InformationalAnima Vestra meaning (XXXTentacion)

Anima Vestra meaning (XXXTentacion)

Anima Vestra

Anima Vestra meaning

Anima Vestra is a phrase that originally comes from the Latin language. This phrase means “your soul” or “evil in my heart/soul.”

According to Latin to English dictionary, Anima translates to “soul” and Vestra translates to “you/your/yours.” Apart from this, other translations have been mentioned, too.

Word “Anima” in the psychology of C.G Jung means the inner personality/inner self that is turned toward the unconscious of the individual. The other meaning for Anima is the feminine principle, especially in men, on the other hand, the inner feminine side of men. (World’s Best Guitar Player)

English synonyms for the Latin word Anima can be animate, animated, animosity, animus, and inanimate. Due to some sources, the word Vestra which means “you/your/yours” is referring to the plural form.

Some believe that “anima vestra” is wrong, instead of that, “anima vesta” seems to be correct. Referring to a few sources, the Latin word Vesta is a name of the health goddess, that’s the opposite of what is commonly known as the meaning of Anima Vestra phrase.

In addition, the phrase “anima vestra” is a part of the Latin saying “Libera anima vestra”, which means “free your soul.” If we delete the word Libera (means free), you will see the phrase “anima vestra” left, it means ” your soul.” So Vestra is more correct than Vesta in this phrase due to its example and meaning.

Consequently, we can’t translate the Latin phrase “Anima Vestra” to English, word by word, however, we should translate them due to each other and their examples in Latin sentences. With this vision, you will get “Your soul” and “evil in my heart/soul” as the meaning for “Anima Vestra.”

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Libera Anima Vestra

Libera Anima Vestra is a Latin saying. In Latin-English dictionary, Libera has several meanings: free/single/liberated/liberal/unoccupied/bachelor/emancipated.

Word Anima means “soul” and the word Vestra means “you/your/yours.” In conclusion, “Libera Anima Vestra” means “free your soul” in English.

The phrase “anima vestra” is a part of this Latin saying which we translate this phrase due to “Libera anima vestra” meaning.


What did XXXTentacion mean with Anima Vestra?

To understand what “anima vestra” in XXXTentacion’s song means, first you should refer to some lines before this phrase in the lyrics. Song’s name is ” I Spoke to the Devil in Miami, He Said Everything Would Be Fine.” Here is a part of the lyrics of the song that we need:

  • I’m off of the map, My Lord, I spoke to a Baphomet, he
  • Said he would save me if I gave him one thing he needed
  • “What is this thing?”, I pleaded; boy, it’s the key to even, yeah
  • And as I spoke, my fangs were shown
  • Taken aback, he smiles and tells me
  • “What you crave will soon be yours
  • But what I crave is already mine”
  • Anima vestra
  • Anima
  • Anima vestra
  • Anima

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As you can see above, the lyrics ended with the Latin phrase “anima vestra.” This part of the lyrics is what we need to discover the meaning of the phrase and it isn’t the full lyrics of the song.

The first sentence says “I’m off of the map”, it can mean that I’m lost or I even don’t know where to go or I don’t know any places to go. It can reflect a confusing and disappointed mood.

“I spoke to a Baphomet.” To explain the purpose of this sentence, first, know that Baphomet is a kind of demon or satan. Talking to Baphomet sounds like a desire to do suicide. So the person gets lost and alone with his thoughts and thinking about suicide because he’s talking to a satanic creature, Baphomet.

After this part in lyrics, the sentence “he said he would save me if I gave him one thing he needed” has been written. It means, this person is requesting a remedy or solution for himself from Baphomet. However, the Baphomet will do it if that person gives a thing that Baphomet needs, as compensation.

In the next part, you found that compensation was “key to even.” But what does the word Even exactly mean here? That can make you a little bit confused but not after reading the paragraph below.

In order not to disturb the rhythm of the song and the harmony of the lyrics, the word “Eden” has been replaced by “Ever.” While the singer was reading this song you can pay more attention to this word and compare its meaning in lyrics, you will easily recognize that Eden is fitting better than Ever in lyrics and it’s just because of maintaining the rhythm.

It’s interesting to know that, Eden is the name of heaven which Adam and Eve were there before they got expelled from it.

A sentence that says “as I spoke, my fangs were shown” can mean that the person accepted this price and will let the Baphomet save him and receive its compensation. In the other words, it shows agreement to a demon or satan.

The last sentence is said by Baphomet. “What you crave will soon be yours but what I crave is already mine.” It means, the person achieved his solution from Baphomet and the Baphomet has already got his price from him. (Atur mehta)

At the end of the song, the phrase “Anima Vestra” is repeated by XXXTentacion. It is a Latin phrase And according to the meaning of the words of the phrase and the analysis of its previous sentences, it means “your soul.” Anima translates to Soul/Life/breathe and Vestra translates to You/Your/Yours.

The Baphomet required his soul to give him a remedy. This request at the end of the song can emphasize that the most valuable thing that man has is his soul. Without the soul, human existence is worthless, and if we take the soul from him, it is as if we have taken his freedom from him.

In conclusion, the target of the end of the lyrics which said: “Anima Vestra” continually is to bold the significance of the human’s soul.

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