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Alauddin Masud shah

Who was Alauddin Masud shah

Alauddin Masud Shah was the seventh Sultan of the Slave Dynasty (Mamluk dynasty) and grandson of Iltutmish, He ruled Delhi for only four years from 1242 AD to 1246 AD.


 Ala ud Din Masud Shah History

Name Ala ud-Din Masud
Born Delhi
Father name Ruknuddin Firoz
Grandfather Shamsuddin Iltutmish
Grandmother Shah Turkan
Aunty Razia Sultan
Dynasty Slave Dynasty
Predecessor Muizuddin Bahram
Died 10 June 1245


How did Alauddin Masud Shah become Sultan?

In the year 1242 AD, Bahram Shah was the sixth Sultan of the Slave Dynasty of Delhi Sultanate and was also the uncle of Alauddin, Bahram Shah was murdered by some Turkish nobles of (Amir-i-chahalgani ) Because the Turkish nobles suspected that Bahram had killed some Turkish nobles, However, Alauddin Masood was declared Sultan by the Turkish nobles after Bahram Shah’s assassination.

Mughal Empire

Alauddin Masud Shah History

After becoming Sultan, Alauddin created a post called (Malik-e-Mimlikat) and appointed a man named Malik Qutbuddin Hasan to that post, Apart from this, he appointed a person named Imamuddin Hasan to the post of Chief Judge.

Alauddin was just a Sultan by the name, also he did not have any quality to become a Sultan, nor he did anything that he should have done after becoming sultan, therefore his works are not been recorded in history books.

Alauddin was merely a puppet in the hands of Turkish nobles and other officials Because during his reign most of the rulers declared themselves independent.

Muhazbuddin was the most powerful minister during the reign of Alauddin , Muhazbuddin himself wanted to become Sultan, so he tried his best to kill the Turkish nobles as the Turkish nobles were the biggest obstacle for him, but he did not succeed, before he would kill the Turkish nobles, Turkish nobels killed Muhazbuddin.

After the assassination of Muhazbuddin, the Turkish nobles appointed Najamuddin Abu Bakr as the new minister, and Alauddin declared Balban the chief officer of the court, at that time the post of the chief officer was called as (Amir I Hazib).

Ghiyasuddin Balban was the one of Turkish nobles, but he was very vicious, He conspired against Alauddin Masood in collaboration with Nasiruddin Mahmood and his mother (Malik-e-Jahan) to remove Alauddin Masud Shah from the post of Sultan.


Alauddin Masud Shah death

In the year 1246 AD, on 10 June Ghiyasuddin Balban removed Alauddin from the post of Sultan and declared Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah as the new Sultan of Delhi Sultanate, and put Alauddin in jail, after that he died in prison.


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