20 Best Apps Like Albert For Cash Advance IN 2024

Apps Like Albert

Are you looking for apps like Albert because payday loans have a very high interest? 

I also suggest not to take payday because they can trap you in a cycle of debt. 

Too many options are available, like Albert Instant, where you can get up to $250 when you need money. 

Besides this, Albert Cash Advance and various other Albert-like apps come with online banking, investing, and saving features.


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Apps Like Albert

What is the Albert app?

Albert is a banking app that allows you to save and invest money. But the reason Albert is famous is that Albert helps American citizens financially by providing affordable access with expert guidance to save money. 

When you are in an emergency, or you need money yo, you can use Albert because Albert is also a cash advance app. And it is not like payday loans. 

Albert app has a subscription plan, known as Genius, it’ll cost $8. With this plan, they will help you in budgeting, saving, and investing and also you can take some advance cash. They also have other plans you can choose, whichever suits you.

Keep in mind that the Albert app is not a bank, but it is a banking app. You can call it a tech company, too. It uses Sutton Bank to hold all customer’s funds. 

And it is the same with many apps like Albert that use other banks to hold their customers’ funds. 

You are not required to have a balance in your account, and they do not charge maintenance fees. And you can get cash in advance whenever you want.  


How does the Albert app cash advance work?

You can get up to $250 through Albert’s cash advance, which is a personal loan. It can take about 23 days to get cash into your bank account. Importantly, you do not have to check your credit card score to get cash from Albert cash advance. 

However, the problem is that everyone cannot repeatedly qualify to get to $250 in advance. 

Even if you are selected to get cash in advance for this time, you may not get selected in the future. It is because your income will determine whether you should be given money. 

If you’re getting your salary through a prepaid card, it might not count as a “direct deposit,” which is required for instant cash advances. These advanced cash apps require a regular bank account.   


How do I qualify for an Albert cash advance?

It is very easy to qualify for Albert cash advance, but you must remember its requirements, such as your income check should be directly deposited into your bank account. You should have received income in your bank account from the same employer in the last two months.

The bank account you will connect with the application should be two months older and have a positive balance of $0 or more.  

Your paycheck should be received before the fund is available 24 hours after payday.

Initially, you may not get the full amount, which is $250, but it will change when they monitor your accounts by the time. 

The Albert app will notify you if you are eligible for that. Importantly, you do not need to have a plan to get qualified for advance cash. 


How to request an Albert cash advance

Step One: Visit the home screen, click “instant,” and fill in the amount you want. (You can’t get $250 in the beginning) 

Step Two: if you want to receive it instantly, you must pay around $5. if you do not want to pay any fee, you can wait 2 – 3 days by choosing the option (Fee free)

Step Three: Once you take the payment from the Albert Albert app, it’ll tell you the repayment date. The app can also deduct money when you receive a paycheck. 

Step Four: You will receive the summary within 10 minutes after you get the loan. 


Ways to earn money with Albert

Albert is a great banking app that provides services like saving, investing, and taking loans. Besides this, you can also earn money through it. Not too much, but at least a little. 

You may see many bonus offers if you see you can claim them before they disappear.


Albert Genius sign-up bonus

You can buy the subscription “Albert Genius; there are real humans, not artificial intelligence, to help you with personalized financial advice.

The subscription will cost $8 if you like; you can continue if you don’t like it and cancel the subscription within the first 30 days.

You can pay for the year in advance for the subscription if you want to receive a bonus. They have not officially disclosed how much bonus they give, but I’ve seen people getting $100 or more. 

You can refer the app to your friends to earn the Albert referral bonus. When they sign up, you both will get a bonus. 

You can earn up to $1,500 by inviting your friends. 

Your friend should not have downloaded Albert’s apps before. He should be new. Your referral link is only valid for 90 days. 

Your friend must have signed up for a direct deposit and should have received at least $500 in the first 30 days. It should continue for three months or 90 days.

In simple words, your friends need to keep themselves active in their accounts, and they must be genuine.


Cash Card 

If you have bought the subscription, you can get cashback on food, gas, groceries delivery; you can earn $2.00 when you buy a gas tank. 


Benefits of being an Albert customer


Easy Investing

When you are an Albert app’s customer, investing becomes easier. You can start investing with $1 and choose any stock you want to invest in. Secondly, if you have a genius plan, you will be guided about investing, making it easier to make a good portfolio. 


Free ATMs

With the Albert Genius plan, you can withdraw cash from over 55,000+ ATMs with an Albert card. And if you have the Albert MasterCard, you can also get cashback.


Apps like Albert

Here is the least of the best apps, like Albert, which you can use for a cash advance. 


1. Current

My number one choice is the Current banking app. It is quite similar to Albert’s but does not focus on budgeting. 

Saving money in the current, you can earn 4% interest, which is very high. And they have the automatic saving option available. 

Most importantly, if you are interested in trading or investing in crypto, then you can do this with the Current app, and there is no trading fee for that. 

You are not required to keep a minimum balance in your account. They claim “no hidden fee,” but there are fees for party cash or Out-of-network cash withdrawals.

Current debit cards offer cashback points to 14,000 merchants in the United States of America. Another interesting thing is that parents can monitor their child’s spending and block any merchant after closing a specific limit, and many more options are available there. 

They also offer peer-to-peer lending just like other cash apps. Another good thing is that you can get paid two days earlier when you sign up for direct deposit with your Current account. 

And if you want to budget, then the Current app allows you to make your household budget. Another good thing is that they have overdraft protection to get $200 cover, but you will need to qualify, for which you have to deposit $500 or more into your current account.

Currently can give you $25 to $200 advance when you need money. It’s like the Albert app. When you’re an active user of current, your limits will increase. 

You don’t need a monthly subscription to get cash advance. However, teens can’t get cash in advance. 


2. Chime

Chime is another app like Albert. When you have an account with it you can receive a direct deposit two days earlier than your traditional Bank.  

Another thing you are looking for in apps like Albert is that you want to get an advance of $200, so this option is available here. Chime’s SpotMe plays a big role in it. 

Simple image: Whenever you buy something, whether it is food, gas, medicine, or a cake, Chime will help you by providing you some cash back or money in advance which they deduct from your next deposit. 

Initially, your limit will be $20, but fortunately, you can increase it to $200. Your friends can help you by giving you a boost rise if they are already on Chime.


3. Brigit

Brigit is similar to Albert, which allows you to build your credit. Brigit can help you save over $350 annually from drafting fees. Remember, all options are not similar to Albert’s, but mostly are. 

To buy the premium plan, you will have to pay around $99.99 a month, and in return, you will get quick cash, $1M ID theft insurance, Instant Cash, you can build your credit card, etc. 

While with free plans you’ll get alerts, financial insights, passive income opportunities in your area, budgeting tools, etc. 


Brigit Instant Cash

With Brigit’s Instant Cash program, you can get up to $250 instantly. There’s no interest charged or late fees, and you can get an extension to pay back the amount if you need it. As with the Albert App, you can get the cash advance free in 2-3 days or pay a small fee and get the money instantly.


Requirements for Instant Cash

There are some requirements for instant cash. For example, your account should be active for the last 60 days, and you should have at least $0 or more than this in your account.

Remember that you should repay Brigit on time whenever you receive a paycheck. So you can receive up to $250.

When you borrow money, you can choose a repayment date, and they will send you a reminder two days before the repayment. They will deduct money from your account if you do not pay on time. Fortunately, you also allow you to request an extension.


4. Brigit Auto Advance

Brigit Auto Advance doesn’t provide similar features to other cash apps. They use overdraft protection because they predict your previous deposit and bills. You will have to qualify for Instant Cash if you want to get the benefits of Auto Advance.


5. Cash App

Initially, the cash app was started for peer-to-peer payment, but by then, they added some extra features to expand their user base. 

The first feature they added is when you are spending using a Cash Card as a debit card, you’ll get some cash back. Just like the apps mentioned above, the Cash app gives you the money two days earlier than some traditional banks, and they also don’t have any monthly fees. 

I love this future where you can invest money in any stock or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. You do not need much money for investment, because you can with just $1. 

Moreover, if you do not know which stocks or crypto you should buy, you can choose the option of auto investing. Then, some portion of your direct deposit paycheck will automatically be deducted and invested in Bitcoin. 

They also have an option where parents can monitor their child’s spending. They also have a refer and earn program so that you can refer the app to your friends, and if they sign up using your link, you will receive a bonus. 

Currently they’re focusing on developing loan money options, although it’s already available but not for everyone. 

You can check the eligibility in the money tab option to determine whether you can borrow money. If you see an option to borrow money, you’re eligible for that. 

Eligible users can get $20 to $200 and pay within a month with 5% interest rates; if you can’t pay on time, they’ll charge extra money. 

It’s a financial company, they’ll earn money in some ways, so don’t be angry, they’ll try to earn money in every possible way, they can also charge some fee, but still it’s better than a payday loan. 


6. Cleo

Cleo is built with smart artificial intelligence and a money assistant. You get budgeting and saving, and you can build credit with the help of artificial intelligence. 

However, you must buy the credit builder subscription plan, which costs $14.99 a month. They have special discounts for students who want to build their credit card. 

Another plant costs only $5.99, in which you can also borrow $20 to $100, you only have to select the “Spot me money” option. 

I know subscriptions are tough when you’re short on money, but $5.99 is much less than potential overdraft charges from your Bank!

If you want, you can buy $5.99, which is not too much money, and second, you can also get money if you are in an emergency. I like another thing about Cleo, that is her sense of humour. 


7. Varo

Varo is another app like Albert, which offers many banking features and is quite similar to Chime. You can earn high interest, they have a large ATM network, and you can also get cash advances. 

With the cash advance feature, you can receive $100, and you will have to pay an extra $3 to $5 when you repay the amount, and minimum, you can get $20. 

If you want to get qualified you have to link your debit card with your Varo account, and you should have at least a $1000 deposit in the last month. 

As soon as you qualify for Varo Advance, you will receive $20; if you pay it on time, then you can receive more than $20 next time. 

It will give you 15 to 30 days to pay money, and if you can’t pay, they will automatically deduct money from your account. 


8. Earnin

Earnin is another app like Albert, which is available for Android and IOS users, but it is not a very good cash advance app like Albert, but still, they have many options like Albert. This allows you to earn money, which can be $100 a day.

If you want to access your earned funds, you can join the program balance shield; through this program, you can monitor your bank balance. You can also check out automatic cash options, etc. 


9. Klover

Still, looking for apps like Albert? You should download Klover. It can give you a $200 advance, which can help you get back on track financially.

However, you may not get $200 in advance, but they have various options to boost your cash advance limits. For example, you can watch ads, participate in surveys, and earn points.

They also offer budgeting options so you can earn more and get budgeting tools, you can also track credit score, and you can earn more bonuses by earning points. Your points will also increase when you are saving money.

At the end of the month, you can see how much you have spent in the month and compare your current month with your past month. It is because if you see you’re spending too much, you can stop this.


10. Empower

Another app like Albert is Empower, which is available for Android and IOS users. It is a personal finance banking app that will help you to reach your financial goal.

Like Albert, it also offers cash advances, which is $250 without a credit check. You can receive cash within two or three days. And when you have the Empower Card, you can use it for over 37,000 atm without a fee. You will also get cashback if you shop using an Empower Card.


11. B9

Another similar app to Albert is B9. You must buy the subscription, which costs $9.99 a month. You can also buy another premium subscription, which costs $19.99 monthly.

Like Albert, you can access your fund earlier through the B9 app. Here, you also pay a fee, while most apps I have mentioned do not charge money to give you access earlier than your traditional bank.

The application is not free, but the benefit is that you do not have to pay interest when you cash advances.

One thing I do not like about B9 is that they are charging enough money to buy a subscription but still not offering any personal finance features like budgeting.

You can access $300 instantly if you buy a B9 advance plan. Secondly, you can receive a paycheck around two weeks earlier. However, you have to set up a direct deposit in your B9 account.

If you spend over $200 a month using a B9 Visa card, you can receive around 5% cashback and transfer money recently to other B9 members without any cost.


12. Branch

If you haven’t found an app like Albert, you can go with Branch. It allows you to get $500. You do not have to pay for a membership. However, you will have to pay interest on a paycheck advance, and you can also give a tip for their service.

If you want to get money instantly in your bank account, it can charge $2.99 to $4.99. Then, you can receive money in your linked debit card or bank account. And they’ll automatically deduct money from your next payday.

The Branch app is available for iOS and Android users and is highly rated in both the App Store and Google Play store.

You can download the application whether you are an Android user or an IOS user. Remember that you will be qualified if your employee works directly with the Branch.


13. Possible Finance

Possible Finance offers small loans to needy people in emergency and they have high interest rates too. But I like that even if you don’t have a good credit card score, you can still qualify for a $500 cash advance.

Most of the apps mentioned above deduct payment on the next payday, but it’s not the same with possible Finance; it allows you to pay into four payments over two months. Another good thing is that It does not require a monthly subscription.

However, keep in mind that the interest rate is extremely High, from 150% to 249%, depending on the state. Possible Finance is available in Delaware, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Rhode, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, California, Michigan, Mississippi, Island, Louisiana, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas, Kansas, Utah, and Idaho.


14. Axos

Axos isn’t a cash advance app like Albert and Dave because currently, it is not offering loans. Maybe in the future, it may do. But they have a service called “Direct Deposit Express,” allowing you to access your paycheck earlier than your traditional Bank account.

I know you are looking for advanced cash like Albert. I have mentioned above many apps. However, It’s also a good opportunity to access funds earlier. They will provide you immediate access when your employer deposits your check.


15. DailyPay

Like the Albert app, DailyPay lets you access your earned income earlier. It is a good option when you are in an emergency. You can get a $500 advance.

So you will not have to wait for the payday. Because DailyPay will give you access to withdraw funds earlier for an emergency. However, This service is only available if your employer offers it.

Once you create the account, you can instantly access funds earned the first day and send that money to an account or card. You must pay a small fee or wait a few business days to receive that money in a different account.

DailyPay will notify you how much you have earned. However, you can transfer funds 24/7.


16. Ingo Money

You must have heard about Ingo money. Did you do many financial activities such as cashing business checks, personal checks, etc? Besides, they offer many more financial services like transferring money to any bank or digital account.

You can download their application from the Google Play Store app Play Store then create an account on the application and connect your bank or PayPal account.

Once you are done with it, you can wait a few days until your account is approved. Once it’s approved, you can start getting the benefit of financial services.


17. MoneyLion

Another app like Albert is MoneyLion, it can provide you with cash advances, but you will have to pay a fee between 0.49 to $8.99. It’s when you instantly want to get money.

It’s another app like Albert, which can give you a $500 advance without a fee, but you will need a premium membership.

It’s a kind of payday advance app that helps its members financially by offering a mobile banking system and also helps in building credit.

If you are new, you will get the opportunity to get a cash advance of $25. And when you link your bank account, and everything is fine you can get a cash advance of $50 to $500.


18. FloatMe

FloatMe is another app like Albert that can give you over $50 loan within 1 to 3 business days but you have to give a fee for that, and you select the repayment date.

If you’re borrowing $50 for one month, you must pay $1.99 extra on your next payday. If you want to borrow a lower amount, you can install the FloatMe app.

FloatMe app also lets you keep an eye on your spending by providing you insights into your spending.

If you want to borrow less money, FloatMe is a perfect choice. Plus, you will receive money within three days into the bank account, and if you want, instantly, you can pay $4, and they will send you money within 8 hours on your debit card.

You will qualify for a cash advance when you deposit $200 at least thrice into the bank account linked to Floatme.


19. PayActiv

It’s quite similar to Earnin, which means your employer master offers you services through PayActiv, and you can get some benefits.

Because PayActiv keeps an eye on your working hours, you can get an advance of $500 (you must deposit at least $1000, and the cycle should continue).

You can transfer your earnings to your bank account, PayActiv Visa, or debit card. Whatever amount you are will be automatically deducted on your next payday. Another benefit you get using this application is that you can get a discount when you bill.


20. Even

Even is another app, like Albert, allows you to access your income earlier, and you can access around 50% of your earn income earlier with Instapay.

Another benefit is that this application is not limited only to the United States of America. Even in many foreign countries, EVEN is working.

You can select the amount you need, and then you will receive it within a few days, or you have to pay some money to receive it instantly.


What app is better than Albert?

It is an excellent app, and I recommend you use it, but another app is Gerald. You can get cash advances and other features like bill tracking, buy now, and pay later options. etc. you can download this application and take advantage of its financial services.


What is a cash advance app?

A cash advance app is a digital service many tech companies are providing this service. They allow you to borrow money in an emergency without leaving your home and damaging your credit score. Albert is my favorite app because it gives money with minimal fees, and the transaction process is fast.


How long does Albert Instant take?

If you are not paying any money, you will receive a loan amount in 2-3 business days, and if you pay a small fee, which is $4.99, you will get the amount within 10 minutes.


What other apps are like Albert?

Best apps like Albert include Varo, MoneyLion, Revolt, EarnIn, Dave, Current, Cheme, and many more. I have mentioned a detailed list of apps that allow you to get cash advances without damaging your credit card score.


What is an instant cash advance?

Albert’s Instant Cash feature allows you to get a $250 advance for an emergency, but don’t worry, they won’t ask you why you need cash and what’s the emergency. You can repay that amount on your next paycheck. Albert will automatically deduct that amount.


Which is better, Brigit or Albert?

I believe you choose which application you consider good when you want to get a cash advance. You should use Albert. On the other hand, if you want to build your credit card score, you can go with Brigit. It will help you to qualify for a 24-month loan.


How is Albert different than other cash advance apps?

The difference between Albert and other cash advance apps is that Albert’s “Genius” subscriptions start from $8. If you have a subscription, you can use a budgeting tool, and the application will also help you to save money and many people will help you. And Albert can give $250 in an emergency, let’s say your car breaks down, so this money will be helpful.


How long does Albert take to verify the account?

Not too much time. Within 24 hours, your account should be verified. They will send a small amount to your account and deduct it later. It’s similar to PayPal. It is just a way to verify someone’s account.


What is Albert Genius?

Albert Genius is a subscription that costs $8, and after that, you can get many benefits, such as the company will help you to save money, you can use budgeting tools, you can ask questions about credit cards, Student loans, etc, and they will help you.


Does Cleo give cash advance?

Yes! Cleo is another app like Albert, giving emergency funds up to $250 cash advance. Like Albert, it’s one of the best apps for advance cash.



So, I have shared a list of apps like Albert. When you are in an emergency, do not waste your time. You can create an Account right now, and then later, whenever you need money, you can get cash.

The app is very easy to use. It has very simple interference, and creating an account is easy, too. When you are using the Albert app, you will not fall into a payday loan trap.

And take advantage of saving and investing money for the future, Albert, allowing you to do everything. Using a premium membership, you can also use a budgeting tool. Besides Albert, you can use any app, whichever you find suitable.


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