InformationalAIPPM (All India Political Parties Meet) Know Everything

AIPPM (All India Political Parties Meet) Know Everything


AIPPM is known as All India Political Parties Meet. It was established for Indian politicians so that all politicians can do public debate, discussion, and deliberation free from the Parliament of India, the loksabha house of the people, or “legislative functions of the parliament.”

Moving over from a one-party dominance of the Indian National Congress in the initial days after India become a democratic country to two-party, multi-party, and finally, coalition politics, the politics of India has been gradually evolving.

The AIPPM (All India Political Parties Meet) is a platform where all deserving Indian politicians come together to debate or make decisions on issues of national importance.

In India, AIPPM is an undertaking to simulate political realities by stimulating many Indian policies and governance of different levels. Participants are allotted specific political parties.

Every politician must be well versed in his political party’s ideology, manifesto, and beliefs.

Although all Parliamentary committee reports are accepted as accurate reports, reports issued by the Indian government and all its organs can be considered authentic. However, only English and Hindi have been allowed till now.


Which political party should I choose in MUN for the AIPPM committee?

Well!!! You’re the only one who knows its answer very well, because it depends on your political inclination, especially towards a topic you like the Most.

For example, your topic is the beef ban in India. You want to speak against cow killing, so you might want to take BJP because it’s an RSS-backed political party and quite against democracy. Therefore it will give you an excellent platform to raise your voice on the beef ban.

The second most important thing is choosing your portfolio, which has a strong saying on the agenda.

Let’s assume your topic is about discussing the political ramifications of Jammu Kashmir insurgency counterattacks, so you can go with Arun Jaitley so that your role in the committee won’t go unnoticed.

Suppose you want to speak about schooling and development so you can go with Aravind Kejriwal so that you will get advantages. My overall meaning to say is, go with a similar party who has the same aippm agendas as you.


How can I prepare for the AIPPM MUN committee?

Suppose you’re representing the ex-political party; in that case, your questions would be regarding developments and making changes; therefore, you’ll have to present facts and don’t beat around the bush.

In AIPPM, most of the time, people become a poet like Allama Iqbal and deliver many shayaris and poems. However, you can also start with the same thing because your Shayari might bring the attention of everyone towards you.

However, it will be good if your speak on Facts, that’s why once your shayaris are over, so speak on Facts and later try to find out some of the opponent’s mistakes.

It will become straightforward for the jury; therefore, you’ll get good marks.

My friend had used tactics when she was in debate. A person who was her opponent was putting allegations on her. At the same time, my friend started putting claims on the opponent, and he was stopped.

Always do proper research. When you have adequate research, you have the upper hand. Try to know the other party’s loopholes. Try to memorize them. Sometimes, you can say them very sarcastically.

Remember when a thing, always do proper research it because it will give an upper hand.

Try to know the opponent party’s loopholes. You can also try to memorize them, and sometimes you can say them very sarcastically.



I hope this article was helpful for you in which I’ve explained about aippm study guide, aippm agendas, and mun aippm. If you have any more questions regarding this article so, please ask me in the comments section. I’ll be glad to answer you.


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