InformationalAdditional Qualification, Everything you need to know

Additional Qualification, Everything you need to know

What is an additional qualification?

Additional qualification means extra qualification, other qualification, or that qualification through which you have undergone.

These might be conducted by the institute, evening classes, or weekly classes; however, having extra qualifications apart from your educational degrees is called an additional qualification.


Additional qualification

How to write additional qualification in resume

When you go for a job, you will be given the option to fill in extra qualification in the resume.

If you have any other qualification in the resume, like if you have done CCC in computer, then you can fill it in the resume.

Apart from CCC in computer, your other qualification can be as follows.

  • Skills.
  • Commendation or a Special Award.
  • Testimonials from clients.
  • Certifications and License
  • Publications.


What are the best additional qualification courses to take?

Inbound marketing course: Inbound marketing is a famous business methodology that can easily attract thousands of customers through valuable and informative content.

Basic HTML: HTML is the core or root of all web pages; if you learn html, so you will be able to create all websites; however, html is also known as “Hypertext Markup Language.”

Fashion Designing: Nowadays, fashion designing is such as thing which is attracting the youth most. In this course, you will learn about dressing sense and clothing designing, etc.

Social Media Strategy: There are hundreds of courses in which you can learn social media designing, like you will learn how to develop an Instagram or Facebook page from the stretch.

Graphic Designing: My ex-girlfriend has done BA (Bachelor of Arts), but for some reason, she wasn’t a getting job that’s why she learned graphic designing, and now she is a freelancer, in graphic designing, you will basically learn Logo, book covers, banner designing, etc.

Software Development: Through this course, you can learn application and game designing; in my opinion, once you learn game designing, then you can build your own gam. If it is successful, it will not even need any job because it can make money from home.

These were some of my favorite additional or extra qualification courses, which you can do online.


Academic qualification example

Academic qualifications are those qualifications which you have done from college or universities, for example, National Diploma, Honors Degree, Doctoral Degree, Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Higher Certificate and many more.


Why having an additional qualification is good?

Suppose you have done a BA (Bachelor of Arts) and go for a job interview without any extra qualification.

On the other hand, a person also goes for a job with extra qualification so that the second person will be selected.

Why, Because a second person has the extra qualification, which proves that the second person has a bit more talent.

Although if you don’t have an extra qualification, It doesn’t mean you will not get the job but having other qualification just gives a bit of advantage.


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