Science10 Reasons not to live on Mars

10 Reasons not to live on Mars

10 Reasons not to live on Mars

10 reasons not to live on Mars

Unfavorable Weather

The atmosphere of Mars is not breathable like that of Earth, it’s quite thin, which doesn’t allow our lungs to breathe.

Mars has 95% carbon dioxide, 3% nitrogen, 1.6% argon, and has traces of oxygen. Humans need oxygen to live, but mars don’t contain enough oxygen to breathe.

The atmosphere of Mars allows human beings to live indoor, only allow to go out with pressurized suits, which is not the comfortable and easy way to live.


No vegetation and no possibility of growing food in the soil of mars

Nutrition is very important for human beings, which we take from foods, However, our astronauts have lived in space for a long time, yet they aren’t able to grow food, for them, foods are from earth. Although they are doing experiments.

If our astronauts are not able to grow food in the ISS, then it’s even more difficult to grow food on Mars because its soil is very alkaline

Secondly, plants do the photosynthesis process to make food, in which plants need sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water, there is sunlight on Mars, but there’s no water and not enough oxygen.


Existence of dangerous rays of the sun due to the atmosphere of Mars

The atmosphere of Mars is 1% dense as earth, which is opposite to the blue planet. Mars doesn’t have a radiation belt to protect human beings from the sun’s harmful rays.

Astronauts can’t live on Mars because of the sun’s harmful rays. People living on Mars would be subject to 50 times more radiation than people living on Earth. due to which they will suffer from cancer.

10 reasons to live on Mars

No water no Oxygen

About 75 percent water is present on our earth, which is very important for our lifestyle, life is not possible without water, according to scientists, humans can live without water for only 8 to 22 days, after that he will be dead. And on the other hand, without oxygen, we will die in just a few minutes or seconds.

So there is neither water nor oxygen on Mars, due to which we cannot live there, although it cannot be said for sure that there is no water on Mars because scientists are still searching.

There may have been life on Mars too, which may have been wiped out due to some major event, as the existence of dinosaurs disappeared from the earth because of an asteroid.


Gravity of Mars

It takes nine months to reach Mars, and this period will be more longer if we stay there and spend some more time doing research or in the future, living there.

Living on a planet with much lower gravity than Earth’s gravity has many health consequences. Objects that are difficult to lift on Earth are easy to lift on Mars as easy as holding a feather.

In this case, the muscles do not consume any energy, this weakens the muscles so that after a while your muscle strength decreases as much as an elderly person, in addition, bone tissue is depleted. The heart rate will also slow down, which will make it harder for the body to carry substances and make it harder to breathe.

After a long time in this condition, serious health problems will appear, some of which are irreversible and in some cases cause death. It should be noted that gravity on Earth is about 9.8 and on Mars is approximately 3.7.

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Long duration to travel to Mars

A return trip to Mars takes exactly two years, the window to Mars opens from Earth once every two years for only two months, this means that if the astronaut intends to travel to Mars, he will say goodbye to Earth for two years.

Although these trips and astronauts can be very exciting and interesting, the negative effects must also be considered. This has long had devastating physical and psychological effects on astronauts.


Manufacturing energy

If we move to Mars, how will we provide energy for our consumption? Certainly, wind energy cannot be used because Mars is almost atmosphere less. Due to the distance of the sun from Mars to Earth, solar panels will not be responsible.

Geothermal energy is also unusable because Mars is much colder than Earth.
Given these explanations and the harsh conditions of energy production on Mars, one of the challenges of transferring terrestrial life to Mars is energy supply.

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Psychological issues

Long journeys and settling in space lead to psychological pressures. Worry about connecting with the earth, encountering a completely alien environment, adapting to the very harsh conditions of living in space, all can cause psychological problems in people.



The Mars trip project is very expensive. Meeting these costs is a serious challenge. It takes a lot of money to travel to Mars, also to provide basic requirements for living and discovering some ways to make life possible on Mars needs a huge amount of expenditure.

Life on Mars will not make anyone rich, so it is not right to wait for the investment to provide travel expenses this way.

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Special clothes and tools

On a typical day on earth, you put on your favorite clothes and go out or spend time at home. If you live on Mars, special clothes will be very heavy and annoying due to the equipment attached to them.

Oxygen capsules and helmets that prevent harmful rays from passing through make you enjoy walking less. Add to the list other specific tools that may be developed for food consumption or negative effects of weightlessness.


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