InformationalAofy Gold review: Wiki, fake or real?

Aofy Gold review: Wiki, fake or real?


Today we are in the age of communication. One of the best benefits is the existence of online markets for shopping. The possibility of buying any product online is much better than buying from live markets. Too many platforms have been established for trading various products. Aofy Gold is one of these e-commerce platforms which is used to buy and sell gold or silver products.

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Aofy Gold

Aofy Gold Wiki

Here, we provided a short Wiki chart of Aofy Gold; for complete information, follow all article lines. We hope it helps you!

Company Status Active
Year of Incorporation 2019
Registration State Mumbai
Brand Is a brand of Efan Gold Private Limited
Class of Company Private
Company Sub-Category Non-government company
Listing Status Listed


Aofy Gold review

Aofy Gold is an online-selling platform for gold and silver jewellery or gifts, its a brand of “Efan Gold Private Limited.” In other words, it’s an e-commerce platform selling. It was established in 2019.

A feature that makes Aofy Gold a different e-commerce platform is that Aofy Gold offers a specially- designed option called Smart Buy. This option guide customers to buy or sell their gold and silver products at live market rates. Moreover, customers can earn money due to CDV (Current Differential Value).

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Smart Buy idea is basically from Hong Kong and Singapore and now is utilizing in India. Smart Buy offers attractive and diverse services that make it popular. The most eyecatcher benefit of Smart Buy is that customers are active in gold/silver selling with the live market rates.

Aofy Gold is headquartered in Malad West, Mumbai. It is safe to say that Aofy Gold offers the best gold and jewellery sales investment in Mumbai. This famous e-commerce service markets locally or out of town and sells its products online.
The company has also had an impact on related industries with its development.

Following the principle that customer satisfaction is as important as the quality of their products and services has helped the company attract large numbers of customers and to grow day by day.

The company is trying to meet the needs and expectations of customers by employing conscientious and specialized people. Aofy Gold aims to expand its services and products in the future to attract more customers. Currently, it contains a varied selection of products and services that cover different requirements.

Its employees are polite and prompt to assist; however, a wrong behaves had been reported on the net by one of Aofy Gold’s customers.

The company building is located in Mumbai, India. It is at SV Road; Near HP Petrol Pump. With these signs, you can easily visit the Aofy Gold establishment. With a variety of vehicles, you can quickly move to the company. Aofy Gold provides significant services in its categories, such as Gold Investment Consultants and Silver Investment Consultants.

Throughout Aofy Gold’s e-commerce platform selling, you can easily report and ask your questions and eliminate doubts. All payment options can be used for trading in this online platform like debit cards, checks, MasterCards, etc. It supplies costumer’s requirements 24 hours a day.

Aofy Gold has a large development team that employs famous designers who offer exquisite and unique designs. Aofy Gold products in its platform are divided into three categories: Gold and Silver jewellery, Gold and Silver gifts, Gold and Silver investment. Also, meeting the need offline and avoiding price increases has made consumers have cheaper gold and silver to buy and use.

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Aofy Gold fake or real

First of all, by reading the given review from Aofy Gold, you will find out that it can’t be a fraud or scam. Many customers are buying its products. The company is trying to improve itself and increase its products and services range.

However, You may have heard rumours about this company that you can believe or disprove by reading this section. Remember that the choice is yours whether you want to use this platform or not.

Some reported scams say that some fake profiles come to people and say they are from Singapore, but it’s wrong. Actually, these fake accounts belong to China, and these are Chinese frauds. They want to insist you start an account, register links and will send you photos of cash credit. In this way, they are going to lure you. Take care about Chinese scams.

In addition, misbehaving has been reported by one of the customers. This customer claims that one of Aofy Gold’s customers, named Ahmad from Mumbai, did a wrong trade delivery. He also attached his taken screenshot from their chats and published it.

Finally, it is better to know that you have to make the final decision based on the available description to use or not to use Aofy Gold. Finally, it is better to know that you have to decide based on the general description to use or not to use Aofy Gold e-commerce platform selling.


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