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Amin toofani Wiki, Guitarist, Biography & Ethnicity


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Amin Tofaani

Amin Toofani Wiki

First Name Amin
Last Name Toufani (Toofani)
Nationality Estimated to be Iranian or Pakistani
Born No details available
Marital Status Married
Wife No details available
Religion Islam
Highest Qualification Graduated
Parents No details available
Profession Vice president of Strategic Relations at the NASA-based singularity university.



Who is Amin Toofani?

Amin Toofani is a famous guitar player who took the attention because of his unique skills in playing guitar. After his live performance at Harvard University, he came to shock every audience.

Amin’s performance video went viral on many social platforms, including YouTube, and got millions views. This video was shared and forwarded with the title, “The Wolds Best Guitar Player.”

He played his first publicly and lived performance at HKS Got Talent on April 15, 2011; Tofaani won the first prize with this performance. He named his song “Gratitude.” Due to his talks, this name refers to his gratitude to the institute in which he has studied.

In April 2011, Harvard University arranged its first annual talent show. In that year, Amin Toofani was studying at Harvard and decided to participate in this show. He was come out as a classical guitarist.

When he came on the stage, Amin gave a short introduction from the MC and said that he would perform his song named “Gratitude.”

Apart from this, he explained the reason for his song’s title. Amin claimed that he designed this song to mimic all the time he had spent at Harvard University. He also said that he is feeling gratitude for being able to be a student at Harvard.


Where is Amin Toofani from?

We don’t have detailed information about it. However, it is estimated to be Iranian or Pakistani.

In some resources, Toofani is mentioned on the Twitter page about Iranian Americans. Also, some Pakistanis believe that Amin Toufani was from Pakistan.

Let’s survey some possibilities about Amin Toufani’s nationality.

Toofani or Toufani is his last name, which is more common in Iran than Pakistan, so it seems to be Iranian. Some claimed that his ancestry emigrated from Iran to Pakistan many years ago, and he was born in Pakistan. According to his name, some argue that he’s from Iran.

It’s confusing, so Amin Toofani himself can answer this question better. If we get updated information about his nationality, we will update the article, too.


Amin Toofani Education

In 2005, Amin Toofani graduated from the University of British Columbia in “Computational Intelligence.” He received his MBA in entrepreneurship and finance from Standford University.

In 2013, he attended Harvard University to study MPA in economic policy and international development and graduated. During his university days, he was always among the top students.


Amin Toofani Profession

Before he graduated from university, he was working at Solarame Industries as a strategist. Moreover, Amin Toofani was director of the British Columbia Investors Society.

Amin Tofani had an interview with NexChange that talked about his job (Director of Strategy, Singularity University at Battle of the Quants, 10th Anniversary 2015, New York.)
“Quants should be put on notice that artificial intelligence will soon be doing their jobs and predicts distribution will be hitting Wall Street,” Amin said.

After his graduation, he established two companies, “Seeb Media” and “Legendary Social Financing.” These companies are working on fields related to artificial intelligence, human rights, International development, solar energies, quantitative global macro trading, bitcoin, etc.


Amin Toofani Album

After his breakthrough with the “Gratitude” song in 2011, Amin Toofani’s first album came out on April 26, 2018, called “Otoño Verde.” This album contains 4 songs: La Flamenca, El Monte Claro, Orfeo Negro, and Otoño Verde.

He’s playing his songs in Spanish Guitar Style, which starts pretty slow at the beginning and then has a rise and downs in its melody. This Style includes high-speed trappings, too.


Amin Toofani Lygometry

Amin Toofani is the creator of the concept of Lygometry. First of all, let’s understand its meaning.

Lygometry is a kind of study and process about all the things we know we don’t know. To tell you the meaning of Lygometry in a word, it is very close to the word “Reversopedia,” it is an encyclopedia composed of things we know we don’t know.

“Lygometry” contains two Latin words, “Lygo” means shadow/darkness, and “Metry” means metrics/measurement. As you see, this word, Lygometry, directly explains the meaning of things we know we don’t know.

Amin Toofani gave an important speech about this theory in TED xSF. As the first researcher of Lygometry, he explained all the sides of this theory and gave examples. During his impressive speech, he also mentioned the role of Lygometry at the present justice in human history.

We suggest you watch his speech video on YouTube to learn about this fascinating theory.


Amin Toofani Marriage

He is married, and due to a few resources, Amin and his wife are ruling the established companies by him. However, there is no data about his wife’s name or children.


Frequently asked questions

Some asked questions about Amin Toofani’s performance at Harvard University:


When was Amin Toofani’s first live show?

Amin Toufani did his first live show on April 15, 2011.


Why did Amin Toofani name his song “Gratitude”?

He was delighted and grateful to be able to continue his education at Harvard University. Due to his words, he feels a ton of gratitude to Harvard even with its ups and downs and yeses and nos, so he named his song Gratitude.


What was Amin Toofani’s Gratitude song’s style?

He played songs in Spanish guitar style, which started pretty slow and then had rise and downs in melody. It was included high-speed trapping sections at continuation.


What was the reaction of audiences after Amin Toofani’s performance?

They gave him a standing ovation and also he won the first prize in this talent show.


Who is the world’s best guitar player?

Amin Toofani’s performance video has been shared on YouTube titled “World’s Best Guitar Player.” This video reached about 85 million views.


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