Science10 reasons to live on Mars

10 reasons to live on Mars

Why should we live on mars

According to few Innovative and intelligent people such as Elon Musk, Colonizing Mars for human beings is not an option but necessary. 

Elon Musk says: We have two different ways. First, we can live forever on earth and wait for terrible events to happen in the future.

Maybe the third world war happens, or if some terrible event happens, we will die just like dinosaurs died because of the asteroid, which can wipe out the existence of humankind.

The second way is to settle the human race on different planets; by doing this, the danger of future events can be avoided.

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10 Reasons to live on Mars

10 Reasons to live on Mars

Ensuring the survival of our species

We all know that there are no other planets for humans to live on except Earth.

If we go through history, we will find that dinosaurs ruled the Earth for 165 million years, but one asteroid wiped out the entire population of Dinosaurs. Now we get to see only their fossil remains.

Elon Musk is the founder of SpaceX, and he wants to ensure the future of humanity. He believes that humans should be a multiplanet species. If an asteroid collides with the Earth in the future, it will not completely wipe out the human population.

Scientists consider Mars an idol planet for human beings in the solar system. But only Elon Musk wants to go to Mars as soon as possible.

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Mars is suitable for life

There are many planets in our solar system, but all those planets have more flaws than Mars. For example, the pressure on Venus is very high, and it rains acid.

The planet Mercury is very close to the Sun, due to which there is too much heat.

Even if we think of going to the moons of Jupiter or Saturn, then they are very far away.

If we colonize the moon of our earth, it will remain small for the big settlement. Apart from this, there is no atmosphere, so Mars is the best planet to live in the solar system and its day and night are also the same as earth.

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Discovering life on Mars

CEO of The Planetary Society, William Sanford Nye, popularly known as Bill Nye, said that We should send humans on mars instead of robots because Humans can make more discoveries. However, he did not say we should live there.

He said that our scientists should first determine whether there is currently life on Mars or not.

Although some rocks were found on our earth, like the rocks of Mars, life is not visible there.


Growing as a species

In 2013, it was to Neil deGrasse Tyson that should we go on mars or not? He said that Definitely. Yes, currently entire generation of students wants to become doctors, engineers, businessmen.

Said: We’ve to inspire our future generations to explore the space and grow as a species. But and the generation which wants to become an astronaut is in middle school.

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Understanding the origin of life

According to experts, not all parts of the solar system are suitable for searching for life or testing new technologies. Experts believe that the places studied and researched 3.5 billion years ago had lakes, seas, and flowing rivers; it is only under these conditions that microbial life can be sought.

The missions seek to conclude by discovering microbial life on Mars that life is not just on Earth but can be found in other parts of the universe.

Due to the philosophy, religion, and myths that pre-existed and are still prevalent. Most people believe that life belonged to the planet Earth, and this belief applies even to primitive life, which means that even primitive life existed only on Earth and not on another planet.

Given the spread of science and technology and the subsequent expansion of space missions, proving that microbial life existed on other planets would be a major blow to beliefs.

People are forced to abandon religious beliefs, philosophies, and debates that contradict scientific discoveries and choose alternative myths.

Following the discovery of microbial life on Mars, scientists will refine theories, and people’s perceptions that life exists only on planet Earth will change.

Developing and inventing new technologies

Following the heated debate over extraterrestrial life, new technologies have emerged, tested, and applied. To advance missions and achieve good results, scientists have to build and use new technologies and tools.

They Build advanced rockets, space stations, build machines that send accurate information and high-quality images or videos, robots and machines. And discover rocks on the surface of planets to finding out microbial life. Machines that can work well in the gravity of other planets all need new technologies.

In this way, human kinds are going to have more and more developed technologies and inventions.

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Tourist space travel

In the not-too-distant future, wealthy people will choose space as their travel destination by paying a high price. On these trips, people can visit space stations, orbit or land on the moon and Mars, watch Earth from space, and see stars outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Mars project will lead to discoveries that will improve tourist space travel. How the human body responds to the sun’s rays in space or weightlessness are experiences that can be helpful for space travel.

During space travel, by observing the glory of the Earth and its various regions from space, man realizes the need to protect the Earth. The experiences and statements of astronauts confirm this change of perspective.

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Space mining

The bodies, planets, and moons of the solar system are almost identical chemical compounds and elements.

Rare elements on Earth can be found in abundance in space and extracted, and This will help the industry and save land resources. MOXIE a project on Mars that helps convert carbon dioxide Mars onto oxygen.

If MOXIE works as well as expected, it will have considerable help to work on Mars and mining its resources.


Science in advanced level

Human curiosity to discover life outside of Earth and the search for increased human survival on other planets has led to a leap in science in recent decades.

Significant advances in science have solved obscure puzzles, and the impossible of the past become possible. Following the discoveries, fundamental questions of humanity have been involved for years have been answered, and the increasing progress of this science has fundamentally changed and refined views.


Demonstrating political and economic leadership

Buzz Aldrin, an American former astronaut, said that. According to me, there’s no convincing way to demonstrate US leadership for a reminder of the 21st century, and if we don’t go on mars, so someone else will reach there and will take all the benefits.

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