HistoryAnand Narasimhan anchor biography: Family & Wiki

Anand Narasimhan anchor biography: Family & Wiki

Anand Narasimhan Wiki

At the beginning of this article, we provided you quick information chart about Anand Narasimhan’s biography, which you can check below. However, to discover all available Content about Anand Narasimhan in detail, follow the full article.

First Name Anand
Last Name Narasimhan
Nationality Indian
Born No details available
Parents No details available
Occupation News anchor/ Journalist/ News presenter, Executive editor at Network 18
Education Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Mumbai, Master of Business Administration from SIES College of Management Studies, Degree in Marketing, Advertising, and Finance, Diploma of Mass Communications from St Xavier College of Mumbai.
Income No details available
Martial State Married
Wife Nisha Vishwanath
2 Children, a daughter, and a son
Playing badminton and cricket

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Anand Narasimhan

Professional Life

Anand Narasimhan is a journalist and news anchor. He is currently working in CNN News18. Anand Narasimhan is from India.
In the years 2005 to 2007, Anand Narasimhan was working as a presenter ESPN Star Sports. After that, and until the year 2010, he was a presenter for Ten Sports.

However, in 2009, he joined Times Network and worked there until July 2018 as a senior editor. He has become more famous in media since August 2018, at that time, he became deputy executive editor at CNN news 18 in Noida, India, and he is still working there. Not any information got published about his income or salary on the internet.

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Personal Life

There’s no information available about Anand Narasimhan’s birthday, parents, and siblings. Moreover, he is estimated to be originally Tamilian, and his mother tongue is the Tamil language. Still, we couldn’t find any information to prove that.

Anand Narasimhan is married; his wife’s name is Nisha Vishwanath. Nisha was a business director in UKIBC (UK India Business Council) until 2016.
They have two children, a son and a daughter. Moreover, playing badminton and cricket are two hobbies for Anand Narasimhan.



In 1997, Anand Narasimhan got a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Mumbai. From 1999 till 2001, He attended and studied Business Administration in the College of Management Studies and earned a Master of this major.

In addition, he has a degree in Marketing, Advertising, and Finance. He was the winner of Samsika brand management at the Business School. Moreover, he received a diploma in Mass Communications from St Xavier College in Mumbai.

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Why Anand Narasimhan left Times Now?

Before CNN-NEWS18, Anand Narasimhan was working in Times Now. But, why did he quit Times Now is a question which most people are searching for it.

Exchange4media reported that “Narasimhan, Senior Editor, Times Now is believed to have ended his innings with the news channel and is currently serving his notice period. He is also likely to join CNN-News18.”

An authentic resource claimed that Anand Narasimhan has not been coming to the office for about a week. Right after this absence, he resigned.

In Times Now, he hosted a show called “The Newshour 10”, which is now being host by Madhavdas Gopalakrishnan and Athar Khan after his leaving. Gopalakrishnan is a senior editor, and Athar Khan is a consulting editor.

Moreover, he conducted the channel’s Hindi news show named “The Morning Newshour” at 8:30 am. This show was established on May 8, after the launch of its Republic TV and caused to improving some other channel’s view.

Before Times Now, Anand Narasimhan got a dream job with ESPN Star Sports by winning the “Close-up Dream Job-Harsha Ki Khoj” contest. At that time, he was 27 years old and had a Mass Communications diploma and MBA. However, he branched out into mainstream news throughout Times Now.

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Anand Narasimhan CNN-News 18

CNN-NEWS 18 upgraded its senior editorial team with the appointment of Anand Narasimhan as Deputy Executive Editor. Before that, he was working in Times Now.

His new show on CNN-NEWS 18 is “The Right Stand”, which started on October 8, 2018, and airs on weekdays at 10 pm. The content of this show stands away from clichés and tries to focus on people-centric events. In every episode of “The Right Stand” show, fundamental issues of India will be debated due to researches.

Furthermore, Anand Narasimhan uses his multilingual abilities to good use with “Akhada” in Hindi on CNN-News 18 in India.
Narasimhan talked with Adgully about his shows, English news channel, #MeToo movement, etc. “I want to move towards integrating the network, and we have done that with ‘The Right Stand elections special’.

Looking at the dynamic programming and working with the core editorial team for setting the agenda for the day are a few of my responsibilities. Right now, I am looking at the 10 pm slot and the afternoon slot as the core of my responsibilities and, of course, Hindi – these three shows take up a lot of my time,” Anand Narasimhan said about his critical responsibilities in CNN-NEWS 18.

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FAQ about Anand Narasimhan

Who is Anand Narasimhan’s wife?

Nisha Vishwanath is Anand Narasimhan’s wife.


Where does Anand Narasimhan originally from?

He is from India. Moreover, he estimated to be Tamilian, but there is nothing like a piece of information to prove it.


Anand narasimhan salary?

No data is available on the net about Anand Narasimhan’s salary/income.


When is Anand Narasimhan’s birthday?

No data is available on the net about Anand Narasimhan’s birthday.


What is Anand Narasimhan’s mother tongue?

Anand Narasimhan’s mother tongue is estimated to be the Tamil language. Still, there is nothing like a piece of information to prove it.


What is Anand Narasimhan’s Instagram ID?

Anand Narasimhan’s Instagram ID is “anand_narasimhan“, with 1626 followers. It seems that he is less active on Instagram than on Twitter.


What is Anand Narasimhan’s Twitter account?

You can find Anand Narasimhan’s Twitter account through this ID “AnchorAnandN” He has about 66.7k followers on Twitter.


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