most followers on Instagram which is over 500 million, and he Max more than 2 million from a single paid advertisement post. 

Therefore, we consider it the best place to sell feet pics for cash. 

Although you will think I also use Instagram but still don’t know how to sell feet pics on Instagram; how is it possible? Well, there are two ways to sell feet pictures on Instagram. The first one is to upload your feet images with copyright. In that case, whenever someone wants to use your photograph, he will have to pay some money.

Another option is to share feetify or FeetFinder’s link to your Instagram story if you have enough Instagram followers. It is called self-promotion promotion, which will bring buyers to your feet selling apps or websites. Secondly, if you have enough followers on Instagram, you can also get promotions for many brands.

Then you will be called an Instagram influencer once you start making enough money. You can also leave feet selling apps if you think you are not making enough money as expected.


13. Whisper

Whisper is a social media platform with over 200 million active users globally. However, this is not only for selling pictures. Instead, you can communicate with different people. And if you find someone interested in buying pictures, you can talk with them.

Unfortunately, there is no inbuilt payment method that you can do. Therefore, you will have to do everything by yourself. 

If you want to sell pictures using Whisper, first download the Play Store application and create an account. After that, create an image of your business. For example, you are selling feet pictures. In that case, you can create an image and write the offer. 

Whoever sees your content will connect with you. 

Note: Whisper is to connect people with each other. It is not designed for buying and selling, but you can use it smartly if you want to do so.


14. Kik

Whenever we discuss the best apps to sell feet pics, we cannot stop discussing the Kik application. Kik is among the best apps to sell pics and videos for cash. 

Although it is not just a selling platform, it is also a messaging app like Instagram and Telegram. It is not much famous in Asian countries compared to America, Canada, and other European countries because a Canadian company developed it.

You can access their website, but if you are a smartphone user, then you can download the Kik application, which is available on Google Play Store and Apple store. After that, create an account, and you can also safeguard your profile. Then you have to join a group and find buyers who are interested in buying feet pics.


15. WikiFeet

Wikipedia inspired the idea of creating WikiFeet. The initiative of creating WikiFeet was to bring celebrities to this platform so that they could sell their feet pictures. However, it did not work correctly like other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. However, you can still use this platform to sell feet pics, but you have to be above 18.

This platform has over 4 million active users making good side income, so that you can be one of them. To be one of them, you must create an account, set a price, upload pictures, and be done. Although, this website allows you to have different prices for different feet pics.

This company has many models; therefore, you can be one of them. How? If your picture performs well, you will get attention when they feature you in “Feet Of the day,” Another segment is “feet of the week .”It will be an achievement to get featured in feet of the week. It will be a positive sign because thousands of buyers will see your featured pictures.


16. Facebook Groups

Before Instagram, Facebook was the most famous platform for sharing pictures. Although currently, Instagram is owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Platforms, Inc.; Facebook has over 5 billion downloads and more than 3 billion active users. In that case, If you are looking for the best apps to sell feet pics. Then you should create a dedicated Facebook account to sell feet pictures for cash.

We have multiple ways to make money on Facebook, for example, Facebook groups, Facebook page, You can live and earn stars, and Facebook marketplace, which is the best place to sell used appliances. But here we are talking about selling feet pics. Therefore you have to find a group on Facebook that is related to foot pictures selling.

Let’s learn step by step: Suppose you have found a group that allows you to sell feet pics for cash. After that, you have to share gorgeous pictures of your feet with a copyright. If the buyer gets interested in buying feet pictures, you can tell them the price and give additional service for more money. For example, you can provide feet pictures per their requirement if they want in a specific pose.

Facebook does not have an inbuilt payment. Therefore you should use PayPal.


16. Twitter

Elon Musk, the wealthiest person on the planet, owns Twitter. Twitter has over a billion downloads on Google Play Store, while over a million accounts are verified. It has a broader audience and allows you to give free speech. And the platform is famous among celebrities and politicians around the world.

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, everyone has been allowed to get verified. But for that, you have to pay $18 a month. It is different in different countries. However, if your account is verified, it will earn the trust of your followers.

You might think I also use Twitter, but there is no option to sell or buy pictures on Twitter. Then how can I sell my feet pictures? Well, that’s right, you can’t send your picture directly to anyone, unlike Instafeet and feetify, FeetFinder, etc. But here, you have to upload gorgeous pictures of your feet, which should be copyrighted. 

And whenever someone finds your pictures and thinks they suit him, he will buy them. Secondly, Twitter is unlike Instagram and Facebook, which don’t allow you to share adult-related images of your feet. So you can do that on Twitter. It is entirely okay and free.


17. Snapchat

Nowadays, Snapchat is famous for its mind-blowing filters, which are completely different from any other professional photo-clicking app. However, you can also be one of them, take some gorgeous pictures of your feet and find a buyer. Once you find one, you can sell them. After creating an account, you should start uploading stories because it has a wider reach, especially in the UK, US, Canada, etc.

In my opinion, if you buy a membership, it will be better for your future business. A monthly subscription costs $5 to 50$. But the benefit of this subscription is that it allows you to monetize feet pics. Once you start getting money from Snapchat, you can recover all of your subscription fees from there.

And there will be two ways on Snapchat to make money by selling your pictures. You can sell them or monetize them by creating a premium account. However, consistency is the key to any business; therefore, you must regularly upload your stories, pics, etc. Because when you are an active user, it attracts more people.


18. TikTok

TikTok is the reason behind YouTube’s shorts and Instagram reals. The primary purpose of this company was to make talented people famous. The tik tok application was launched by the Chinese company ByteDance, but the application became famous in 2019-2020, with over 800 million active users at that time. 

Currently, TikTok is banned in a few countries, yet it has over a billion users, which allows you to make extra money from a side Business.

However, TikTok is not banned in the United States of America. Therefore, you can create an account for free. After that, you have to start uploading quality videos on your account, and then you will start getting views, likes, comments, and followers. 

Like other social media applications, TikTok doesn’t have an inbuilt payment method because it’s only a buying and selling platform if you use your mind. 

Therefore, uploading your videos regularly will attract thousands of people, and only some of them would like to buy feet pictures. And now you can take advantage and give them a link to your Instafeet or other Feet Pics selling app.


19. Tinder

Yes, Tinder is not a buying and selling platform but a dating platform with over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. This is the most famous app for dating; therefore, if you are looking for the best app to sell feet pics, you should use Tinder smartly. 

You can sign-up with your Google account, i.e., email Id, and then your account will be opened. After that, you have to upload feet pics and videos to attract the best buyer of feet pics. However, Tinder will not charge you for uploading pictures and videos. It has different membership plans that people use for dating purposes.

You should also start matching, but with those interested in feet videos, pictures, etc. Once anyone shows interest in your feet or asks questions about them, you can give them a link to your account where you are already uploading pictures. It can be Instagram, where you have copyrighted pics, or it can be a feet pics Selling app, like feetify, FeetFinder, etc.


20. Quora

Probably if you are old enough, you must have heard about Quora. Quora is similar to Reddit because it is also a type of community platform. It allows you to ask or answer any question which is not usually available on Google. Firstly you have to create an account and choose your interest, for example, feet pics or any other feet or beauty-related topics. After that, mostly beauty and feet-related questions and answers will appear on your phone’s screen.

However, Quora is not a buying and selling platform. It’s only a community platform to interact with people and share information. But if you use your mind smartly, you can sell feet pics for cash. Although, Quora doesn’t have an inbuilt payment method, for that you have to use PayPal.

The main question is, how will you make money using Quora? Well! You have to find feet-related questions, and there you can answer and also provide your social media accounts or give them a link that is connected with your feet-selling websites or apps. 


21. Etsy

Etsy is one of the most popular marketplaces worldwide, where it connects buyers and sellers together, and they are also a community pushing for positivity. It is not only for selling clothes and fashion-related things. You can also sell foot pictures, art, drawing, and many other digital items. 

Etsy supports all creative ideas and creators. Therefore you have to be creative too. That’s why it’s among the best apps selling feet pics.

So firstly, you have to create a seller account, which is free, but the disadvantage is that you have to pay $0.20 for each foot pics you will upload there. Secondly, they will take a 5% commission when your feet pic is successfully sold to a buyer.

Suppose you have created an account and listed your pictures. After that, whenever someone buys those pictures, you will receive payment in your Etsy wallet, which you can withdraw directly to your bank account. It can take five days.


22. Tumblr

Tumblr is among the best social media platforms. It is a microblogging website founded by David Karp, headquartered in the USA. It has over 100 million downloads on the play store, and you can also access its website.

If you are using a smartphone to sell foot pics, you can download the Tumblr application from Google Play Store or Apple store. It is available in both places. After that, you have an account, write your bio, and fill in everything the application asks. 

After creating an account, you can start selling foot pictures for cash. To do so, you have to upload gorgeous pictures and videos of your feet, and the quality should be eye-catching because it will help you to attract potential buyers. After that, whoever will come to you for pictures, you should mention your price or chat with them, or you can also lead them to your account, where you sell feet pics.


23. Discord

Discord is another popular place to build a community or make friends. Youtubers and especially gamers popularise it. It allows you to send voice messages, chat, hang out, and stay close to your friends, and it has many more features.

Although it was created by Jason Citron in 2015, in a short period, it became famous. Currently, it has over 250 million active users, while it shows that it has only 150 million downloads on Google Play Store. 

Therefore if you are looking for the best app to sell feet pics, you can download this application from Google Play Store or Apple Store. You can use any random name because you will have to connect with many random people whom you want to buy your pictures.

To earn money from Tumblr:

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Make a channel you can name related to feet.
  3. Upload high-quality videos and pictures of your feet, and whoever is interested will connect to you.
  4. Tell them your price or give them a link to your app where you sell pictures of your feet.


24. Reddit

Reddit is a social media platform that is available on Google Play Store and Apple store, and you can browse it as well. This is a form structure website where you can build community and discuss something. It was founded by Steve Huffman, Aaron Swartz, and Alexis Ohanian in 2005, headquartered in California, United States.

Like other popular social media platforms, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, it doesn’t have an inbuilt payment method. Currently, it has about 70 million active users daily, discussing something together from every corner of the world. But in our case, we want to sell feet pics; therefore, you have to find feet-related Subreddits. Once you find perfect Subreddits, then you can start selling pics.

However, sharing adult-rated content, i.e., videos or Pictures, is illegal. Therefore you have to be careful. And secondly, because you are a foot pics seller, in that case, you have to stay active. Otherwise, your account will be blocked by their professional team.


25. eBay

eBay is different from a social media platform you must have heard of. It is one of the most extensive buying and selling platforms, i.e., an eCommerce website like Flipkart, Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress, and many more. 

Therefore if you are looking for the best app to sell feet pics, you can start with eBay because it is 100% genuine and has been used for more than three decades, since 1995. eBay also allows you to sell your used appliances and many other things which you are not using.

eBay is not only for selling physical items or used appliances. It also allows you to sell digital items that include foot pics, drawings, and paintings. To do so, create a seller account and start uploading your feet pics to sell. You can also upload drawings and paintings or many other things if you have one.

Although you do not have to pay if you want to sell feet pics on eBay, they will take a 5 to 10% commission on each sale. Once your product is successfully delivered, you will receive income in your eBay account, which you can withdraw to your bank or PayPal accounts.


26. Snapwire

Snapwire is a brand connecting feet pics buyers, sellers, and many other creators to make money. Chad Newell and Ryan Dewane founded it, established on 6 March 2014, and headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, United States.

Buyers will buy feet pics if they find your feet creative and perfect for their brand or content.


27. Twenty20

Twenty20 is a Stock photography company that allows all kinds of photographs to sell their pictures, including feet pics. Matt Munson, Todd Emaus, and Kevin Fremon established Twenty20 on 1 February 2014, headquartered in Marina Del Rey, CA, United States.

It has over 45 Million photos in royalty-free stock, but you can also sell your feet pics on Twenty20 and make money. 


28. EyeEm

EyeEm is a marketplace for photographers that allows you to turn your profession into business. Not only feet photos, but here you can sell all types of photographs, whether it’s hand, feet, or any other beautiful destination. The only requirement is that your picture is of high quality to attract potential buyers and help you make money.


29. Fun With Feet

As the name suggests, fun with feet is a website that is related to feet. It allows you to sell pictures and earn money. The only requirement of this website is that you should be above 18. Additionally, your feet’ pics should be of high quality because mostly high-quality pictures Can attract any buyer. However, I will mention below how you should take attractive pics of your feet if you want to sell them.


30. Agora Images

Agora Images is a company that connects sellers and buyers, including foot pics sellers. However, there are some instructions that you have to follow. First, you have to accept their privacy policy and terms and conditions. Secondly, you need to be above 17 years old to sell photographs. And your picture should not be discriminating against someone or hurting someone’s feelings. If it does, you cannot sell them.


31. Printify

Printify is an American company based in San Francisco, California. James Janis Berdigans founded it. Therefore if you are still looking for the best apps to sell feet pics, you can use Printify. 

Printify marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, especially merchants, to significant print on demand. Therefore, Printify is one of the best dropshipping manufacturers worldwide. The primary purpose of this website is to print Clothes and other household items.

You have to take gorgeous Photos of your feet, or you can edit them too; after that, print them on all products you like, and whenever someone wants that printed item, they will buy it. Some of their most famous products are coffee mugs, tea cups, T-shirts, shirts, hats, hoodies, jackets, bags, socks, posters, and many others. You don’t have to worry about shipping; Printify will manage everything and only get a commission.

How much money you will make from Printify depends on how many sales your feet pics generate. Therefore I have a quick tip: when you upload pictures of your feet, you should write a quote or decorate it because it will fetch more price and generate more sales. You will make 50% from each sale, suppose one shirt sold for $100, and then you will receive $50 in your account.


32. Craigslist

Craigslist is an online classified advertising site that is famous for buying and selling house-related products, providing jobs, community service, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums. If you use Craigslist, you can quickly sell feet pics for cash at the best price. 

Although there is no direct way to sell feet images, you have to use your brain for that. Create an account, which is free for everyone, as it is a community and discussion forum, so you should ask a question in the discussion if someone wants to buy a foot photo. Let’s know-how. 

You can also edit your feet pictures because it will attract more potential buyers. Once you get a buyer, you can communicate with them; they’ll buy it for advertisement or content creation purposes. Besides them, you can provide your feet pics selling app’s link, where they will buy pictures.


33. Patreon

If you use the internet, YouTube is your favorite platform to watch videos, and you will also have a famous YouTuber. Have you ever noticed that many YouTubers promote t-shirts, mugs, and many other products under their video title?

You can do that, too, but you have to use your brain and work smartly. Because Patreon is not a feet pics selling app, but it can be used to sell feet pictures. You will benefit from Patreon when you have a huge fan following on any social media platform, whether it is Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform.

Once you have enough fan following on social media, you can take gorgeous pictures of your feet, print them, and sell them through Patreon. Patreon will do everything from printing a t-shirt to shipment, but it will take a commission for that. Selling printed products through Patreon or any other website is called merchandise.


34. Stock Photo Websites

Not only feet pics; even if you are a photographer who loves capturing images, stock photo websites should be your number one choice. Because it is considered one of the best platforms to sell photos online, that can earn you from $10 to $1000, depending on the quality of your picture.

Shutterstock and Getty Images are the best platforms in this category if you are looking for legit apps to sell feet pics. And you can quote any price you want for your photos. But yes, these platforms do charge their commission.

If you are looking for legit apps to sell feet pics, hand pics, or any other type of pictures, then you can create an account on any of the following websites which you like.


35. Best Feet Pics selling Website 

Websites Commission that you will earn
Adobe Stock 33%
Canva 35%
Crestock 20-40%
Depositphotos 34-42%
Getty Images 20% from starting
Image Vortex 70%
iStock 25% to 45%
Shutterstock 20-30%
Stocksy 50-75%
123RF 30-60%
Alamy 45%
Dreamstime 25-50%
BigStock 30%
Photocase 20-50%
Foap 50%


Millions of feet pics are available on different websites, and the sellers are making money from that. You can choose any of the above-mentioned websites which are suitable for you. 

I have mentioned that some websites are giving 20-50% commission for the sale of photos. If your image is exclusive, you will get 50%; otherwise, 20 or more than 20 percent.


Types of Foot Poses to attract potential feet pics buyers

Feet poses do matter if you want to attract potential buyers. Although even if you choose the best poses, still some buyers may ask you to take a photo in different poses, especially for them. That’s why you should learn to click a gorgeous picture of your feet to sell them.

Therefore you have to be creative and learn some photography techniques; however, I have mentioned some of the best ways to click feet pics:

  • Toes spread
  • Foot soles
  • High heels
  • Baby Feet
  • Ankle
  • Dirty feet
  • Feet Selfie


How to sell feet pics without getting scammed 

  1. Don’t show your face to every random person if someone demands to see you, although having face pics on feet selling apps can help you attract more potential buyers.
  2. Sometimes, you will get buyers who will talk nicely and try to win your heart and date you. So you must stay aware of these people because they will speak and then take your pictures for free, probably scamming you.
  3. You should watermark your pictures, primarily if you use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook group, or any other social media platform. If someone likes your photos, he must contact you, and after that, you can send them the same picture they wanted with a watermark. 
  4. Some buyers may ask for your phone number, bank account number, physical address, and much other private information, which you should never reveal to any random person. You should never trust them even if they offer you extra money because it can be a scam.
  5. The Websites that I have mentioned to sell feet pics are Genuine. However, if you use any other website I have not said, you should be careful, especially if the website asks you to submit a government-issued ID, such as a passport or any other. 
  6. Some buyers are from Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. They may ask you that they will give you a bank check if you provide them with your feet pics. In that case, you should never trust them because there is a high chance you will be scammed because they may give you a fake bank check. Always use a secure payment method, like PayPal, or even if you are using a bank account, so you should use them on legit pics selling Websites after a bit of research.
  7. Suppose you get the buyer from social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook or community platforms like Reddit or Quora. You should take money in advance and then send your feet pics to avoid being scammed.


How to take pictures to sell them on feet pics Selling apps?

  1. Keep a candle, Ring lights, or fleshlight nearby your feet, as it will provide extra light to your feet. This is good for taking high-quality pictures.
  2. You can have beautiful nail polish or designed nail polish to attract the buyer’s attention. Apart from nail polish, you can also go with a temporary tattoo for a permanent tattoo. However, you should not have a permanent tattoo because every buyer may have a different demand with different tests.
  3. If you don’t want to have a tattoo on your feet permanently or temporarily, in that case, you can use jewelry, toe bangles, toe rings, or any other kind of makeup-related products that decorate your feet and attract the buyer’s attention.
  4. You can place flowers and lights near your feet. Besides this, you should choose a place with a better background, especially a simple one.
  5. Most importantly, everyone takes care of their feet alone with them. You should also take care of your nails because they will be essential in attracting a feet pics buyers’ attention.


Best Background Ideas to take feet pics

  • White bed sheets or blankets can make your feet look gorgeous, especially when you have nail polish.
  • Marble tiles can be a better option to click gorgeous pictures of your feet to sell them online.
  • Sand is another best place to click feet pics for selling them online.
  • Beaches are usually beautiful. Therefore you can take advantage and click your feet pics near a beach; your feet will look more attractive and can attract more buyers.
  • Luxurious carpets are the best options to click feet pics, but they should not be matching with your feet.
  • You can take pictures of your feet in black and white heels, which will make your feet look more gorgeous.


Apps To Sell Feet Pics – FAQ

What Is The Best App To Sell Feet Pics?

And now, you have to choose which app is better for you. There are many best apps to sell feet pics for money, and my choice would be FeetFinder, Feetify, Instafeet, Instagram, Reddit, and Only fans. You should use Instagram, especially when you have enough followers, and share your content link there.


What Is The Best Website To Sell Feet Pics?

There are many best websites to sell feet pics, including FeetFinder (Recommend), stocks websites such as Adobe Stock, Canva, Crestock, Depositphotos, Getty Images, Image Vortex, iStock, Shutterstock, Stocksy, FeetFinder, Feetify, Instafeet, onlyFans, etc.


How To Sell Feet Pics For Free?

In order to sell feet pics for free, you will need to find an appropriate website that pays for feet pics. It also includes your social media platform, but there, you will need enough followers the more followers you will have, the more money you will make. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have social media handles, even if you have but don’t have enough followers. In that case, you should use Feet Pics selling apps and websites. As I have mentioned above, you can choose any of them.

Although You can use forms websites such as Reddit and Quora, they will be helpful to bring traffic to your social media account or to the app where you are selling foot pictures.


Where Can I Sell Pictures Of My Feet For Money?

Although I have already mentioned all the websites and apps that allow you to sell feet pics, However, some of my choices would be the following websites and pics Selling apps:

  • Feetfinder
  • Feetpics
  • Dollar Feet
  • Instafeet
  • Feetify

These are dedicated websites for foot pics sellers.


How Much Money Can You Make Selling Feet Pics?

How much money will you earn by selling your feet pictures? This question is coming into your mind. My answer is it depends on how many pics you are selling and what is a platform that you are using. Some stock websites will take 20% commission, and some will take 50% commission; therefore, you cannot judge an initial price for you. 

Let’s take an example if you are using a feet pics app, suppose FeetFinder. There you can charge from $5 to $100, and if you are using a stock website, you can still charge $5 to $500. But we have to think practically. People will only buy feet pics at a high cost, such as $500. It can only be done when you have enough followers and collaborate with a brand.

And the second example is that if you charge $10 for a picture of your feet and have ten followers, you can easily make $100. If you are using onlyFans, offering a monthly subscription for $10, and you have 50 followers, then you can make $250 a month. 

Although, I have seen many models with thousands of followers making more than $2000 just by selling their feet pictures. Therefore, it depends on your network and how many subscribers and buyers you have. The more Buyers and subscribers you have, the more money you will make.

With your hard work and dedication, you can quickly start making more than $50K yearly from a side business if you focus on building a network. As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are more than 100 millionaires just by selling their pictures on their photos and video selling apps such as onlyfans. And many experienced models make more than 100 to 200 thousand dollars early.


Do You Need To Pay Taxes While Selling Feet Pics?

Yes, you have to pay taxes while selling feet pics, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the United States federal government. Photography, or selling feet pics, is a type of business that allows you to make money by selling feet pics. Therefore, If you make more than $600 yearly, then you are eligible to pay taxes.

The majority of the applications that I have mentioned allow you to track your earning, but not social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and community platforms like quora and Reddit. While onlyFans, eBay, allows you to track payments.

So, the accounting part becomes almost effortless. You can also directly export the earnings to free software like QuickBooks and keep a tab on the amount of taxes you need to pay.

However, every responsible citizen should pay tax, but many do not pay it. Being a responsible citizen, you can calculate tax using any online website, talent. You can also track your business using QuickBooks, which allows business owners to track their Business, expenses, financial information, etc.


Mobile phone vs. camera, which is suitable for foot photography?

What is a good mobile phone or camera? If you are using a Nokia C1, you can undoubtedly not capture a high-quality image of your feet. On the other hand, if you are using a quality camera, you still cannot catch a high-quality image.

You can use a smartphone or a professional camera, whichever suits you. If you use an iPhone or Samsung smartphone, then you can capture high-quality photos. Even if you use a DSLR camera, you can still capture a high-quality image. Therefore everything depends on the quality of the camera. 


Is it legal to sell pictures of feet?

Selling Images of your feet is legal in every democratic country, be it the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, America, Australia, Japan, India, Pakistan, or any other country. No Country can stop you from selling pictures of your feet. That’s different if you live in North Korea, where the internet is not even available for everyone.

However, many feet pics selling apps and websites want the feet pics seller and buyer to be older than 18. Especially like feet finder, only fans, etc., while Instagram, Twitter, and other social media websites allow you to create an account and do your business without any age limitation. 

Although, if you are clicking pictures for selling for cash, it is a job that counts as legit. Because many journalists, writers, and content creators will buy your feet pictures, therefore, not just feet you can also sell more pictures.

The countries I have mentioned, like Australia, New Zealand, America, Japan, India, and Pakistan, all have actors, actresses, models, and sportspersons. All these celebrities do advertisements for specific brands, which you can do if others do in your country. Therefore selling foot pictures is not illegal unless you are not hurting someone’s feelings and culture.


Does having beautiful feet make you a better foot picture seller?

Undoubtedly, if you have beautiful pictures, it can attract more potential buyers, but how you represent feet pictures is also important. Even if you Google feet pics, you will find different kinds of feet, so there is a high demand for every type of feet, whether Black or white, large or small. You have to represent feet pictures attractively.

Jewelry and footwear brands constantly look for different kinds of feet. But having gorgeous feet gives you an advantage because they are more attractive.


Where in America Can You Sell Pictures of Feet?

America is a democratic country, and it is allowed to use any website and platform. There is no barrier to selling feet pics. Therefore in America, you can use Amazon, eBay, feat finder, feetify, etc. Apart from this, stock websites such as Shutterstock, Getty images, and others mentioned above are better to use in America.

Secondly, if you want to make more money by selling feed pics, you can use social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Although TikTok can bring more traffic to your website or social media account if you can upload videos.


How do I sell photos of feet on OnlyFans?

Selling feet pics or videos on OnlyFans is pretty straightforward. You have to create an account on onlyFans and upload a few pictures and videos of your feet. After that, you should set up the subscription plan monthly or quarterly and then upload videos regularly. The more affordable your subscription is, the more buyers you will get, which you can increase over time. 


Why sell pics of your feet?

You should sell pics of your feet if you want a side business that can give you extra income. Selling pics of your feet will help you retire faster, as it is a source of passive income. On the other hand, if you are gorgeous, it will increase your chance of becoming a model.


Is it risky to sell photos of feet?

Not at all. Selling feet Photo is not risky, but you have to use a feet pics selling website securely; you should not share additional information, like your bank details to a random person, physical address, private social media accounts, etc. Because if you share personal information with any lucky person, it may undoubtedly increase the risk of your data leak. 

Although the websites I mention are secure, you can still read their terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. 


Is it as simple as it seems to sell pics of feet?

It depends on what kind of person you are, some people will find it simple, and some will find it hard.. if you are a passionate photographer or someone who wants to sell pictures, then it is simple. But you need to keep certain things in mind, like never sharing personal details Plus, keep your feet and legs clean. Although in the initial phase, it will be hard for you to get buyers because of that, you might find selling feet ‘ photos hard.


How much money are feet pictures worth?

Many people who sell foot pictures make a decent amount of money. Therefore we cannot judge how much your feet ‘pictures are worth; it depends on how many followers you have on social media or how many subscribers you have on pics selling apps. Secondly, it depends if you are collaborating with a brand and how big that brand is.


What should I charge for photos of feet?

Well! It depends on where you are selling your pictures and what the quality of the photographs is. Although initially, I would recommend charging $5 to $10 per foot pics. If you are using foot pics selling websites like onlyFans, then your monthly subscription plan should be at least $10. 

Once you notice that you have enough potential and are ready to pay any amount to see your pictures, you can increase the price from $10 to $50 or even $100. 


How can I begin marketing photos of my feet?

In order to start a foot photo-selling business. You have to create a separate social media account and email ID, then find the best apps to sell feet pics, like feetify, FeetFinder, etc. Capture high-quality photos of your feet, upload them regularly and promote your profile. After that, you will start getting potential buyers. 


Can men also sell images of their feet?

All websites and social media platforms allow everyone to sell their feet pictures. Some footwear brands may approach a man, but most people and brands prefer a woman. Therefore being a man, you can still sell feet pics, but chances are low that someone will buy your feet pictures.


How to make the maximum revenue selling pics of feet

Firstly you need to focus on your feet. You should keep them clean and focus on maintenance. In order to do so, you can wear jewelry like toe rings, etc. You should also focus on social media, especially Instagram reels or TikTok. They will be a significant source that will drive potential buyers to your feet, pics selling apps or websites. 

Consistency is another important factor for any business. Quality is the essential thing that you have to maintain. Therefore, you must be consistent and upload pictures and videos regularly, especially on onlyFans, because people will subscribe to your profile to see your feet. Besides this, Instagram and TikTok are important too.

Apart from only selling foot pictures on feet pics selling websites or applications. You should focus on building a network on social media. Once you have enough followers, you can print your feet or any digital Art on a t-shirt, mug, Teacup, or anything else, then sell them. It will increase your business.

When you have enough followers on social media, you can approach some upcoming brands and be their model. Collaboration is a significant source of today’s celebrity, Cristiano Ronaldo, with 500 Million Instagram charges, about 2 million dollars per Instagram post. That’s the power of having enough followers.

You can also start a blog Related to feet, beauty, or a personal brand, but that will work when you have enough followers on Instagram or any other social media platform. Only followers or subscribers numbers with engagement matter significantly in feet pictures selling business.


Do I need to have attractive feet?

No, you don’t need attractive feet to start a feed picture-selling business; cleanliness is the essential thing that you have to focus on. If your feet are clean, you can even sell pictures of your feet when your feet are ugly, but they are clean, and you decorate the background, and the way of representation is good.


Is it legal to sell foot images in the UK?

Yes, the United Kingdom allows its citizens to access every website, which is not harmful to the country. Therefore, without hesitation, you can use foot pics selling apps or websites and start your business. However, your age should be above 18. It’s the requirement of the majority feet pics selling apps and websites.


Is the FOAP app legit for selling feet pics?

Tes Foap app is a legit company with more than 3 million creative Creators from over 180 countries working. Foap has worked with famous brands such as NIVEA, Mandel, Viselio, Berri Fit, and At A Glance. 

Foap’s app is available on Google Play Store and Apple store; you can also browse the website. It pays real cash, so you can download apps and sign up with your Google account.


Is it legal to sell foot images in Canada?


Yes! It is allowed to sell food images in Canada, but your foot should not hurt someone’s feelings and your age above 18. Besides, if you are even less than 18, your feet should not contain obscenity, nudity, etc. 


Is it legal to sell foot images in Australia?

Australia is another democratic country, just like New Zealand, America, and India. Therefore, you can sell your feet pictures on any feet pics sale app. Many Australians are making a decent amount of money just by selling their feet pictures and other photographs on stock websites and subscription-based platforms.


Do you have to reveal your face to sell photos of your feet?

It is okay if you want to sell feat pictures but don’t want to show your face. However, showing your face may attract more buyers who buy feet pictures. But this is not compulsory to show your face. You can use any feet pics selling website or application without any hesitation.


Is it strange to sell images of your feet?

It is normal to sell your feet pictures, but some people may find it awkward, especially your friends who don’t even know about it. Maybe you as well because you will wonder why someone will buy my feet pictures and pay enough money just to see feet, while the buyer can take anyone’s photos and see them. 


Pros And Cons Of Selling Feet Pics

The selling of foot pictures is one of the best side businesses to make extra income at home. Because it does not take a lot of effort, unlike other physical jobs that ordinary people do. However, it has pros and cons that you must keep in mind if you want to stay safe in this feet pics selling industry.


Pros Cons
It allows you to make extra income. After buying your feet pictures, the buyer can use them negatively. However, you sell feet pictures, so it will not be a big issue.
You don’t need to have too many skills to feet pics selling a business; only a smartphone or digital camera and the Internet are required. You may have to spend time with those people who will only waste your time instead of buying pictures.
Selling feet pictures can make you a model. Initially, you need to make more money by selling foot pictures. Therefore you will need enough Instagram followers who will come and visit your feet ‘pics selling websites or apps.
It can be your full-time business. It can affect your main work or make you frustrated because, initially, you will not be able to sell pictures.
You can make from $100 to 10000 monthly, depending on how you monetize your business.



I hope you understand the article that there are many apps to sell feet pics are available, along with some websites, etc. That allows you to make money by selling your feet pictures for cash. 

However, it doesn’t matter which platform you use to sell pictures. Initially, you can only attract buyers quickly if you have enough fans following social media. Therefore you have to be patient and keep working on it; gradually, you will have potential feed pics buyers who buy feet pics.

All these websites and applications that allow you to sell feet pictures are legit. Be careful about being scammed because some buyers may waste your time. In that case, you should not communicate with them. If you have any other questions or suggestions related to this feet picture selling apps article, you can come in below.


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